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 Single Card Strategy - February '00
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Single Cards


February 28th
Pidgeot - Paol Tangela - Brian Butterfree - Moo-Monster
Magmar - JB Wolf Re: Unused 2/3 - TdOg Re: Geodude - Radar
Lickitung - Sean Picard Re: Mew 2/1 - Vinay Re: Magikarp 2/12 - Gothmog


February 19th
Venomoth - Stephen Slowpoke - ViperDu Porygon - Phil M.
Mankey - Alison Porygon - A. Pipathsouk Mr. Mime - Moss
Dodrio - Tracy Haunter - Jow Mingoia Re: Geodude 2/16 - Stephanie
Bl's Moltres - Wolf Ditto - Chris Re Porygon 2/16 - Jack
Beedrill - S. Rao Jigglypuff - Puzzledogg Re: K's Pidgeotto 2/19 - DSC


February 16th

Re: Raichu 2/9 - Matt K. Charizard - Aerodacty13 Re: Butterfree 2/9 - Spike
Nidoking - MooMonster Ninetails - Charles Fuji Re: Porygon 2/12 - Griffin
Porygon - Sleepy Dragon Charizard -Sleepy Dragon Seaking - BorderWalk
Blaine's Vulpix - Anon. Geodude - L2K Re: Porygon 2/12 - Leanne

<editor's note:  We had a LOT of replies to Porygon on 2/12.  I only posted the first couple I came to>

February 12th

Magikarp - Brian Re: Arcanine 1/1 - Spike Charizard - Alison
Aerodactyl - Alice R. Re:Venomoth 2/1 - Nathan K. Re:Scyther 2/1 - Atlus P.
Re: Jynx 2/1 - Atlus P. Re: Raticate 2/3 - Atlus P. Golbat - Matt K.
Re: Scyther 2/1 - Spike Jigglypuff - MJack Porygon - Te'nala
Mew - Tyler C. Magneton - Jack Charizard - Dogbert717
Gyrados - Ace Underused Cards - V-man Mewtwo - Patrick T.
Charizard - Ryoken Blaine Arcanine - MadMax TR Magikarp - Duz
Re: Jynx 2/1 - Dylan D. Charizard - Satoshi Mewtwo - Patrick Tran
Haunter - Atlus P. Charizard - Ryoken K's Pidgeotto - Anon.
Psyduck - Tim B. Re: Charizard 2/3 - Satoshi Charmeleon - Trc1188


February 9th

Nidorina - OozerB Tauros - Bo Rocket Muk - abz1986
Promo Jigglypuff - Electric77 Re: Scyther (2/1) - Mitch Butterfree - trc1188
Raichu - trc1188 Articuno - trc1188 Moltres - trc1188
Lapras - Tyler C.  


February 3rd

Pinsir - Jags Unused Pokemon - V-man Ditto The Giver
Charizard - Swederacr9 Mr. Mime - Blazing Hawk Psyduck - Cougar
Rapidash - Master1080 Charizard - Atlus Parker Gengar/Slowbro - Murrin
Raticate - Trc1188 Pikachu - Pikacool PikaText - Ben


February 1st

Beedrill - SycO Dewgong - SycO Seaking - Kim Nguyen
Alakazam - Hitmonchan Charizard - Demosthenes    Mew - Hitmonchan
Mew - General Tsao Goldduck - Laura Golbat - Jim Hoffman
Venomoth (1/14) - Don Jynx - Dylan Drouin Chansey - Trc1188
Scyther - Trc1188 Charizard - Dekar Raichu - Star Mario
Charizard - Wingmanap Mew - Satoshi Nidoking - Chimpagoat
Evil Dragonair - Duz Promo Mewtwo - Nick Golbat - Tyler C.
Arcanine (1/22) Aerodacty13 Moltres - SugarBoy Articuno - SugarBoy
Kabutops - SugarBoy Wigglytuff - Alex Butterfree - Yajirobe
Mew - Bergerbudy Jiggly/Weep - Jjcgali Magneton - sdnflfan



Multiple cards combos

Card Comparisons

What's On Top?

28 Moo-Monster        
19 Sri Lanka
16 Matt K C. Jerico M. Murin Zak Dube Joseph Pinter
9 Tyler B.  Alex  
3 Scott Danny Bobby Iceman Doduoboy
Terry Sturm  
1 SleepyDragon Hector   Zell Drew Gary Oak
Tyler C. Wartortle  

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