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Pre Release
San Antonio Tx
April 19 2008
1x  Goldenglow Moth
1x  Apothecary Initiate
1x  Kithkin Shielddare
1x  Ballynock Cohort
1x  Rune-Cervin Rider
1x  Pale Wayfarer
1x  Safehold Elite
1x  Medicine Runner
1x  Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
1x  Safehold Duo
1x  Raven's Run Dragoon
1x  Old Ghastbark
1x  Scuzzback Scrapper
1x  Tattermunge Witch
1x  Scuzzback Maraunders
1x  Scuttlemutt
1x  Blazethorn Scarcrow
1x  Barkshell Blessing
1x  Firespout
1x  Giantbaiting
1x  Spectral Procession
2x  Burn Trail
1x  Gnarled Effigy
1x  Wooded Bastion
5x  Mountains
5x  Forests
6x  Plains
I do not follow directions very well. I heard about the 'keep it to 40 cards' rule, but I always like playing with 41 cards.
We played in the first flight of the day and they decided to run one big one with over 120+ players. I probably could have made my deck a little better, but I had my 9 year old daughter with me and I was helping with her deck. She had put together a okay deck but 22 lands for a 40 card deck is a bit much. She did not win any games but she had fun. If you want to know her card pool and final deck let me know. Anyways, like I said my deck could have been a little bit better, but it did ok. The rest of the card pool will be listed below this report. The flight we were in was 5 rounds of swiss, going 5-0 won 14 packs, 4-1 got 7 packs and everyone else got 1 pack for just playing. We had 1 tournament pack and 2 booster packs to make out deck with. I do not have much details but here is how it went.
First round. I forgot to write down any names for this so I am sorry, maybe next time. This young man was playing a 3 color deck with u/w/b. He played a little slow, but with a new set and being the first round was understandable. First game I won by having more creatures out and I just keep attacking. He had some bounce but I did not see any real removable. The second game he was stuck on 3 lands for about 5 turns and I won with more creatures. He actually scope the second game because he could not catch up. Game 2-0. Rounds 1-0.
Second round was fun. We sat next to this guy while we build our decks. I don't mind people who try to help out with a little advice, but he went a little over board. Nice guy, just a little cocking. He had a good deck build, being r/b. He had good creature removal and some good creatures. He play this new Dragon and he gave it haste and hit me for 7 bring down to 7 life. Next turn I played Rune-Cervin Rider and I said it had flying but I think he did not hear me, becuase next turn he attack with he Dragon and was surprise when I block it. My next turn I played a Spectral Procession and pass the turn, he played a land and pass the turn back to me with one card in had and two creatures on the field, the big Dragon and a Gobling to gives creatures haste. I decide to swing in with all 3 flying spirits created by the Spectral Procession and he kill one with a spell and block the other with the Dragon and took 1 going to 3 life. I played Burn Trail targeting him and went to game 2. Second game went back on forth on creatures attacking and getting killed. I keep the pressure on and was able to get him down to 6 life. I drew my second Burn Trail and burn him off with both Burn Trails. He was surprise to be burn off like that, but I will take a win anyway I can. Games 2-0. Rounds 2-0.
Round 3. I got seated at the number 1 spot. Very nice guy who got back into Magic about a year ago and use to play back when it first game out. His deck was a very fast and aggressive r/g deck. He drop a Tattermunge Maniac, a 2/1 that has to attack each turn if able, paying either r/g for it. I was able to stablize after taking a very good beating down to 10 life. I was able to beat him down to 1 life looking for a Mountain. I had a Burn Trail in my hand waiting what seem like forever, a couple of turns. The next game he stomp me into the ground. Third game I tried to stablize but I misplayed a spell. I needed one more land and I would have kill all of his creatures on his side of the board but he had a 5/5 forest walking fool entering the red zone every turn until I was gone. He played well and the extra land would have saved me but, he might still have one becuase he was a good player with a good deck. Games 1-2. Rounds 2-1.
Round 4. Played a young man with a u/w deck I think. His deck was okay, he just did not play very well. First game was fairly easy he scope when I had several creatures out and he only had one. Second game he played his second Goldenglow Moth. It's a Creature-Insect 0/1 flying. Whenever Goldenglow Moth blocks, you may gain 4 life. So it took me some time to beat him down from 28 life to nothing. His deck was alright but just not enough removal. Games 2-0. Rounds 3-1.
Last round, #5. First game went okay. But he had alot of removal and keep my creatures of the board. He drop a Mossbridge Troll. I forgot it could be regenerate and may a bad play which cost me the game. Now the interesting part. His ride who was ready to go was giving him a hard time to leave. The guy I was play was so confident that he could beat me that he was asking him for 10 more minutes. They had a 2 hour drive and the other guy had to be back by a certain time, I did not catch what time they had to be back. So the second game he screw up and keep a one land hand, because he did not play a second land for at least 4 turns. After that game he ask if we could split. I told him he can have the extra pack and I get the match win. I kinda felt a little sorry for him, but that's the price you pay when you rely on someelse for transportation. Plus he was a little cocking and I did not think he could have beat me. But I was happy with the win. Games 2-1, actually 1-1. Rounds 4-1.
I know there is alot of advice out there about playing sealed deck. Having a good number of creatures is a must. Good abilities and effects is a must. MVP is Medicine Runner and Scuzzback Marauders. Creature removal is not just Instants and Sorceries but creatures that when they attack they have to block or they will be closer to zero life. I play aggressive, but I do not play fast. What I mean is I will hold spells in my hand for a little longer to get a better board position. Like one time I played Firespout doing 3 damage to all creatures, in response playing Barkshell Blessing on my Blazethorn Scarecrow keeping it alive and swinging for five bring my opponent down to 3 life. I had creature advantage but he was tapped out and only had one card in hand. Next turn burning him off with Burn Trail. We I hope you enjoy. I did not explain all off my cards they will be spoil on the main Magic site Monday, April 21st. And the set will be out May 2. So far I like what I see. Enjoy.
Card Pool
White:                             Green/White:
Greater Auramancy                Elvish Hexhunter
Niveous Wisps
Strip Bare
Blue:                                White/Blue:
Cursecatcher                            Zealous Guardian
Parapet Watchers 2x              Glamer Spinners
Ghastly Discovery                    Plumeveil
Prismwake Merrow                 Turn to Mist
Kinscaer Harpoonist               Aethertow
Deepchannel Mentor               Worldpurge
Puca's Mischief
Black:                               Blue/Black:
Beseech the Queen                 Memory Sluice
Plaque of Vermin                     Gravelgill Duo
Disturbing Plot                          Fate Transfer
Loch Korrigan                           Oona's Gatewarden
Sickle Ripper                            Wasp Lancer
Cinderhaze Wretch
Corrosive Mentor
Red:                                 Black/Red:
Intimidator Initiate                    Manaforge Cinder
Ember Gale                             Emberstrike Duo 2x
Crimson Wisps 
Power of Fire
Green:                             Red/Green:
Nurturer Initiate                        Runes of the Deus
Toil to Renown                         Mudbrawler Raiders
Gleeful Sabotage
Hungry Spriggan
Farhaven Elf
Blight Sickle
Revelsong Horn
Heap Doll
Elsewhere Flask
Wingrattle Scarecrow



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