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Pojo's Magic:The Gathering

Tuesday, March 6th, 2001

     Aaron has turned in his IBC Deck of the Week.  This week he looks at a G/W deck called Panthers, Nishobi, & Bears (oh my!).  

     I'm cutting straight to the chase - we have LOTS of stuff on tap for today.

  • It's becoming a daily ritual - another Better Tomes & Goblins where today Kevin tinkers with, well, Type 1.x Tinker.
  • Check out The Plaque, a new deck by Scott Arko in the Strategy Guide section.
  • Jason Imperiale finished first in a Seldon, NY JSS qualifier with is Nether Go deck.  Check out his full report here.
  • 5 New Single Card Strategies were added.  Some people have requested that the authors of these please add spoilers to the top of them, and that sounds like a fair request, so please do this - that way everyone knows the card you are talking about.
  • Just a few more hours left in the trivia question!  Look under Sunday for it - if you don't enter, you can't win!

Monday, March 5th, 2001

     Well, it's Monday again and we're back to the grind.  Well, we have no problem with that.  There is plenty of stuff to post for the day.

  • Speaking The Monday Grind, we now have current California State Champion John "Nev" Balla on staff for us writing in his new weekly column.  His first article is entitiled The Next Fischer.  Check it out!
  • DeQuan Watson held another of his now famous Cash Tournaments at the Game Closet in Waco, TX this last weekend, and now he gives us The Winning Decks from that tournament - this is one of your first looks at what is doing well in Planeshift.
  • Dark Jade Dragon gives us their opinions on Domain decks.
  • Kevin is back at it again with Better Tomes & Goblins!  Today he fixes a W/G Beats deck.
  • Another Single Card Strategy, this time about Frenzied Tilling.

That should keep ya busy for a while.  Don't forget the trivia question below!

Sunday, March 4th, 2001

     Weekends people sure do keep busy, eh?  Tournaments and general relaxing seem to be the primary things to do today.  So, not much gets done here either.  We posted another Better Tomes & Goblins, so check it out!

Trivia Question!!!

     I feel like giving something away, so here goes - a trivia question.  I'm gonna give something away, but don't know what yet.  It's not gonna be anything your friends are going to oh and ah about, but why not.  Entries are due by Tuesday night at 10pm West Coast time, so this gives everyone about 2 days to answer.  I will post the names of all the people who correctly answer, and one will get something mailed to them.  Mail answers to MagicWebmaster@pojo.com.  Here it is:

     How many different names have Magic booster packs been produced under?  I am looking for the names that exist on packages of Magic cards.  They must be booster packs only.  English names only.  

If you can list them all in addition to giving a number, you get special kudos.  Good luck!  

Saturday, March 3rd, 2001

     Well, it's the weekend and another tournament day for everyone - even me.  So, that will explain the quick update, eh?  Well, just wanted to give ya something quick to read for the day, so let's try installement number 4 of Biographies with Miguel Caron.  Today, Miguel talks a bit about Hanna & Karn.

     Kevin is back again with another fix in his Deck Garage today.  The owner of the ever-active Better Tomes & Goblins takes a swing at fixing the old Sleeper deck from the Urza Saga precons.

Friday, March 2nd, 2001

     Just running through a quick update for a hectic day, we added another Single Card Strategy as well as Part 3 of Getting Started in Magic:The Gathering by Evil Blue Mage.  Check out his report, then write him and tell him what you think of it!  He told me he wants to hear more feedback!

     More to come!!!

Thursday, March 1st, 2001

     We now have a Single Card Strategy section.  Check it out and send them in!  We have a bunch already.  Check them out!

     Ever have a day when you just want to rip your hair out (or whatever you have left of it)?  Yeah, guess it's human nature, right?  Well, we here at Pojo are here to help.  When life starts stressin' ya out, come to us for all the best in Magic:The Gathering news and strategy!  It's just the thing when you're looking to escape the "real" world.
     I want to thank everyone who has sent in a Single Card Strategy.  We have a few of those that will get posted a little later, but I don't want to flood you all at once, so I want to go straight to the meat and potatoes for now.

  • Over in the ever-active Better Tomes and Goblins, Kevin has a new look Garage, and 2 new fixes.  These are a couple doozies and you should definately check them out.
  • Well, our feature articles have kinda been going in the wrong order lately.  First, we get the extra Dragon's Den on Tuesday, and today we have the  Deck of the Week.  Seems Aaron has had to put in a little overtime at work, or just worked extra hard on his newest creation Cajun Cookin' 2.0.  All you IBC tech fans should check it out!

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

     Are you ready for some more Random Beatings?  Our expert on both beatings and randomness, Spike, gives his Two Cents About Planeshift this week.

     We have also added new Single Card Tips in the Strategy Guide.  We have one about Armadillo Cloak now, but we're waiting for more, so send them on in!

