From: L Katz []
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 9:58 AM
Subject: local tourney
               Local tournament Adam Katz        Clerics
Howzit i live in Cape Town South Africa-yes we do play magic in south africa and no lions don't rome the streets. Anyway i decided to try out my new cleric deck in a four round local tournament with 23 players.
heres the decklist
4-cabal archon
4-rotlung reanimator
3-chainers edict
1-smother-hey i only had three edicts
3-wrath of g-d
1-bane of the living
2-oversold cemetary
3-withered wretch
4-benevolent bodygaurd
2-nova cleric
2-devoted caretaker
3-blood celebrants
2-misery charm
2-planar guide
1-tainted field
Round 1
Game 1
mirror match
i dropped a rotlung on turn three. and a few other clerics. all he had was a doubtless one and a blood celebrant. I misery charmed the celebrant then edicted-my opponent conceded.
Game 2
both of us were just dropping clerics every turn-i had a rotlung out. it was a pretty boring match until i morphed bane killing his 5 clerics and my rotlung and four others  giving me 9 tokens and a 4/3 bane.
Matches1-0      Games2-0
Round 2
Game 1
cleric vs r/g madness
Game one i was dead before i knew what was happening. it took him 5 turns to kill me!  
Game 2
this game was pretty close at the beginning. i used cabal archon too gain back the life he was burning me. Finally i drew my oversold cemetary and he pulled his cards.
Game 3
i was doing really badly here. he kept either burning my creatures the attaking with huge mongrels are just attacking with mongrels forcing me to block. i drew my wog and then a 12/12 mortivore but i was at a fragile 5 life. it didnt matter mortivore ripped him in half.
 Matches 2-0 Games 4-1
Round 3 
Game 1
blue green madness
before the first game my opponent looked at me and then said to his friend yes I am in the finals. I am fourteen. 
Game one started really badly. i was mana screwed and he had his mongrels arragant worms and rootwallas thrashing me. i drew my fourth land when i was at three and prayed that he had no answer to my wrath-he didnt. suddenly my entire hand started unfolding (i had a seven card hand he had no cards in hand). My archon gave me my life back and he conceded when i dropped my mortivore.
Game 2
slow hands for us both but suddenly i got my combo out. cemetary, archon and rotlung with a four card graveyard. i started cycling my creatures getting zombies he lost life and i got em back. then he dropped a card i would have never guessed he played - upheavel topping two for mongrel, played a land and birds of paradise.
Game 3
this game was easy he had nothing and i had everything.
Matches 3-0   Games 6-2
Game 1
clerics vs b/g/r madness
similar to my second round but with smother and zonbie infestation.
game one started well for us both. speed hit each other. his burn and mongrels vs my archons-yes plural and rotlung and others. he's on 11 im on 10. he topdecks a fledging dragon. now he had a one card hand and a fledging dragon and zombie infestation to my one card hand of smother. i draw and throw down my topdecked 12/12 mortivore. 
he draws and attaks with his dragan i take he pumps im on 2! i untap draw and attack and pray. all he answers with is discarding to the infestation-idrop smother and he concedes.
Game 2
now he has a good hand and im not that great. finall i start recovering from the onslought at a low 3 life. he untaps and dropps violent erruption.
Game 3
i get a perfect hand and smash him to four before anything really happens. finally he starts stabilyzing when my liittle brother comes in to tell me my mom's waiting outside. i sart drawing playing and saying done without any strategizing. about what i later found out to be half an hour later i just full out attack with killed him. the spectators say i should have done it long ago. i shout to my friend to collect my prize for me and run out.
I won!!!
my mom killed me.