Harry Potter Spell List – All Spells On One Page!

Harry Potter Spells, Charms, Hexes, Curses, Jinxes and Enchantments

We believe we have all the Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts spells, charms, enchantments, curses, jinxes and other incantations.  These are spells specifically mentioned in books, movies, video games, phone games and/or the Trading Card Game (TCG).  Updated through Crimes of Grindelwald and Harry Potter Wizards Unite (July 2019).

Incantation Type Resulting Effect
Aberto Charm Opens objects
Accio Charm Summons an object
Age Line Enchantment Hides things from younger people
Aguamenti Charm Shoots water from wand.
Alarte Ascendare Spell Shoots things high in the air
Alohomora Charm Opens locked objects
Anapneo Spell Clears the target’s airway.
Anteoculatia Hex Turns head hair into antlers
Anti-Cheating Spell Prevents Cheating on Exams
Aparecium Spell Reveals invisible ink
Apparate Spell Teleportation Spell
Appare Vestigium Spell Shows traces of recently used spells in the area
Arania Exumai Spell Blasts away Spiders
Aqua Eructo Spell Shoots water from wand
Arresto Momentum Spell Slows down objects
Ascendio Spell Moves an object upward
Avada Kedavra Curse Murders opponent – Unforgivable
Avenseguim Curse Tracking Spell 
Avifors Charm Turns small objects into birds
Avis Spell Launches birds from your wand
Babbling Curse  Curse Makes a person babble
Baubillious Spell Damages Opponent or Creatures (TCG)
Bluebell Flames Spell Shoots blue flames at opponent (TCG)
Bombarda Spell Causes explosions
Bombarda Maxima Spell Causes Large Explosions
Bubble Head  Charm Puts a persons head in a protective air bubble
Calvario Spell Causes Hair Loss (Lego Video Games)
Cantis Spell Forces a person to sing (Lego Video Games)
Carpe Retractum  Spell Shoots a rope from wand to snag things
Cascading  Jinx Damages opponents (Video Games)
Caterwauling Charm Detects enemies and emits a scream
Cave Inimicum Charm Detects enemies and emits an alarm
Cheering Charm Makes a person happy and giddy 
Cistem Aperio Spell Opens things
Colloportus Spell Locks Doors
Colloshoo Spell Makes a person’s shoes stick to the ground
Colovaria Charm Makes an object change color
Combat Bolt Spell Shoots a Bolt of energy (Wizards United Game)
Confringo Curse Explode Flames on target
Confundus Charm Used to confuse opponent
Conjunctivitis Curse Damages opponents eyesight
Cornflake Skin Curse Give a person cereal skin
Crucio Curse Tortures opponent – Unforgivable
Cushioning Charm Helps cushion a fall
Defodio Spell Dig out materials
Deletrius Spell Counters “Prior Incatato”
Densaugeo Spell Enlarges Teeth
Deprimo Spell Wind Damaging Spell
Depulso  Charm Drives an object away
Descendo Spell Moves an object downwards
Diffindo Spell Splits seams
Diminuendo Spell Shrinks the target
Dissendium Spell Opens passageways
Disillusionment  Charm Makes the target blend in to the surroundings
Duro Spell Makes Objects Hard
Draconifors Spell Turns target into a dragon (video games)
Drought  Charm Dries up puddles
Ducklifors  Spell Turns things into ducks (video games)
Ears to Kumquats Spell Give a person kumquat ears
Ear Shriveling  Curse Cause a person’s ears to shrivel
Ebublio  Jinx Puts an object in a large bubble (video games)
Engorgio Charm Enlarges and item
Engorgio Skullus Hex Engorges a skull (video games)
Ennervate  Spell Counters Stupefy
Entomorphis Hex Makes target an insect (Lego video games)
Entrail-Expelling  Curse Expel entrails from a body
Episkey Spell Heals minor injuries
Epoximise Spell  Binds objects together 
Erecto Spell Builds things
Evanesce Spell Makes things disappear (Trading card game)
Evanesco  Spell Makes things vanish
Everte Statum Spell Throws a victim backwards
Expecto Patronum Charm Creates a Patronus – A Defensive Guardian
Expelliarmus Charm Disarms your opponent
Expulso Spell Makes Objects Explode
Extinguishing Spell Puts out fires
Ferula Spell Creates bandages
Fianto Duri Charm Defensive Charm
Fidelius Charm Hides a secret within someone
Fiendfyre Curse Difficult to control, large fire curse – Dark Magic
Finestra  Spell Turns windows to dust
Finite Spell Finishes spells in the casters area
Finite Incantatum Spell Stops any current spells
Flagrante  Curse Multiplies and burns objects upon touch
Flagrate Spell Allows user to write on objects
Flame Freezing Charm Makes flames cool
Flipendo Jinx Knocks an object backwards
Flipendo Duo Jinx More Powerful Jinx than Flipendo
Flipendo Tria Jinx A tornado-like jinx (Video Games)
Flying Charm Makes objects fly
Fumos Spell A defensive cloud of smoke
Furnunculus Curse Produces boils on opponent
Geminio Spell Duplicates an Object
Glacius Spell Freezing Spell (Video Games)
Glacius Tria Spell More power than Glacius (Video Games)
Glisseo Spell Turns stairs into ramps
Gripping  Charm Makes it easier to hold things
Harmonia Nectere Passus Spell Mends broken things
Herbifors  Spell Makes a person grow flowers (Lego Videogames)
Herbivicus  Charm Makes plants grow faster (Video games)
Homenum Revelio Spell Reveals humans nearby
Homonculous  Charm Lets a person track others movements on a map
Homorphus Charm Lockhart’s Werewolf “cure”
