Sunday, July 22, 2018

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The Evolution of Yugioh Part I

Our story begins in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, where our heroes, Rocky and Bullwinkle...I'm sorry, that's a totally different story.  As the title suggests, I'm...

Monthly Format Analysis – May, 2018 – Pokemon

Hey everyone, this is my first PTCG analysis here on Pojo and I’m very excited to begin a new series of articles for you...

2007 Trooper Format: Side Decking and Meta Strategies

Using Card Trooper Effectively Card Trooper is the heart of the format.  Using it as a one-off 1900 ATK Sangan-like beater-floater is viable but not...

2007 Trooper Format (Full Deck Library) – Yu-Gi-Oh

Here are the SJC Top 16 Deck Lists for the format. And a Download Link (<1 MB) of the files for the deck lists below...

Introduction to Trooper Format (Mid 2007) – Yu-Gi-Oh

“Troop Dup Scoop” was a common phrase back in the day. The format certainly had it’s overpowered moments, but it should also be...

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