Friday, May 7, 2021
Volcanion EX - Steam Siege

Finishing what’s left: Pokemon Cards Lost to Rotation 2018 (#’s 17 to 25)

The remaining 9 cards from cards lost to rotation 2018 (side reviews) 17th: Regirock-EX This card took first place in the top 10 cards of XY Fates Collide. It was used for its ability called Regi...

Judge – SM Forbidden Light

Ratings: Standard: 4/5 Expanded: 3.5/5 Limited: 5/5 Legacy: 3.5/5 Hello readers! Vince here with another late card review. Well, not too late actually, as a card that I’m about to look at just received another printing. In that case,...

Personal Top 10 Cards from BW Noble Victories!

We’re here on another personal Top 10 cards from Black and White Noble Victories! As usual, enjoy a trip down memory lane when looking at cards that did very well in its own time,...

Personal Top 10 Cards from Pokemon Black & White!

Hello readers! Vince here, and I’m going to compile a personal list of what I think are the best cards of the Black & White Base Set! The Pojo crew starting doing top 10...

Top X Pokemon Cards Lost to Rotation: A General Explanation

This is a follow-up to a previous article you will find here. Reading it before reading this article isn't essential, but it will make things a little clearer.  I hadn't planned on doing this...
Kecleon - Rising Rivals

Kecleon Platinum Rising Rivals – Late Card Review

Before you start reading, I just want to warn that this is probably one of my longest review that I have on a card.  If for some reason you are busy with something else,...

Monthly Format Analysis – May, 2018 – Pokemon

Hey everyone, this is my first PTCG analysis here on Pojo and I’m very excited to begin a new series of articles for you to enjoy! In these articles, I will review the previous...

Frequently Asked Questions about Pojo’s Card of the Day [Podcast]

I shed some light on this wonderful 15 year tradition that has been the foundation of Pojo, and answer many of the questions long-time readers may want to know about the COTD and the...

Pokemon Deck and Card Analysis Feb 17 through Apr 14

I published a previous analysis here on the composition of the best decks in the meta, and I'm continuing that analysis in this posting.  That analysis looked at the first month of the meta...
Professor Sycamore

Professor Sycamore – Influential Card About To Be Rotated Soon.

Professor Sycamore is the card that I picked as the most influential card lost to rotation. I guess I can include Professor Juniper as well since she does the same thing even though she...