Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl Double Pack
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl Double Pack

Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl PokeRadar Tips

by ShineyAltaria (Shiney) 12/01/2021

Source credits and thanks:
u/Ephenia Reddit (Guide)
Serebii BD/SP PokeRadar page & Dex
ChAndrious Twitch (reviewer)
and special thanks to Pojo!

Hello friends, it’s great to be back here at Pojo and writing again!

My tips assume a basic familiarity with the BD/SP PokeRadar. I spent 8 -10 hours over Thanksgiving weekend user-testing the new PokeRadar mechanics and independently found everything in the following guide that I had tested to be accurate.  Here is a link to the Reddit Guide.  

Originally, I intended to just update the PokeRadar Pojo guide for BD/SP, but our friends at Reddit did a terrific job putting all of the basics into a clear and concise how-to. So I decided to write these tips to complement it.

I have found 5 uses for the PokeRadar

1 Chaining for shinies
2 Encountering hidden ability and higher quality IV pokemon
3 Encountering PokeRadar exclusive pokemon
4 Stealing wild hold items
5 Chain Hatching

Most tips concentrate on chaining shinies. I may add more content for the encounters in the future.

To post comments, suggestions, corrections, and for general shiny discussion, here is a link to Pojo’s BD/SP PokeRadar discussion thread:


I look forward to seeing you there!

Got tips? Shiney

– – Shiney’s BD/SP PokeRadar Tips – – 

Eight Tips before you start chaining

1 Read the Guide if you haven’t already. Register PokeRadar as your only shortcut
2 Turn off battle animation – optionally turn off autosave (i do to save balls and max repels on a long break)
3 Catch your target species to see what moves they know and at which levels.
4 Chose your radar lead and support(s) accordingly
5 Plan what you will need. A master ball? Empty boxes? Supplies for a long chain?
6 Keep your repels at the top of your items pocket.
7 Pick a time when you’ll have no distractions or interruptions. You can take a break from chaining any time you want by letting the Switch Sleep. Plug it in and be sure to do it at a point where you’ll remember exactly what to do on return.
8 If you are trying to get a long chain to catch multiple shinies, I like to have about
300 max repels and 150-200 balls. Also stock as many Leppa (restores PP) + Sitrus (restores HP) + Lum (heal all) berries as you can grow, or spend money.

Two Tips to make money quickly for Supplies

1 Here is how to make $60,000 for supplies in just 2 or 3 battles:
Fly to Hearthome. Just outside the Mansion (to the west) are Gentleman Jeremy
and Madame Reina, close to the Aspear/Sitrus berries. Battle them repeatedly using the VS Seeker. After the Heatran event, one will have a LV 60 Chatot and the other
a Lv 60 Roselia. Each win with an amulet coin will net you $24,000. So that’s $48k right there. Then there is another pair of trainers just before entering the mansion. Fight them for another $12k or so, then go shopping.
2 Any pokemon that learns Payday can earn you $ at the same time you are chaining, 10 x Lv with amulet for each use, so the higher the level the greater the payday money. Got Level 100 Payday?

Four things to consider when selecting your Radar Team

1 Your radar team only needs a lead pokemon and 1 or 2 supports – not 6 pokemon.
2 A good lead will have high PP moves for attack, a recovery move or item,
be resistant/unaffected by the target’s moves/ability, possibly have a helpful ability, and always be strong enough to handle the target.
3 The lead pokemon’s level is important. So far in my testing the pokemon being chained is the species that breaks the chain. But I remember from the previous radars that if free in the wild, both Cresselia & Mespirit can break your chain if your lead pokemon is not a higher level than them. I assume this is still the case.
4 Certain abilities enhance radaring. Static may help build higher chains of electric type pokemon. Use it in the lead position. A pokemon with the synchronize ability raises the chances of getting the same Nature. So if you want a modest shiny, have a modest pokemon with sync to lead or switch in before stepping on the shiny tile.

