Albuquerque, NM
                                                22 participants
                                                Type 2
                                                Active Imagination

Hey. This is a red/black speed deck backed up with with lots of removal. I
like it a lot better that "Volver and Reaper", mainly because of it's many
burn spells.Mmmm....burn spells. Anyway, here it is:

2x Phyrexian Rager
1x Phyrexian Reaper
1x Razor tooth Rats
1x Duskwalker
1x Primival Shambler
1x Hate Weaver
1x Firescreamer
1x Phyrexian Slayer
2x Goblin Raider
2x Sabertooth Tiger
1x Kavu Runner
1x Lightning Hounds
1x Thunderscape Battlemage
1x Arc Mage
1x Bloodshot Cyclops (Chuck)
1x Ancient Kavu
1x Storm Shamen
1x Lava Zombie
1x Dodecapod

1x Dark Banishing
1x Death Bomb
1x Fear
1x Soul Feast
1x Despoil
1x Agonizing Demise
2x Volcanic Hammer
1x Lava Axe
1x Fervor
1x Keldon Mantel
1x Pyrotechnics
1x Lightning Blast
1x Shock
1x Blaze

14x Swamp
11x Mountain


I built this deck because I had the need for speed. Throw in a lot of three
mana creatures with fun abilities, and the will lay the smack down on most
slow decks.
The tourney was Five-round Swiss, with no cut. Here we go:

Match 1
Game 1


Ouch. He had two Llanwor Elves, and two Seeker of skybreaks, giving him the
ability to add four to his mana pool, in addition to his land. I, on the
other hand had no land!
0-1 0-0

Game 2

Again, not enough land. And that spells death against most Fires decks
0-2 0-1

Match 2
Game 1

??? Blue/Red

Mana screwed again! This is really pissing me off ! I just can't win with two
0-3 0-1

Game 2

This time got out enough land, and it was a reign of terror! Mwahahahahah!
Speed kills, even against this weird deck. I dealt him ten before he could
get out a blocker, Blazed him for 6, and then lightning Blasted him!
1-3 0-1

Game 3

Stupid Nightscape Familiar! My speed couldn't kill him, and I drew no burn,
so he brought out big guns and pasted me.
1-4 0-2

Match 3
Game 1

Four Coulored Slow

Beatdown! This is the deck mine was designed to beat. Taking six per turn is
not a good idea, espesialy when I burn away anything he brings out.
2-4 0-2

Game 2

More beatdown! Almost the exact same as last time, except he brought out even
3-4 1-2

Match 4
Game 1

Red/Blue Bounce/ COunter

Game 1

The longest game of the night, I brought out a lot of creatures, he counters
and bounces all of them. This preatty much sums up the match. Eventually, I
brought out a Firescreamer and killed him.
4-4 1-2

Game 2

Annother long game, with us hacking away at eachother. Did I mention that he
has 3 Skizziks?! He brought me down to six before I could kill them all. He
then brought out a Bloodfire Titan at seven life, but I had a blocker. Just
as I was about to cast the game-winning Blaze, he realized that the Titan's
ability hurt us too. BOOOM!!!!!! He won by one life.
4-5 1-2

Game 3

This game was all him, with tons of counters, and a Skizzik going all the way.
4-6 1-3

For the fifth round, there were only twelve people left, and I was in seventh
place. What the?! How does that work? I only one 1 match...Oh, well I'm not
complaining. Here is the guy in eighth place:

Match 5
Game 1

Domain (:O)

You know what's a really broken card? Crominium, or what ever. It's almost
unkillable! And with Dragon Arch, It can be played for 2! Oh well. That and
Darigaz overpowered my little men, and went all the way.
4-7 1-3

Game 2

Haha! He oly brought out one blocker all game, which I Banished. Boom.
5-7 1-3

Game 3

I kept close untill he brought out Chrominium. Darn.
5-8 1-4


Oh, well. Eighth is my best showing so far and I am pleased with my deck. If
only I hadn't been mana screwed in those three games....Anyway, Only fourth
and under got a prize. Grr...Pros and Slops time:

To my deck, which hung tough
To all the people I played against (except the last one)
To Active, for holding the tourney

To Chromonium
To Fires Decks
To getting Mana screwed

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