Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2002 10:44 AM

Subject: JSS Report T8 Enforcer-Go

hey whats up this my name is Lawrence Tracy and this is my first tournament report so it might not be that good. This tournament took place on March 2nd at Savage Games in Salem, MA. There were 36 players and 6 rounds of swiss and cut to top 8.I was playing Enforcer-Go here's the decklist for the people who want it:

Main Deck:
4x Mystic Enforcer
4x Counterspell
4x Absorb
4x Peek
3x Wrath of God
4x Fact or Fiction
3x Syncopate
3x Memory Lapse
2x Opt
2x Disrupt
3x Aether Burst
2x Rushing River
2x Repulse
2x Brushland
1x Elfhame Palace(would be 3rd brushland but didnt have one)
4x Adakar Wastes
3x Yavimaya Coast
4x Coastal Tower
2x Sungrass Prairie
6x Island

4x Meddling Mage
3x Persuasion
3x Gainsay
3x Wild Mongrel
2x Hibernation

Anyways on to the report:

Round 1:Liam playing u/r rage

Game 1:I get stuck on 3 land for most of the game and he gets me down to 6. He rages me with a mirari out but he doesnt do it twice so i have a chance but he just mises rage next turn.This isnt looking good.

+4 Mage +3 Gainsay, -3 Aether Burst -3 Wrath of God -1 Repulse

Game 2:This game i stall on 4 land this time but then i fact and get the land i need and couple counterspells. I name a mage for rage and another for ftk with plenty of backup and then i lay the enforcer and smash his face.

Game 3:Same as game 2

Matches:1-0 Games:2-1

Round 2:Dan playing B/W

Game 1:He duresses me taking absorb but then i draw 3 straight lands and im barely hanging on to a Nantuko Shade and Lynx when i mise the wrath.Next turn i drop an enforcer and it was over from there.

+3 Persuasion, - 2 Disrupt -1 Memory Lapse

Game 2:I counter everything and drop an enforcer and im smashing him and then i make the worst play of the day and counter a slay when it cant target my enforcer,but it was ok because it was over in two turns

Matches 2-0 Games 4-1

Round 3:Mass State Champ Jimmy Baker R/G

Game 1:He gets some eaerly beats in with Rootwalla and Titan he drops a mongrel and then i wrath im pretty low on life when i drop an enforcer but i absorb two spells brining me to 8 and i smash him with enforcer.

+3 persuasion +2 hibernation, - 2 disrupt - 3 memory lapse

Game 2:He gets early beats and smashes my face before i can get going

Game 3:He again is smashing my face early then i wrath and drop enforcer with threshold and im at 5 he firebolts me to bring me to 3 and i hit him with enforcer to bring him to 12 i persuasion a mongrel i mise the absorb during that turn and he attempts to rage me but i absorb it and kill him with enforcer and discard my hand to mongrel for 12 damage.

Matches:3-0 Games:6-2

Round 4 Feature Match:Will Johnson R/B

Game 1:This deck is pretty savage and he duresses me twice drops some shades and kills me.

+3 Persuasion,-3 Memory Lapse

Game 2:I dont have a great draw but i keep he probably wouldve smashed me cept he had dropped two cards and was playing a 58 card deck and i get the win

Game 3:He mulls down to 6 and I wrath away his creatures and drop an enforcer for the win.

Matches:4-0 Games:8-3

after this match some kid joe lost and he was like crying i wanted to hit him its only a game u dont win them allso just play

Round 5:Tim R/W Tie

Round 6:Christian Tie

after the longest two hours of my life my friend plays that joe kid and it shouldve been a tie but my friend mike just says he can have the win and that would allow that joe kid to make the top 8 and it kicked my friend out of the top eight.

after swiss i was in 1st place

top 8:
1)Me Enforcer
2)Tim R/W
3)Jimmy R/G
4)Christinan ?
5)Someone when i saw him play he had g/u i think sorry dont remember ur name
6)Someone Snake Tongue sorry dont remember ur name
7)Joe kid U/W
8)Will Johnson B/R

i thought i would play the joe kid and smash him but i had to play my worst matchup

Top 8:Will B/R

Game 1:He gets duress duress and 3 edict and smashes me with shade i cant draw a wrath

Game 2:See game one

Well it was a good day i got 9 packs but i dont feel two bad ill probably go the next jss in somerville next weekend

-Will for not bitching bout getting the game loss and making top 8
-Mike and Joe for Helping me test
-Savage Games for running a smooth tourney
-The judge for putting up with joe and his team and making some good rulings

-Me for countering a Slay on my Enforcer
-Joe and his friends for accusing everyone that they were coached and all this other crap they should grow up
-Mike why would u give that kid the win?

Anyways hope you enjoyed the report u can critize me or wateva at
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