Harry Potter Spell List

We think we have all the spells, charms, enchantments, curses, jinxes and all the other incantations.

Incantation Type Resulting Effect
Accio Charm Summons an object
Aguamenti Charm Shoots water from wand.
Alohomora Charm Opens locked objects
Anapneo Spell Clears the target’s airway.
Aparecium Spell Reveals invisible ink
Avada Kedavra Curse Murders opponent Unforgivable
Avifors Charm Turns small objects into birds
Avis Spell Launches birds from your wand
Cave Inimicum Spell Strengthen an enclosure from enemies
Colloportus Spell Magically locks door
Confringo Curse Explode Flames on target
Confundus Charm Used to confuse opponent
Conjunctivitis Curse Damages opponents eyesight
Crucio Curse Tortures opponent Unforgivable
Defodio Spell Dig out materials
Deletrius Spell Counters “Prior Incatato”
Densaugeo Spell Enlarges Teeth
Deprimo Spell Wind Damaging Spell
Diffindo Spell Splits seams
Dissendium Spell Opens “One eyed witch” hump
Duro Spell Makes Objects Hard
Engorgio Charm Enlarges and item
Ennervate Spell Counters Stupefy
Episkey Spell Heals minor injuries
Erecto Spell Erects things
Expecto Patronum Charm Creates a Patronus
Expelliarmus Charm Disarms your opponent
Expulso Spell Makes Objects Explode
Ferula Spell Creates bandages
Fidelius Charm Hides a secret within someone
Finite Incantatum Spell Stops any current spells
Flagrate Spell Allows user to write on objects
Flipendo Jinx Knocks an object backwards
Fumos Spell A defensive cloud of smoke
Furnunculus Curse Produces boils on opponent
Geminio Spell Duplicates an Object
Glisseo Spell Turns stairs into ramps
Homenum Revelio Spell Reveals humans nearby
Homorphus Charm Lockhart’s Werewolf “cure”
Immobulus Charm Renders target immobile.
Impedimenta Charm Slows an advancing object
Imperio Curse Controls a person Unforgivable
Impervius Charm Makes an object repel water
Incarcerous Spell Ties someone up
Incendio Spell Starts a fire
Langlock Spell Glues opponent’s tongue to roof of mouth
Legilimens Spell Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
Levicorpus Spell Hangs victim upside down by feet
Liberacorpus Spell Counterspell
Locomotor Mortis Curse Locks opponents legs
Lumos Spell Creates light at wand tip
Meteolojinx Recanto Spell Causes weather effect spells to stop
Mobiliarbus Charm Moves objects with wand
Mobilicorpus Spell Moves unconscious bodies
Morsmorde Spell Conjures the Dark Mark
Muffliato Spell Prevents nearby people from listening to conversations
Nox Spell Counter to Lumos
Obliviate Charm Erases memories
Obscuro Spell Blindfolds the victim
Oppugno Spell Makes conjured items attack
Orchideous Spell Conjures a bunch of flowers
Pack Spell Packs a trunk (suitcase)
Peskipiksi Pesternomi Spell Removes Pixies (maybe)
Petrificus Totalus Spell Body – Bind
Piertotum Locomotor Spell Animates statues and armor suits
Point Me Charm Wand acts like a compass
Priori Incantatum Spell Result when brother wands duel
Prior Incantato Spell Reveals a wands last spell / cast
Protego Charm Cause spells to reflect back to the sender.
Protego Horribilis Spell Protects one from Dark Magic
Protego Totalum Spell Area Protection Spell
Quietus Spell Counter spell for Sonorus
Reducio Spell Returns items to original size. Counters Engorgio
Reducto Spell Blasts solid objects aside
Relashio Spell Releases user from binding
Rennervate Spell Cures unconsciousness
Reparo Spell Repairs Things
Repello Muggletum Spell Keeps Muggles away
Rictusempra Charm Tickles opponent
Riddikulus Spell Use this spell and laugh to defeat a boggart
Salvio Hexia Spell Protection against hexes
Scruge Charm Destroys ectoplasm (remains of ghosts)
Sectumsempra Spell Causes wounds as if slashed by a sword
Serpensortia Spell Produces Snake
Silencio Spell Silences victim
Sonorus Spell Amplifies voice
Specialis Revelio Spell Reveals Hidden secrets or magical properties
Stupefy Spell Knocks out opponent
Tarantallegra Spell Forces opponent to dance
Tergeo Spell Cleans up messes
Waddiwasi Spell Unsticks an object
Wingardium Leviosa Charm Makes on object fly