Tuesday, February 27, 2001 

     No, it's not Friday already, but DeQuan has given us a bonus edition of The Dragon's Den for Tuesday!  Today he talks about the Changing of the Guard and the effect that Planeshift will see on the tournament environment.  Definitely worth the read!

     We're looking for some Planeshift single card strategies right now.  If you have a card you like in Planeshift, or even Invasion, send it in at StrategyGuide@pojo.com.  We want to know what you think of the newer sets!

2/26/01 (8:55p PST)

     Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, but there was really nothing going on.  Unfortunately, not much going on today.  Come on, guys!  We need submissions!!!  Tournament reports, Strategy Articles, or just about anything Magic-related you want to write.  Here's what we've got for ya today.

Check it out and submit your articles - we're dying to hear what you have to say!  If you have any opinions or suggestions for me, you can always submit them to me at MagicWebmaster@pojo.com.  Thanks for coming!

2/24/01 (11:25p PST)

     Well, it's been a pretty lazy Saturday.  With everyone off at tournaments (like myself today), there hasn't been much going on.  We did get Thoughts of a Rogue by Joel Ruiz, though.  Today he looks at a new Type 2 deck, Lionheart, using a quite unusual combo from Planeshift.  Check it out!

2/23/01 (3:15p PST)

     We now have a 7th Edition Spoiler!!  Thanks to our friends at MagicPlayer.de for it.  It's available right here, so go see what's coming and going!

     There's just something wonderful, almost magical about Fridays.  It's a great day sitting around daydreaming about the weekend.  For a lot of you, it's all about getting your decks ready for tonight's Friday Night Magic as well as all the tournaments this weekend.  Heck, I know that's what I've been doing today - working on my deck for tonight.  When you do go to those tournaments, send us a tournament report and let us know!  In the meanwhile...

Plenty of stuff, and I'm waiting on more from you.  Send me articles, reports, and more, and we'll be sure to get it posted up here!

2/22/01 (9:45p PST)

     Another day, a whole boatload of info for ya!

2/21/01 (10:30p PST)

     It's Wednesday again, and that means it's time for some more Random Beatings!  This week, Spike looks at the issue of Rares vs. Commons and why rarity can be deceiving.

2/20/01 (11:50a PST)

     Some of you had noticed our message board has been having some problems.  Well, they have now been fixed, so feel free to head on it and post away!

2/20/01 (9:45a PST)

     Okay - back to normal.  Unfortunately, though, doing back to back updates within 12 hours doesn't leave a lot to post, but here's what we've got!

  • Aaron is back with his Deck of the Week.  Today he tackles IBC - Warp Wash v1.0.
  • Rogue Rift is working his garage again!  His latest fix he calls Phyrexian Infiltrator Blues.
  • FInally, Cantata offers us up his Multiplayer deck 5-Gate.  If you're into multiplayer games, this new deck heavily utilizes Planeshift and the new gating mechanism.

Thanks for coming again!

2/19/01 (10:00p PST)

     Seem to be rolling with the night updates as of late.  Well - at least until I get my sleep schedule normal again. 

  • DeQuan has once again sent us another wrap up from The Game Closet.  Read the results of his latest JSS Qualifier and see what's been winning!
  • Joel Ruiz sent us in his PTQ-Barcelona report.  Go give it a look.
  • Kevin Williams is just rolling along.  He's sent us another 2 decks for Better Tomes & Goblins, tacking Little Green Men and Forbidian today.
  • Finally, Joel Ruiz tells us about his Crushing Waters deck and why it wins.

Remember everyone - we'll take all sorts of submissions here.  Have a deck doing well?  Tell us about it!  Been to a tournament lately?  Give us a report!  Have a strategy article you wanna tell the whole world about?  Write it up!  Just feel like ranting?  We'll take those too!  Pojo.com is all about the readers - send us what you want to see on the site!  Thanks!

2/18/01 (11:25p PST)

     Well everything just kinda went funny today, so the update is rolling kinda late tonight.  It was a wild day at the PTQ yesterday.  I had a dismal 3-4 record while Pojo's own Christine Amaral made her first top 8 in a limited PTQ at 5-1-1 before hitting some bad luck in the quarterfinals (we're making her write the tournament report now. *evil grin*).  Anyway, enough of that.  Let's get to the stuff you're here for!

  • Miguel Caron starts a series of biographies of the main characters in the storyline.  Today he covers Urza and Gerrard.
  • Wally West gives us another tune up, this time it's a Nether-Go deck he tweaks.
  • Joel Ruiz fills us in on his New Type 2 Deadzone deck.
  • Finally, Kevin Williams goes to work on his garage.  Today, a couple good fixes for Better Tomes and Goblins - Slither and Alexi's Tricks.  Check them out

As usual, we've got a bunch going on.  More to come real soon!

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