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Friday Night Magic

Friday night. The night of nights. I live for Fridays. On Friday I'm done with classes at 9am, I don't have to work, and it's the beginning of the weekend. All of those reasons seem valid but perhaps the best reason to like Friday is FNM!

The Place: Galaxy Hobby, Stevens Point, WI
The Game: Magic the Gathering
The Format: Type 2
The Deck: MoreThan4Creatures.dec
22 Island
2 Daze
3 Foil
3 Thwart
4 Gust
4 Wash Out
4 Rishadan Airship
3 Rootwater Thief
2 Waterfront Bouncer
4 Spiketail Hatchling
4 Chimeric Idol
4 Troublesome Spirit

The sideboard will be left out of the decklist simply because one of the biggest mistakes people make when they get a decklist or idea off the internet is that they copy the sideboard along with the deck. While sometimes this can work out most of the time it won't. Every area has a metagame that could be very differant if you drive an hour away and you should keep this in mind when you make your sideboard.
Now, on to the tournament itself!

First round I'm paired with Matt who is playing a savage version of necra grove that really gave my crosis-go deck fits the last 2 weeks, preventing me from taking the coveted first place.
He wins the roll and goes first. We trade some blows back and forth and I'm at 11 life with him at 13. I have 2 fliers of the 3/4 variet and a chimeric idol. He has something like an elf, a dueling grounds, the B/G 3/3 treefolk and a spirit monger, he says go and.. I draw and cast a washout. He has black mana open and not green so I clear his side of the table and swing for 9, that's basically game as he has no answer.
Game 2 is much of the same but he never gets a point of damage through to me, mana troubles along with another very aggresive draw do him in.
Matches 1-0 Games 2-0

Round 2 is against Jamie her Fires deck. Both games of this match went surprisingly well as I expected to at the very least lose game 1. Fires eats skies alive, but appearantly today is my lucky day. She didn't lay a Fires out either game until about turn 6 and that just isn't going to help. Game 1 I dominate when she has no turn 2 drop and a turn 3 blasto and turn 4 wurm get washed out. Game 2 is worse. I knew Fires would be tough so I built my sideboard accordingly. The static orb never hits but it doesn't have to. Submerge and Hibernation prove to be enough.
Matches 2-0 Games 4-0

Round 3 is against my cousin Pat playing what will be termed "The Monstrocity" from now on. It was a G/R deck that featured huge creatures, mana acceleration and Aether Rift! It worked surprisingly well with the Rift absolutely wrecking opponents all day. 
Game 1 I don't see a rift but I do take some hits from 2 Yavimaya Barbarians and a couple elves, he gets a thorn elemental but I wash out and take the victory. 
Game 2 is really scary as he get a fast start and I think I took hits from several barbarians and took some burn from Urza's Rage before stabalizing. I win at 5 life that wouldn't have been enough because he has a Thorn Elemental on the table as he dies.
Matches 3-0 Games 6-0

Round 4 is against Charlie who's playing a W/B deck that really gave me a run.
Game 1 I dominate easily as he never mounts an offense and I get a very aggresive draw with the counter when I needed it. Game 2 is close, we trade blows back and forth and he actually has out 1 phyrexian arena and a plague spitter at one point. I decided to let him have them for a long while but eventually have to wash out when he gets more critters down. The card advantage he had already recieved from the arena was too much for me in the end however as he was able to cast 2 death grasp preceded by discard spells to do me in. His life totals went as follows. 20, 19, 17, 15, 12, 10, 7, 11, 8, 5, 2, 8, 5, 4, 3. While mine went 20, 19, 18, 17, 15, 14, 10, 4, 3, 2.
Game 3 went fairly fast but was still one of the best matches I've played in a long time. I play first and go T1 Island, T2 Island Rootwater Thief, T3 Island Rishadan Airship, T4 Island Troublesome Spirit. I was hit with an early duress that took what at the time was my only nonland non creature spell, a gush. So turn 4 he draws, lays his 4th land and casts Wrath of God. Obviously I had overcommited without thinking about the consequences and now I'm in a bind. All I have in my hand is land and a freshly drawn gush. I decide my only chance is to gush and hope for a foil and so I gush and get .. Airship and Daze! Just what I needed to save my creatures and swing for 7. Next turn I drew Foil to keep anything else he could do under wraps and I pull out the win. Charlie was a great player and a good sport. After the match we do some trading which involves me getting some nice Extended type stuff and him getting some nice T2 stuff, including a foil Spectral Lynx.
Matches 4-0 Games 8-1

Top 4 against Pat again, and he's still playing The Monstrocity! Game 1 we trade blows back and forth but he never really has a chance as I lay creaturese on turns 2, 3 and 4. Turn 5 I wash out and that's all folks. Game 2 he doesn't really get anything going do to some land screw(there is something to be said for playing mono-color). I win easily with 18 life.

Finals vs Rob playing Blue/Red fiery skies type thing. Rob is an old friend from elementary school back in the day. He never returned my map from my Legend of Zelda game when I was like 10 years old. I'm still hurt...
Game 1 is a back and forth battle. His air elemental and my Rishadan Airship trade blows for a while. He gets out a bouncer first and keeps bouncing my creatures and continues to do so untill I'm at 1 life and he's at 7. However every card he's drawn he's used to bounce my creatures so I've got the card advantage to make a comeback. I lay 2 spiketails a bouncer and an airship during my turn when he has no cards in hand. He calmly draws and opts twice but finds no answer. It's my game from there.
Game 2 is a lot like the first but I get the bouncer out before he does. However it doesn't matter as he has the ultimate weapon against my deck .. Jilt with kicker! I think the surprise factor of it just overwhelmed me. As even though I had what I thought was a good draw I was crushed by his fliers.
Game 3 I get out an early Airship and a rootwater thief. Despite foiling 2 spells with the acc and losing tempo to his jilts I manage to pull through without taking any damage at all. He just didn't draw any of the creatures he needed, or maybe it was just fate paying him back for the whole Zelda map thing.. Either way I walk out with a Foil Carnophage, A Masticore, and a Pernicious Deed for my 3$ entrance fee.
Matches 5-0 Games 10-2

All of my opponents for being fun to play against.
Me for getting like 15-20 rating points at a FNM tourney.
Island for being the best card in Magic.
Pat for taking 3rd with The Monstrocity.
Galaxy Hobby for giving us a mediocre place to have our tournaments

Decks with more than 4 creatures (including mine).

Tim Peplinski-tpepl@g2a.net 


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