Four more examples of move/ability considerations:

1 Your target has teleport? Have shadow tag/arena trap ability to prevent escape.
2 Ghost types? They’re immune to false swipe which is a great attack for a lead, so plan a different strategy with moves that will lower HP without fainting and use combo attacks like confuse ray with thunder wave (para-fusion.)
3 Higher level pokemon? These may have recoil moves – you don’t want to false swipe only to have it takedown and faint.
4 Explosion! I had a shiny Graveler explode on me once. Got Damp?
So consider everything about your target’s type, moves, and abilities in developing your team strategy and you’ll be able to select the best lead/support pokemon to implement it. Have who and what you’ll need before you start.

Three sample leads/supports

1 Fearow @ leftovers/lum
– drill peck 20 PP
-false swipe 40 PP
– thief 25 PP
-roost 10 PP
This versatile move set can also use Thief to steal wild hold items.

2 Golbat @ black sludge (recovery)
– mean look/hypnosis
– confuse ray
– high PP poison/flying stab move
– u-turn for swapping

3 Pachirisu @ leftovers/lum
-sweet kiss
-thunder wave
-quick attack
-spark/thunderbolt for stab attack depending on your target’s level

Here is an example:

The goal is not to chain to 40, just steal a lucky egg from Chansey.
Using a team of only the Pachirisu and Fearow above, I got a chain of 22 Chansey. No lucky Egg. That’s chaining. My plan was simply to have Pachirisu in lead thunder wave and then switch to Fearow for false swipe and repeat ball.

Five Tips for while your chain is active

1 During testing I only observed 3 tile set configurations (small grass – big grass):
4-0, 3-1, and only once a 2-2, so that is what you can expect for the sets while chaining, plus the shiny patch itself which sparkles like diamonds.
2 Your first step must never be North if you do not see all 4 rustling tiles. Your character’s head blocks the view of that tile. If you step on it without seeing that it rustled you risk breaking the chain.
3 As soon as your repel runs out do not move at all. Repel again before doing anything. Don’t even turn to face a different direction as you may set off an encounter with a wild non-radar pokemon under your feet and bust your chain.
4 Stalking is reseting the radar without stepping on any of the four tiles in order to get a better set. Forty is max best odds, so stop there!!!! Only stalk until you get the next shiny grass, then continue stalking to get more shinies from the same chain until it breaks. Your 41rst chain and every chain afterwards should be another shiny. Be patient. Each time. That’s why you have 300 max repels!!!
5 When a tile spawns under your feet, if you turn in place, it will set off an encounter with the pokemon directly under you. Walk safely away instead.

Chain Hatching

Have a flame body or magma armor pokemon plus several eggs while you chain and you’ll be what I call Chain Hatching. With Box access from the field and free party slots this is multi-tasking with the radar. Hatching an egg does not break your chain, so consider this as long as it is not distracting from your main goal.

You cannot leave the radar area while it is active, so have a box of eggs ready to switch between Party and Box before you start. Turn nicknames off. The Poketch has a counter displaying your Daycare pokemon and egg, if ready. You have the option to Fly there after your chain breaks if you see a new egg. Chain hatching sounds better than riding the bike in circles or lines while waiting, don’t you think?

A note about Chain Auto-Start Failures:

I actually thought this was a glitch! My testing indicates that the chain start failures are random. They happened under every testing scenario I used including: running away beforehand, repeated multiple failures in a row before a chain, failures with or without catching the pokemon, failures in every area I tried regardless of size, at all times of day/night, for all species, etc.,

What does this mean? For BD/SP, you can no longer reliably start a chain with your intended target 100%. So if you are trying to chain a low percentage encountered pokemon, you may finally encounter it only to experience the failure. At a minimum it means potentially a lot more searching, to not only find your target, but to have the radar actually fire and start the chain when needed.

To post comments, suggestions, corrections, and for general shiny discussion, here is a link to Pojo’s BD/SP PokeRadar discussion thread:


I look forward to seeing you there!

Got tips? Shiney