Subject: Tourney Report

Elvish Mayhem
Brad Hoisington
Medina, Ohio at Medina Sportscards 7/16/03
27 people attended this event

My deck
4-Seeker of Skybreak
2-Heedless One
1-Elvish Herder
1-Taunting Elf
4-Wirewood Herald
4-Llanowar Elves
4-Wirewood Hivemaster
4-Bloodline Shaman
4-Timberwatch Elf
1-Voice of the Woods
1-Caller of the Claw
Other Spells
1-Coat of Arms
3-Wirewood Pride
4-Wirewood Lodge
4-Birchlore Rangers
1-Overwhelming Instinct
2-Elvish Herder
1-Coat of Arms

Round 1- I got a bye because there were an odd number of people. Round 2-Against a Reanimator deck.
Game 1: My starting hand was very good. Seeker of Skybreak, Lanowar Elves, Bloodline Shaman, Wellwisher, Wirewood Lodge, Forest, and Coat of Arms. I went first and played Llanowar Elves. Then he used Duress and sent my Coat of Arms to the graveyard. Then I played Bloodline Shaman my next turn and another Llanowar Elf that I drew. He played Burning Wish and took Buried Alive. Turing his turn I used Bloodline Shamanís ability and got a Heedless One. Then I played it next turn then hit him for 1. He didnít have any more mana so he couldnít do anything. My turn I gave my Heedless One a Wirewood Pride and hit him for 11. He got a mana next turn and played Buried Alive. My next turn I hit him for 7. Then he Zombified a Reya Dawnbringer. My next turn I killed him by attacking with my 4 elves.
Game 2: He ended up quitting because I was up to 100 life with my Wellwishers and he was at 10. Round 3: I found out I got another bye. Lucky me. Round 4 (Semi Finals)-Against a Opposition deck.
Game 1- I lost this one. I had 7 elves out but he played Opposition and he had 3 Roar of the Wurm and 2 Arrogant wurms. Then he put Wonder in his graveyard to give everything he had flying and hit me for 40.
Game 2- I put in 3 of my Naturalize to destroy those Oppositions before this game. I went first. I played a Llanowar elf on my first turn. He played a Basking Rootwalla. Then I played a Bloodline Shaman. He attack with his Rootwalla and I gave my elf a wirewood pride. Later in the game He got an Opposition out and I took it down with Naturalize. Later in the game I got 2 Heedless Ones and a Taunting Elf and I attacked with everything to win.
Game 3- We both had to mulligan. I had to mulligan to 6 and he had to mulligan to 5. He was never in this game because he only got 2 mana the whole game and one was white and one was blue. No counterspells. I killed him in 6 turns to advance to the finals. Round 5 (Finals): Against another elf deck
Game 1- These games were crazy, I took the advantage though. He didnít have any Heedless Ones in his deck. We each had 15 elves a piece out. I was at 115 because I got out 3 wellwishers and he was at 40 because he was able to get only one elf out. I had a taunting elf down and then I played an Overrunn giving all of my elves +3/+3 with trample until the end of the turn. Then I boosted up Heedless One with 3 Timberwatch Elves making it a 120/120 because each of us had 15 elves and then I attacked with everything to win game one.
Game 2- In this game he had only 3 elves out because all he drew was mana. I got a Heedless One out with 8 elves on my side and 3 on his side making it 11/11 with trample. I took each of his elves out one by one. When He was wide open I put a Coat of Arms down and attacked with everything. Making it a 64 point hit to win the Tournament. I got 10 packs of anything for the latest block.

Props: Winning the Tournament
Drew for letting me borrow 2 Heedless Ones.
Getting 10 packs even though I didnít get anything in them.
Getting 2 Byes.
Slops: None

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