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tourney report type 1


Type 1

World's Collide


Sept 11/04

Bryce Miller


Deck - White Wheenie




18 Plains    


Spells                                Casting Cost             Card Description


4 Swords of plowshars    W                               Remove target creature from the game. The creature's controller gains life equal to it's power.

4 Empyrial Armor             1WW                         Enchanted creature gets +X / +X where X is equal to the number of cards in your hand.

4 Crusade                         WW                           All white creatures get +1 / +1.

3 Armageddon                 3W                             Destroy all lands.

3 Parallax Wave               2WW                         Fading 5. Remove a fade counter from Parallax Wave. Remove target creature from the game.

                                                                              When Parallax Wave leaves play,each player returns to play all cards he/she owns removed from

                                                                              the game with Parallax Wave.



Creatures                       Casting Cost              Card Description


4 Shavannah Lions        W                                2/1

4 Soul Warden               W                                1/1 Whenever any other creature comes into play, gain 1 life.

4 Soltari Monk                WW                            2/1 Protection from black, Shadow

4 Soltari Priest               WW                            2/1 Protection from red, Shadow

4 White Knight                WW                           2/2 Protection from black, first strike

4 Master Decoy             1W                             1/2 w/tap: Tap target creature. 


Sideboard                    Casting Cost               Card Description


4 Seal of Cleansing    1W                                Sacrifice Seal of Cleansing: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

3 Story Circle              1WW                             As Story Circle comes into play, choose a color. W: The next time a source of that chosen color 

                                                                            would deal damage to you this turn prevent that damage.

3 Dust Bowl                  Land                            Tap: Add one colorless mana to your mana pool

                                                                            3,Tap: Sacrifice a land: Destroy target nonbasic land.

3 Spirit Link                  W                                 Gain one life for every one damage enchanted creature deals.

2 Wrath of God            2WW                            Bury all creatures.                      



It was a saturday afternoon and i decided to go down to the local card shop for a day of magic. When I got there I was happy to find out that there were 12 players for the magic tournament, not a bad turn out for a local tourney. I was also pleased to hear that the winner would recive a booster pack of Legends, worth about 50$. Second place would get 15$ and third would get 7.50$. I decided I was going to play my white wheenie deck. I placed 3rd a few times with it and I wanted to test the master decoy's see how good they would work. (I took out longbow archers for them) Any way on to the tourney report.



                                                                                                           Game 1


Round 1.


The first game, I was playing a Red/Green beat down deck,not a bad match up for white wheenie. my hand looked somthing like this. swords of plowshares, 3 plains , soltari priest , parallax wave and a crusade. It was an ok hand only one creature but I could live with that. He got to play first after winning the dice roll and played a kird ape.My turn played land said "go". His turn he played a mountain and slaped down a rancor, in response I cast my swords of plowshare. My turn played the priest said "go". His turn played a River boa, my turn. I draw into a Empyrial armor  

and played it on my Priest and hit for 6 and said "go". His turn nothing much happend.My turn I hit for more and he couldnt draw an answer for my priest so he ended up losing.


Round 2.


This round went the same path as the last. I drew into alot of creatures and I had a parallax wave as an answer for any of his creatures. The game was close for awhile until wave hit play and his creatures were waved away. Long story short Parallax Wave won me the game.



                                                                                                          Game 2


Round 1.


This game, I was playing a U/R fish deck. My hand was looking pretty good I had a few creatures and a armageddon. I got to play first this first turn I droped a Soul Warden. His turn he played a faerie conclave.My turn played a land and droped a White Knight and attacked for 1 with the warden.on his turn he played cloud of fearies and a spiketail hatchling and said "go". My turn I played a Soltari Monk and a Savannah lion but he sacked the hatchling to counter the lion.I then attacked for 3 with the Knight and Warden.His turn he played mishra's factory and attacked with the cloud. My turn I played Armageddon and attacked for 5 with the Knight Monk and Warden. His turn he drew a card and said that's game.


