Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Nintendo Switch – What Memory Card Should You Get in 2022?

You've got your hands on a Nintendo Switch, and now you're wondering what accessories you need.  The Switch accessories are pretty expensive, so you...

Boosting Battery and Performance on Android

After seeing numerous friends try to nurse a slow phone and low battery by deleting a bunch of inconsequential apps and downloading a ineffective...

Overclocking Your Monitor

I'm a bit surprised that this is not common knowledge, but it is possible to overclock a monitor to improve its resolution or frame...

Avoiding The Overkill Consumer Culture in PC Building

Part of the reason why I make guides on PC building is because many forums and Youtube channels online are full of enthusiasts advising...
EVGA 750 GOLD Semi Modular Power Supply

[PC Building] How many watts should a Power Supply have? (Audio)

How many watts should a Power Supply have? (Audio)

9 Myths About Bitcoin

I have observed the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in general for years and view it as remarkably stable.  Though, I can definitely understand the...

PC and Mac Aren’t All That Different!

As someone who owns a Macbook Pro laptop, a Windows desktop and an Android smartphone, I'm about as non-partisan as it gets.  For this...
BenQ Gaming Monitor

Guide to Frame Rates, Resolution and Monitors

What is Frame Rate? Frame rate is how many frames per second (fps) are being displayed on the screen.  Movies run at 24 fps, console...
Nvidia K1

Tips for Buying A Tablet

This article will be much simpler than my laptop article because tablets serve a simpler purpose.  They are the middle between the portability of...

Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPU’s

Specs Additionally useful information: * All use Intel's UHD 630 integrated graphics * All support HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2.  * They must be paired with DDR4...