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Challengers! Beach Cup Card Game Review

Surf's Up for Deck-Building Brawls in Challengers! Beach Cup! Calling all duelists! Get ready to Shred the Gnar with Challengers! Beach Cup, the sequel to...

What Lies Beneath: A Gameplay-Free Review of Lost Caverns of Ixalan

You've probably heard of the concept or trope that people name "Planet of Hats". In a story that only takes place on one planet,...

Flamecraft Board Game Review

In the realm of Flamecraft, dragons aren’t the menacing, gold-hoarding creatures we typically see in movies. Instead, they’re small, friendly artisans who use their...

Elemental Stones Board Game Review

Elemental Stones is a new board game from Paizo publishing.  Elemental Stones has a Pathfinder world theme, but you do not need to know...

Real VR Fishing Review: A Reel Escape on the Meta Quest

"Real VR Fishing" offers a fantastic fishing experience, allowing players to use their motion controllers to cast their lines, reel in fish, and adjust...

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