Round 2.


This game took alittle longer it basicly went like this. I play something he counters it. He hits me with land over and over and over.I draw into way to much land and get no answers for his land attackers and I lose.


Round 3.


This game went alittle faster then the last, I had a fast hand with lions,white knight and a master decoy aswell as a parallax wave.I got to go first and played the lions, said "go" he plays a conclave and says "go". My turn I draw a Empyrial Armor play the white knight attack with lions and say "go". His turn he plays a factory and says "go". I play Armor on the Knight and hit for alot.He couldnt draw into an answer so game goes to me.


                                                                                                        Game 3


Round 1.


I was playing a B suicide black /discard deck This was the fastest game I every played I think. I got to play first and I got down a soul warden.His turn he played duress but I had nothing in hand to discard I had all creaturs and land. On my turn I played a white knight. His turn he played a hymm and I discarded a master decoy and a monk. My turn I draw a Empyrial armor lucky me, droped it on the knight and he said good game.


Round 2.


This game he went first and played a soul ring. My turn I played a land and said "go".His turn he played a land and played chalice of the void for 2. I then said good game. nothing I can do about that.



Round 3.


I had a pretty bad hand but i choose to keep it,my first turn I droped a land and said "go". His turn dark ritual, hipnotic specter. My turn drop land and play a Soltair priest. His turn play powder keg and hit with specter,I had to discard a parallax wave. On my turn I droped a land since thats all i could draw into, then attacked and said "go". his turn he droped a land played a dark ritual phyrexian nagator and a second powder keg. game over for me. I draw a land and say good game.



                                                                                                      Game 4


Round 1.


I was playing a red sligh deck. These games went fast just like the last. First round I got to go first I droped land played Lions said "go". his turn he shocked me for 2. My turn I played a White Knight attacked for 2 and said "go". His turn we played a lighting bolt.My turn I armored the white Knight and hit for 6 or so. His turn he played incinerate so far I took 8.My turn I played another armor on the White Knight and hit for alot more. His turn he played a fireblast sacking 2 mountains not enough to seal the game, round 1 to me.


Round 2.


I finally got a chance to use my sideboard I took out the armageddons for spirit links. He went first and bolted me for 3.My turn I played a land and said "go". his turn I took an incinerate for another 3 down to 14. my turn I played a Soltari Priest after droping a land and said "go". His turn he hit me with a Sonic burst for 4 putting me down to 10. My turn I played a crusade and a spirit link on the Priest and hit for 3 and gained some much needed life.His turn he bolted me agian so im back down to 10. My turn I hit for 3 agian and gained the life,it went like this for about 4 turns until he gave up. looks like I made top 4.



                                                                                                    Game 5 top 4



Round 1.


I was playing another U/R fish deck.This game went alittle easier for me with help from a few good opening hands.The first game my hand looked something like this Shavannah lion's,master decoy,3 plains, Soltari Priest  and Empyrial Armor. I won the dice roll and got to play first. I droped a land and the Lions.His turn he played an island.My trun I played the Priest and hit for 2 with the lions.His turn he play a factory and a

cloud of fearies. My turn I played my armor on the priest but it got force spiked, oh well attacked with lions and priest he traded fearies with the lions and took 2.His turn he played a stand still and said "go". My turn I played a Monk and a Master decoy he drew 3 cards. They didnt seem to help him telling by the fusdrated look on his face. His turn he droped a land and said "go". I drew into a armageddon played it then a land. and hit for 4 with the priest and monk.His turn drew a card said "go". I drew a card and attacked for 5.His turn he drew and I seen that fusdrated look agian he said "go". My turn I drew a land and droped a crusade and hit for 8. putting him at 1.He drew a card and said good game.


Round 2.


