Monday, February 19, 2018

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Gyze Is A Cardboard Can Of Worms – Cardfight Vanguard

If you haven't heard of the Hawk-Dove principle, strap in. Your head will hurt. I wasn't around to watch Bushiroad's stream when Gyze was announced....

[Yu-Gi-Oh] Meta Diversity is Overrated

Players often lament formats having only 1 or 2 competitive decks and diversity is generally hailed as an inherently good thing.  But it’s not...

An Introduction to Pojo “Top X” Pokemon Countdowns

One of the things we enjoy here at is counting down lists of cards. While we didn't start out doing such countdowns, they...
Dragwizard, Babd

The Trigger Trap: Skills Stamped On

People often forget that triggers ought to be run for the type of trigger they are. Okay, I caved. About a month ago I finally...
Darkrai Prism Star

New(ish) Rules & Mechanics From Pokemon SM – Ultra Prism

With the release of SM - Ultra Prism, some new mechanics have been introduced to the Pokémon TCG. At least, they are sort of...

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