Budget Gaming PC Build for $400!

You can make this gaming PC for under $500

Ryzen 3 2200G offers a good CPU, integrated graphics that are much better than Intel’s and a cooler that isn’t bad for only $100.  With graphics card prices still very high, this build offers a solid entry-level gaming PC at around $400.  The integrated GPU is almost as powerful as a PS4 (it should run modern games smoothly at 1080p with lowish settings), but the CPU power is much faster than any console’s.  However, this build offers advantages a console doesn’t.  Fast SSD storage.  The ability to use this as a computer to do anything you want (not just game and stream).  Also, the ability to upgrade.  Down the road, when GPU’s get cheaper, you can add a powerful graphics card and use this to game at 4K.  http://www.fractal-design.com/media/8d57f70b-2c57-43e4-ac41-8febde550a59