Tuesday, July 23, 2024

How to Record Vocals Professionally

While vocal effects chains in a DAW can fix a lot of unwanted blemishes in a recording, it's much easier to get the vocals...
EVGA 750 GOLD Semi Modular Power Supply

[PC Building] How many watts should a Power Supply have? (Audio)

How many watts should a Power Supply have? (Audio)

Tips for Buying Studio Monitors (Reference Speakers)

What are studio monitors? They're also sometimes called reference speakers or loudspeakers.  They are speakers designed for monitoring mixes of songs, instruments, vocals, and...

Cheap Kick-Ass Ryzen APU Gaming PC Build

Budget Gaming PC Build for $400! You can make this gaming PC for under $500 Ryzen 3 2200G offers a good CPU, integrated graphics that are...

Quick Tips for Buying an Office or Gaming Mousepad (Audio)

Tips for Buying a Mousepad   Quick Review of the $10 Chmoo World Map XXL Mousepad   Amazon link to the product  (we are not affiliated in any way...
Cougar Conquer PC Case

Simple Step-By-Step PC Building Guide – In-Order

How to Build a PC - Step by Step Before Working Inside of The Case 1) Remove both side panels of the case (and other removable panels...

How to Vastly Improve Mic and Speaker Quality

How do you improve the quality of the audio that you record and the audio that you listen to from speakers?  By improving the...

Tips for Making Professional Quality Youtube Videos

Youtube videos are made for business, education, entertainment, commentary, practical skills and the list goes on.  However, in each of these cases, having a...

Desktop CPU’s: Are More Cores Better?

In past articles, I may have understated the benefits of multi-core CPU's.  Video editing and audio work utilize them.  Even Photoshop, which used to...