Thursday, July 7, 2022
Asus Gaming Motherboard

A Guide to Buying Motherboards

When building a PC, the motherboard is the choice which leaves the most room for error.  Your other parts all need to be compatible...

PC Repair Diagnostics

This article is a set of tips for those who cannot get their computer to turn on (or otherwise cannot get the image onto...

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Speed

The most ideal way to get fast internet is to plug an Ethernet cable from your router into your computer.  However, for those who...

Tips for Building a Productivity PC

I'll define a productivity PC as a machine built for web browsing, Microsoft Office and services like Skype.  These PC's can be used for...
Rosewill ATX Tower Gaming Computer Case

Tips for Building a Great Gaming PC

For this article, I assume a common budget of $500-1000 and the main purpose of your intended PC build to be optimal gaming performance. ...

Is Gaming at Ultra Settings Worth It?

Ultra settings offer significantly diminished returns (offering very little visual benefit in exchange for more demands on your system's performance).  I only recommend Ultra...
Thermaltake Core V1 Black Edition SPCC Mini ITX Cube Computer Chassis

Tips for Building a Compact PC

Define how small If you want a PC tiny enough to easily carry around in one hand, it is possible, but you will need to...
DDR4 Ripjaw Ram

Frequently Asked Questions About RAM

What does RAM do? RAM is temporary storage.  It is used to help multi-tasking and apps which otherwise do a lot of things at once. Will...
Power Supply

Guide to Buying a PC Power Supply

  What is the best bang-for-buck price range? $50-60 (give or take). Can I get away with buying the cheapest power supply? Maybe, but wouldn't do it.  The...

Which PC Parts Retain Their Value?

Some may caution against building a PC because an expensive PC will lose its value in a couple of years once it becomes obsolete. ...