Anchorage, AK
November 24, 2001
JSS Semi Finalist
Cyber Cup
William Nucero
The Deck Lava Axe

The is is basic beatdown.With a heavy Side Board to counterspell
decks.Heres the list:

Spells 36

4 Birds
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Skizzik {Lava Axe}
4 Spirit Monger
4 Flametongue Kavu
3 Call Of The Herd
2 Thunderscape Battle Mage
2 Thornscape Battle Mage
2 Kavu Chameleon
2 Shivan Wurm
4 Terminate
1 Darigaaz The Ignitar
Lands 24

4 Forests
2 Mountains
2 Swamps
3 Karplusan Forests
3 Llanowar Wastes
2 Sulfurous Springs
2 Urborg Volcano
2 Shivan Oasis
2 Darigaaz's Caldra
1 Mossfire Valley
1 Shadow Blood Ridge
4 Price Of Glory
3 Obliterate
2 Spell bane Centaur
2 Pernicious Deed
2 Kavu Chameleon
2 Urza's Rage
Now the tourney.There was about 20 people.There was 4 rounds.  And then top 8
single elimination.Here it goes

  Round 1 Me vs. TJ

   His deck wass really weak it was based on treshold.
Game 1. I won the draw and choose to play, I played a KP and a Bird.
Then on his turn he played a Forest and he was done.My turn I played a
Llanowar Elf and a Mountain.Then he played a mountain and then he was
done.An on my turn I played a Llanowar Waste and Lava Axe with kicker I
attacked his life 15 mine 19.Then on hie turn he played a Were Bear and he
was done.On my turn I played another Lava Axe with kicker and attacked, life
5 mine 19.On his tun he conceited.
   Game 2 Round one
  Opening hand 2 Birds, 2 Sipirit Mongers,1 SP,1 KP, and 1 Lava Axe.
He goes first playes a Forest.On my I drew a Flametongue played a KP and a
Bird.Hes turn he playes a land and a Were Bear.My turn I drew a Terminate
played a Llanowar Wastes and a Bird.His turn he played a Savage Fire Cat and
atacked for 2, His life 20 mine 17.My turn I drew a forest and played Lava
Axe withe kicker and atacked his life 15 mine 17.His turn.His played a
Mirri.On my turn I drew a Call and played a Monger and atacked he blocked
with Fire Cat took 2 trample, his life 13 my like 17.On his turn he played
Flameburst Mirried it 3 to Lava Axe 3 to me, his life 13 mine 14.My turn I
drew a Lava Axe plyed it with kicker atacked, his life 2 mine 14.On his turn
he knew it was over.
  2-0 Willie
Round two Me vs. Scott
I dont recall what happened but I won .
  Round three Me vs. some kid
  He was playing beatdown but only Green Black.
  The match went really fast so its hard to remember.All I know is I won.
Round four Me vs. Kona
  We were both undefeated so we drew.
  I finshed 2 befor top 8.An heres top 8.

  Quarter Finals
  Me vs. some kid with new fires
  Game 1
I won the draw and went first.I played a Forest and a elf.Then he played a
KP and a bird.My turn I played a call Of The Herd and a Llanowar Wastes.On
his turn he played a Fires.My turn I played a Mountain and Lava Axe without
kicker and I atacked.His life 11 mine 20.His turn he played a call and a elf
He attacked, his life 11 mine 16. My turn I played a Spirit Monger and then
I attacked, his life 8 mine 16.His turn he played a Shivan Wurm returned a
Bird attacked, his life 8 mine 5.My turn I luckly drew a Lava Axe played it
attacked and he lost.
Game 2
This game went really fast, because he mulled down to 4.He played a Shivan
Oasis and was done.On my turn I played a elf an a Llanowar Wastes.Hes turn
he played a bird but he didnt play a land.My turn I played a SP and a
Tornscape Battle Mage with red kicker dealt 2 to the bird.He played
nothing.My turn I played a elf and a call.His turn he played a forest and
was done.One my turn I played a Lava Axe and attacked, his life 12 mine
19.His turn he played a land and Fires.My turn I played flashback call and
attacked, his life 3 mine 19.After that he conceited.

  semi finals
  Me vs. Zack
   I got schooled and dont want to talk about it.

  I ended up getting 3 place got 18 packes.Over all it was a good tourney.