Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Lugia card sells for $129,000! Is Lugia the next Charizard card for Pokemon collectors?

I have been collecting Pokemon cards for over 20 years now, and recently there has been a huge surge in prices with Lugia card sales.  Specifically, Lugia's first appearance in the Pokemon Trading Card...

PSA vs CGC vs BGS – Are CGC Graded Pokemon Cards Catching On?

Pojo Note: I revised this article on April 28, 2021.  A lot has changed since I originally wrote this: Prices; Shutdowns; Turnaround Time; etc. Over the past 10 years or so, Pokemon collectors have been...
1999 WOTC Pokemon 1st Edition Fossil Booster Box Sealed Investment Grade New

20 Recent Mind-blowing Pokemon Sales! – June 2020

I was researching recent sales of individual Pokemon cards and Booster Boxes on eBay over the weekend.  It simply amazes me what some Pokemon cards and boxes are selling for these days. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "pojodotcom-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode...

An introduction of the Pokemon Palace/Hall of Fame format.

Picture above (custom edited via Microsoft Paint): Uxie (DP Legends Awakened 43/146) being assigned a rating of three stars, meaning you can only include one copy of Uxie in your deck and one other...
Snorlax VMAX

An Introduction to Pokémon V

With the eighth generation of Pokémon among us, several things have changed with the Pokémon TCG, but this article will focus on Pokémon V. In many ways, these resemble Pokémon-EX, introduced during the Black...
Decidueye (Cosmic Eclipse CEC 20)

Decidueye – Cosmic Eclipse (Revisiting an Alola starter).

Decidueye Cosmic Eclipse 20/236 Ratings: Standard: 3/5 Expanded: 3/5 Limited: 3.5/5 Full Details: Note: This is mostly gonna be a rough draft because Decidueye has been scheduled for review for the crew to look at in January 20, 2020. I may...
Meowth VMax

Meowth-V & Meowth V-Max Review

It’s time to look at the first Pokémon V cards that just came out: Meowth V (SWSH004) & Meowth V-Max (SWSH005). Pokemon V and V-Max can be considered to be similar to Basic Pokémon-EX...
Reset Stamp

Bountiful Bans in the Pokémon TCG

Over the last week, we've learned of some Pokémon TCG bans that will soon go into effect.  Not all bans are equal, though, as we've got three distinctly different kinds of bans here: 1) A...
Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu Greninja

Greninja Review – Detective Pikachu 9/18

Today, we’re looking at one of the cards from a mini set: Greninja (Detective Pikachu 9/18). This is actually a Secret Rare since the star is glittery according to the card, so good luck...
Krookodile #62 Emerging Powers

Personal Top 10 Cards of BW Emerging Powers

Hello readers! Vince here with another personal top 10 cards of Black & White Emerging Powers. It's been a while since my last top 10 article, but that's because so much has going on...