Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Improving Microsoft Word

Pound for pound, I will admit that there is not an office document application out there which is more fully featured than MS Word....
DDR4 Ripjaw Ram

Frequently Asked Questions About RAM

What does RAM do? RAM is temporary storage.  It is used to help multi-tasking and apps which otherwise do a lot of things at once. Will...

Tips for Buying XLR Cables (for Microphones)

  Will an expensive XLR cable offer better sound quality than a cheap one? No. Should I buy the cheapest possible XLR cable then? Probably not.  Durability and...

Why Linux Never Took Off

Linux has been a great free operating system for open-source programmers, scientists in certain industries, supercomputers and for the most tech-savvy.  However, for the...
Android Screenshot

Clean Minimalist Android Interface

Baneful's Galaxy S8 Home Screen w/ Evie Launcher I have to credit iOS for having a clean and simple interface.  Android is far more customizable...

Audio Interface Review: Scarlett Focusrite

The Scarlett Focusrite is one of the most commonly recommended Audio Interfaces recommended for beginners doing music and/or other audio work.  After owning it...

Shure SM57 Microphone Review

This is an audio review to demonstrate the overall sound of the microphone.  For those who are curious, yes the SM57 mostly similar to...
Nvidia K1

Tips for Buying A Tablet

This article will be much simpler than my laptop article because tablets serve a simpler purpose.  They are the middle between the portability of...

CPU Comparison: i3 vs i5 vs i7 Processors

Years ago, Intel made the i3, i5 and i7 names to help consumers compare and stratify the CPU's in a simple way.  However, as...

Dirt Cheap PC Build (2018)

This article is for those who want to build a PC on a limited budget of $300.  This build would be a great productivity/school/work...