Budget Magic Decks – 300+ Peasant & Pauper MTG Decks

Budget Magic Decks
“Counter with Common Cards!”

Peasant Magic Decks & Pauper Magic Decks
Budget  Magic: the Gathering Decks

Peasant Magic Format – A deck of at least 55 commons, no more than 5 uncommons – and no rares! 
Pauper Magic does not allow any uncommons or rares.  So you may have to tweak some of the decks a bit if they contain uncommon cards.

Please send us your ideas for decks for this format!  For newer players, check out Jason Chapman’s older Featured Articles on Peasant Magic, and the fine art of building Budget Magic Decks in Through the Portal

Budget Magic Decks – Deck Count – 365 decks as of August 2017

Mono Black Decks:

Green Mana

Mono Green Decks:

fire mana

Mono Red Decks:

water mana

Mono Blue Decks:

white mana

Mono White Decks:

fire mana

Red / Green Decks:

fire manawater mana

Red / Blue Decks:

fire mana

Red / Black Decks:

water mana

Black / Blue Decks:

water mana

Blue/ Green Decks:

white mana

Green/ White Decks:

white mana

Black/ White Decks:

fire manawhite mana

Red / White Decks:

water manawhite mana

Blue/ White Decks:

Black / Green Decks:

white manafire manawater mana

Multicolor Decks

If you want to test your hand building a deck, please do so!  Send us your deck along with your analysis of your deck.  We will not post simple deck lists – please include a bit of strategy too.   List all 60 cards in your deck.  🙂