This game went alittle faster my opening hand was 5 plains a armor and a Monk I kept it not a great hand but getting them both out would be real good. He went first played a island my turn I drew into a Soul Warden and played it. His turn he played a cloud of fearies and said "go". My turn I droped the Monk. His turn he played a stand still. My turn I played the armor he drew 3 cards but no counter spell's. He drew a card and played a spiketail hatchling. My turn I hit for alot and said "go". His turn nothing.My turn hit for alot agian.His turn still no answer.My turn I hit for alot and win.



                                                                                                   Game 6 Finals



Round 1.


For the Finals I was playing the same guy I played game 2. He's the one playing U/R fish. I felt good going into this game I know my deck is good Vs fish and I already beat him once and I also beat the other fish deck oh yeah it was in the bag,or so I thought. My opening hand was good but I think  it was missing something, land! so I mulled and agian no land's oh boy this is no good, I mulled agian and I got 1 land and a Soul Warden so I kept it. He went first played a island. My turn didnt draw land, I droped my land and played the Warden. His turn he played cloud of fearies and he bolted my Warden. My turn I drew no land and said "go". His turn he played a factory and a spiketail hatchling and hit me for 1 with the fearies.My trun still no land I just quit.


Round 2.


Once agian my draw was no good only 1 land so I mulled agian, I was getting worried my opponent looked very pleased with his hand.I drew my six cards and final seen something worth keeping,I played first and droped a Lion. His turn he played a conclave.My turn I played a Priest and hit with lion's for 2.His turn played and island. My turn I played a land and a Armor on the Priest but it got dazed so I hit for 4 and said "go". His turn he played a powder keg and said "go".My turn I played a Parallax Wave and hit for 4 agian.His turn he put a counter on the keg and played a conclave. My turn I drew a armageddon and played it and I hit for 4 agian putting him at 8.His turn he put a counter on the keg and said "go". My turn i drew land played it and hit he popped the keg and I waved my Priest in response and hit for 2.He Drew a card and said "go". My turn the wave had 1 left on it,I drew a land played it and a White Knight. I hit for 2 and said "go".He drew and said good game.


Round 3.


This game was so damn close.My opening hand was Soul Warden,3plains,White Knight,Master Decoy and Crusade. He went first played an island I drew a Priest and droped a land and played the Warden he then dazed it I then said "go". His turn he played the island agian.My turn I played another land and droped the priest and once agian he played a daze. His turn he played a conclave and said "go".My turn I played a land and droped the master decoy. His turn he played the island and cloud of fearies and a spiketail hatchling. At end step of his turn i plowed the hatchling.My turn I drew a land played it and droped a Parallax Wave. His turn he played a rootwater thife and hit me for 1 with the fearies.I remove the rootwater thief and Draw a card I then play a Monk and say "go". he drew a card and played a factory and turn the conclave into a 2/1 flyer I then waved it out and took 1 from the fearies.My turn I play a Soul Warden and say "go". His turn he plays another factory and activates one and I wave it, wave now has one counter on it he I then tap his fearies. My turn,wave now with 0 counters on it. I draw a card and have only land in hand so I attack with my Monk and Warden for 3 and say "go". His turn he plays a mountain and bolts me for 3 putting me at 16.My turn the wave goes away and the factory and conclave and rootwater thife come back in play,I gain 1 life with the Warden.I draw another land with all land in my hand I attack with the monk and hit for 2 and say go.His turn he draws and activates the 2 factorys and attacks with the fearis factorys and rootwater i tap the rootwater and take 5 puts me down to 11. My turn I draw an Armor and put it on the Monk with 4 cards in hand I attack for 6 and say "go".His turn he attacks agian same this as last turn I go down to 6. I top deck an armageddon attack with the Monk for 7,then drop the armageddon and end up winning the game.


5/1 end of the day


At the end of it all it was a good tournament I ended up the winner and got the legends booster pack. The rare I got in it was Livonya Silone...I was kinda hopeing for a mana drain but ah well.Thank you for reading my tournament report if you have any questions or comments please e mail me at Ok so bye for now I should have another report done for next week thank you goodbye.