Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Dragonkeepers Board Game Review – “Never laugh at live dragons”

"Never laugh at live dragons" - The Hobbit Dragonkeepers is a new set-collecting card game Kosmos games.  Dragonkeepers reminds of the very popular "Point...

Midsummer Nights Dreaming: A Gameplay-Free Review of Wilds of Eldraine

I spent years hoping and praying for an Arthurian set or block. There are sidelong references to Arthur as far back as Limited Edition...
Rise of the Floodborn,

Disney Lorcana coming to new Countries in 2024

RAVENSBURGER ANNOUNCES DISNEY LORCANA TRADING CARD GAME COMING TO 10 NEW COUNTRIES IN 2024 Italian Localization Planned for Third Set and Beyond; Additional Reprints Announced SEATTLE,...

Baneful’s Mac and Cheese Recipe

This is Baneful’s Column and I’m trying something new.  A cooking channel.  An idea I had several years ago, but just decided to do...

Manic Mechanics Review – 4-Player Couch Co-Op (Nintendo Switch)

Manic Mechanics is a new chaotic couch co-op from 4j Studios.  4j Studios is known for porting Minecraft to consoles and handheld platforms.  Manic...

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