Thursday, May 26, 2022

When is it the “Right Time” to Build a PC?

No matter what year you build a PC, the following year is usually going to have lower prices and better processors introduced (and you...

Tips for Buying A Keyboard

Form Factor A mini-sized keyboard is viable in most cases, especially for those that want to reduce deskspace and want the ability to fit...
BenQ Gaming Monitor

Ideal Size for a Desktop Monitor

In my personal experience, a 22" monitor was rather small (it's hard to get immersed when the whites of the walls are still visible)...
DDR4 Ripjaw Ram

Frequently Asked Questions About RAM

What does RAM do? RAM is temporary storage.  It is used to help multi-tasking and apps which otherwise do a lot of things at once. Will...

PC vs. Consoles – Unbiased Review

I'm not out to proselytize anyone.  I'm just here to give an objective-minded comparison from someone who has owned both consoles and gaming PC's. ...

Dynamic vs. Condenser Microphones

The two most common types of microphones are Dynamic and Condenser.  There are plenty of articles out there discussing the mechanical differences, but many...

Where to Buy Parts for PC Building

For the CPU, Motherboard, Power Supply and Video Card, buy them from a reputable online retailer with a fair return policy just in case...

Pros and Cons of PC Water Cooling

A good liquid cooler can offer better somewhat performance than an air cooler.  But since price is a consideration for many people, and that's...
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mini

January 2018: GPU Price Hike

Unfortunately for PC builders and PC gamers, the year of 2018 is off to a bad start.  The continued growth of the cryptocurrency mining...

Tips for Buying Studio Monitors (Reference Speakers)

What are studio monitors? They're also sometimes called reference speakers or loudspeakers.  They are speakers designed for monitoring mixes of songs, instruments, vocals, and...