Horcrux Curse Allows a wizard to put his soul into an object
Illegibilus Spell Makes text unreadable
Immobulus Charm Renders target immobile
Impedimenta Charm Slows an advancing object
Imperio Curse Controls a person – Unforgivable
Impervius Charm Makes an object repel water
Incarcerous Spell Ties someone up
Incendio Spell Starts a fire
Incendio Duo Spell Stronger version of Incendio (Video Games)
Incendio Tria Spell Even stronger than Incendio Duo (Video Games)
Inflatus Spell Inflates objects (video games)
Informous  Spell Gives caster information on beasts (Videogames)
Lacarnum Inflamarae Spell Shoots a fireball from caster’s wand
Langlock Spell Glues opponent’s tongue to roof of mouth
Lapifors Spell Turns target into a rabbit (video games0
Legilimens Spell Allows the caster to read minds of victims
Levicorpus Spell Hangs victim upside down by feet
Liberacorpus Spell Counterspell
Locomotor Mortis Curse Locks opponents legs
Lumos Spell Creates light at wand tip
Lumos Duo Spell Stronger version of Lumos (Video games)
Lumos Maxima Spell Creates a Ball of Light that can brighten a room for a long period time
Lumos Solem Spell Creates a strong beam of light from the wand
Maledictus Curse Human can shapeshift into a snake, but one day won’t be able to shift back into human form
Magicus Extremos Spell Makes spells stronger (video game)
Melofors Jinx Gives someone a pumpkin head (video games)
Meteolojinx Recanto Spell Causes weather effect spells to stop
Mimblewimble Curse Tongue Ties it’s victim
Mobiliarbus Charm Moves objects with wand
Mobilicorpus Spell Moves unconscious bodies
Morsmorde Spell Conjures the Dark Mark
Muffliato Spell Prevents nearby people from listening to conversations
Multicorfors  Spell Changes colors of objects (Lego Video Games)
Nebulus Spell Creates dense fog for many blocks
Nox Spell Counter to Lumos – turns off lights
Oculus Reparo Spell Repairs Eyeglasses
Obliteration Charm Removes things like footprints
Obliviate Charm Erases memories
Obscuro Spell Blindfolds the victim
Oppugno Spell Makes conjured items attack
Orbis  Jinx Sticks the target into the ground (video games)
Orchideous Spell Conjures a bunch of flowers
Pack Spell Packs a trunk (suitcase)
Partis Temporus Spell causes a gap in charmed barriers
Periculum Spell Makes fireworks from the wand tip
Permanent Sticking Charm Causes items to permanently stick to things
Peskipiksi Pesternomi Spell Removes Pixies (maybe)
Petrificus Totalus Spell Body – Bind
Piertotum Locomotor Spell Animates statues and armor suits
Point Me Charm Wand acts like a compass
Portus Charm Makes an object a Portkey for traveling 
Priori Incantatem Spell Result when brother wands duel, the loser’s wand shows all spells it recently cast
Prior Incantato Spell Reveals a wands last spell / cast
Protego Charm Cause spells to reflect back to the sender.
Protego Diabolica Charm Creates “Black Fire” – Protective Fire
Protego Horribilis Charm Protects one from Dark Magic
Protego Maxima Charm More powerful version of Protego Horribilis
Protego Totalum Charm Area Protection Spell
Quietus Spell Counter spell for Sonorus
Redactum Skullus Hex Shrinks Heads (Lego Video Games)
Reducio Spell Returns items to original size. Counters Engorgio
Reducto Spell Blasts solid objects aside
Relashio Spell Releases user from binding
Rennervate Spell Cures unconsciousness
Reparo Spell Repairs Things
Repello Muggletum Charm Keeps Muggles away
Repello Inimicum Charm Keeps evil beings away. Wide Area Protection
Revelio Spell Reveals Hidden objects
Rictusempra Charm Tickles opponent
Riddikulus Spell Use this spell and laugh to defeat a boggart
Salvio Hexia Spell Protection against hexes
Scourgify Charm A Cleaning Charm
Scurge Charm Destroys the remains of ghosts (Video Games)
Sectumsempra Spell Causes wounds, as if slashed by a sword
Serpensortia Spell Produces Snake
Silencio Spell Silences victim
Slugulus Eructo Charm Makes victim vomit up slugs
Sonorus Spell Amplifies voice
Specialis Revelio Spell Reveals Hidden secrets or magical properties
Spongify Charm Softens things (Video Games and Card Game)
Steleus Hex Makes victim sneeze for a period (video games)
Stinging Jinx Jinx Makes victim feel stinging and get a rash
Stupefy Spell Knocks out opponent
Surgito Spell Removes a Love Enchantment from someone
Switching Spell Spell Switches objects
Tarantallegra Spell Forces opponent to dance
Tentaclifors Jinx Gives victim a tentacle head (Lego Video Games)
Tergeo Spell Cleans up messes
Titillando  Hex Tickles target and weakens (Card Game)
Transmogrify Spell Deforms the body of the target (Card Game)
Unbreakable Vow Spell If you break the vow you make, you die
Ventus Spell Shoots a gust of hurricane force wind from wand
Ventus Duo Spell Stronger than Ventus
Vera Verto Spell turns animals into water
Verdillious Spell Causes wand damage foe (Trading Card Game)
Vermillious Charm Causes wand damage foe (Trading Card Game)
Verdimillious Spell Reveals objects and damages (Video Games)
Verdimillious Duo Spell More powerful than Verdimillious 
Vipera Evanesca Spell Makes Snakes Vanish
Vulnera Sanentur Spell Heals victims
Waddiwasi Spell Unsticks an object
Wingardium Leviosa Charm Makes on object fly