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Friday Night Magic
Tournament Report #2
Revenge of the Machines!
Kerrville Tx.
1x  Shadowmage Infiltrator
4x  Ornithopter
4x  Bottle Gnomes
3x  Assembly-Worker
3x  Clockwork Hydra
2x  Stuffy Doll
2x  Triskelavus
1x  Sculpting Steel
2x  Thousand-Year Elixir
2x  Serrated Arrows
1x  Chimeric Staff
1x  Icy Manipulator
2x  Leonin Scimitar
1x  Sword of the Meek
3x  Loxodon Warhammer
3x  Lotus Bloom
1x  Mind Stone
2x  Academy Ruins
1x  Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
1x  Desert
2x  Dreadship Reef
3x  Terramorphic Expanse
4x  Islands
11x Swamps
I did not play last FNM. I took a little break for the action. Actually we were playing with the new WOW cards.Well this FNM I decided to make an all artifact deck, except the one Shadowmage.
We had 10 players again and we played 4 rounds of swiss with no play-offs.
First round:
Played against the guy with the cheap Goblin deck, but he was playing a u/W Merfolk. It was more towards Summon the School and getting alot of Merfolk out and using Merrow Reejerey and Streambed Aquitects to pump them up. The first game took awhile. I was swinging in with a Ornithopter with a Warhammer. He was getting alot of Merfolf out with the School and was about to gain alot of life when he played a Judge of Currents. He attack with like 7 little Merfolf and I had a Hydra ready to block he did not realize what it did when it attacks or BLOCKs, and I kill his Currents with it's ability. He was still building his army up, but the Ornithopter pick up a Scimitar and the Hydra was attacking too keep the main Merfolk off the table. I had a couple of Ornithopters and a Bottle hanging back for defense. He could not block the flyer so I won in a couple of turns. Second game took a little longer. He got the Judge out sooner and started to gain life right away. All I had was a Bottle Gnomes with a Hammer and a Scimitar swinging every turn. He did not block it for a couple of turns, but he was gainning life and losing life and so was I until I drop a Elixir and then a Hydra and I built the Hydra up and he finally killed the Bottle Gnomes, actually he finally did enought damage to kill it so I had to sac it. But a Hydra with 8 counters and a Warhammer and a Scimitar was game over after I stuck another Warhammer on it.
Win 1-0. Games 2-0.
Second round:
Well here comes the kid and his crazy trees. I will burn down the forest, I will, but not today.
There was not much to talk about. Second turn Doran and a couple of turns later, I mean TWO turns later I was dead.
Every time I go threw the forest I get hit by a stupid tree. Second game was a little better. NOT!!!
Never saw a hammer, no cheap stuff. Just trees. That does it! I am buying a chain saw.
Loss 1-1. Games 0-2.
Third Round:
I played my favirote kid who playes the first game okay. He was playing a Enchantress deck. I think if he plays more and practices he will be good at Magic. He had a Echantress out and some other Elf. But I had a Hydra with a Warhammer. He was able to play the white Beacon, but it was not enough.
Again he quit and did not play the Second game. Maybe next time.
Win 2-1. Games 1-0. We only actually played one game.
Forth Round:
Well another Merfolk deck. Wonderfull. First game went okay. He Oblivion Ring one of my Hydras. But he was drawing alot of land. He had a few Merfolk out but nothing that was a threat. Drop a Warhammer on a Ornithopter and keep swinging.
Second game went long. He played Jace. I could not get threw with out being tap or over run. Third Oblivion Rings in a row was really, I mean really annoying. Jace went off and so did 20 of my cards. I was about to stablize, but I made a play error. I had a Triskelavus out with three mana available, he drop a Drowner of Sercets and I responed and kill three of his Merfolk. Bad play, I should have let it come into play and killed it instead. He also had a Merrow Commerce out. I had a Academy Ruins out. He milled the rest of my deck. During my upkeep I used the Academy Ruins, then he ask me if could mill the top card of my deck before my Draw step.... I cannot tell a lie.
Third game was close and life points he keep attacking with a island walk Merfolk I was swing with a Ornithopter with a Scimitar and a Sword of the Meek. I was able to drop a Triskelavus and finish him off before he finish me.
Wins 3-1. Games 2-1.
The deck was fun to play. It did better than I expected. The Shadowmage never should up and neither did the Tomb. I would probably add a Deathrender, it would be fun with Bottle Gnomes. And use Runded Stalacite, get more use out off the Assembly-Workers abilities.
Hope you enjoy, I will be posting a video of this deck later on YouTube. Next week is a Draft for FNM, and the Pre Release for Shadowmoor is the following Saturday. I will try to do a report for the Pre Release, we will see.



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