Monday, October 25, 2021

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Avoiding Fees and Losses

These are tips I wish I had learned from the start to reduce lost profits. Use GDAX If you use Coinbase to convert dollars into cryptocurrencies,...
Dollar Money

Expensive Audio Products Aren’t Always Better

Consumers tend to think that more expensive products are usually better when it comes to speakers, headphones and other audio equipment.  This is a...
BenQ Gaming Monitor

Condensed Guide to Graphics Settings

My previous article on this subject was a bit long, so I wanted to also make a condensed version for those who want the...

8 Tips for Buying Headphones

 1) Be wary of "gaming headsets".  They generally focus on the marketing and aesthetic more than on the sound quality or the overall performance...

Tips for Buying XLR Cables (for Microphones)

  Will an expensive XLR cable offer better sound quality than a cheap one? No. Should I buy the cheapest possible XLR cable then? Probably not.  Durability and...
Laptop Ram

Guide to Upgrading Laptop Parts

Very thin laptops tend to have all parts soldered to the motherboard, so they are not upgradable.  Thicker laptops are often upgradable.  In upgradable...

Best Bang-For-Buck PC Builds

Unfortunately, building a PC is still expensive, but I will provide examples of two possible mid-range builds (via PCPP) which try to maximize the...

Why 1440p is Better Than 4K.

1440p has almost twice as many pixels as 1080p though 4K has a over twice as many pixels as 1440p.  However, at a certain...

Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPU’s

Specs Additionally useful information: * All use Intel's UHD 630 integrated graphics * All support HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2.  * They must be paired with DDR4...

Desktop CPU’s: Are More Cores Better?

In past articles, I may have understated the benefits of multi-core CPU's.  Video editing and audio work utilize them.  Even Photoshop, which used to...