Friday, April 26, 2019

Why Linux Never Took Off

Linux has been a great free operating system for open-source programmers, scientists in certain industries, supercomputers and for the most tech-savvy.  However, for the...
EVGA 750 GOLD Semi Modular Power Supply

[PC Building] How many watts should a Power Supply have? (Audio)

How many watts should a Power Supply have? (Audio)

Tips for Buying Studio Monitors (Reference Speakers)

What are studio monitors? They're also sometimes called reference speakers or loudspeakers.  They are speakers designed for monitoring mixes of songs, instruments, vocals, and...

Cheap Kick-Ass Ryzen APU Gaming PC Build

Budget Gaming PC Build for $400! You can make this gaming PC for under $500 Ryzen 3 2200G offers a good CPU, integrated graphics that are...

Quick Tips for Buying an Office or Gaming Mousepad (Audio)

Tips for Buying a Mousepad   Quick Review of the $10 Chmoo World Map XXL Mousepad   Amazon link to the product  (we are not affiliated in any way...
Blue Yeti Microphone

Honest Review of the Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Audio Review)

This audio review was recorded on a Blue Yeti microphone.

[Desktop CPU Review] AMD Ryzen 2200G & 2400g

Audio Review of both CPU's (~2 minute length): These are the specs reported by Eurogamer: And gaming performance (at 900p):  

Audio Interface Review: Scarlett Focusrite

The Scarlett Focusrite is one of the most commonly recommended Audio Interfaces recommended for beginners doing music and/or other audio work.  After owning it...

Dirt Cheap PC Build (2018)

This article is for those who want to build a PC on a limited budget of $300.  This build would be a great productivity/school/work...