Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Stocking Stuffer

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Board Gamers 2022

About this time of year, I am on the lookout for stocking stuffers for my family.  Every holiday season, my wife hangs stockings by...

Breaking Down the Yu-Gi-Oh December 1st, 2022 Forbidden and Limited List

Glad we finally got the DLC to the last list finally released. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here to discuss what is 99.99% most likely...

Marvel Snap Game Review – A New Digital CCG

Marvel Snap is a new Digital Collectible Card Game from Marvel Games and Second Dinner.  Marvel Snap is a fun, quick, strategic card battler. ...

Yu-Gi-Oh Magnificent Mavens – What You Should Know

Well this is going to be magnificent. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here to go over and tell you what you need to know about...

Naruto Shippuden Yahtzee Review

"YAHTZEE: Naruto Shippuden" is a new Yahtzee product from USAOPOLY, Viz Media and Hasbro.  Yahtzee is the most popular dice game in the world, with...

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