Urza & Gerrard
by Miguel Caron

Urza Planeswalker

Urza is about the closest thing that the Magic:The Gathering storyline has to a main character...aside from Gerrard Capashen.

His demeanor is that of arrogance and impulsiveness...however..he is a master artificer,able to create almost any sort of machine he desires,his devotion to this craft far greater than any other,with his genius and painstaking ability to plan ahead only surpassing this ability.

Urza is unlike most others,having the ability to pass between planes of reality in which the Magic world lays,those with this power are almost always referred to as Planeswalkers.The only other things that can pass though the planes of Magic are the great skyship Weatherlight...and small devices which can open portals through the planes.

Urza played an important role in one of the earliest stories in Magic:The Gathering...The Borther's War.This war was between Urza and his brother,Mishra...who was corrupted by Phyrexia...making a sick twisted version of what he once was.The two fought over the land of Argoth and Dominia...each using their incredibly genius and skill in artificery to create great war machines to do combat against one another until one would finally give.Unfortunately,their war left Argoth and Dominia in a ragged condition...worn from battle and stripped of resources.Finally...in their last confrontation,Urza defeated Mishra in combat..or so he thought...

After this,Urza grew an undying hatred towards Phyrexia,and the immenant invasion there were planning upon the plane of Dominaria through the artificial war blazed plane of Rath.For 5,000 years,Urza planned and waited for that moment,gethering powerful artifacts from across the planes,looking for warriors to aid in his cause and unraveling the mysteries of the ancient race known as the Thran.A mere few of Urza's accomplishments during this time are the creation of the silver golem Karn and the resurrection of the Thran using Urza's seemingly limitless supply of artifacts,a subspecies known as the Metathran.

The Phyrexians have arrived,and Urza's plan has been set in motion...let the war begin.

(Urza's Flavor Text)"Everything is in place.Nothing can happen that isn't part of my plan" --Urza


Gerrard Capashen

One of Magic:The Gathering's main character,Gerrard plays a critical role in almost all of the storylines.

Born in the plane of Benalia,Gerrard is hero in every sense of the word,through what his acts,choices and sacrifices.His persona boosts the spirits of the soldiers he trains and battles with...simply being with a legendary swordfighter and warrior such as himself.

Gerrard is the commander of the skyship Weatherlight,the finest airborn vessel in all the planes,with the possibly exception of the notorious Predator flagship.His crew at it's apex contained the mage Ertai,the noble Crovax,the feline Mirri,the healer Orim,the silver golem Karn,the pest Squee and his captain and navigator,Sisay and Hanna.As demonstrated,Gerrard has been willingly to sacrifice his own life in order to save one of his crew.

When his captain Sisay was captured by the sinister Volrath and imprisoned in the plane of Rath,Gerrard mounted a full scale assault towards the artificial plane to rescue her.Struggling through the plane into Volrath's stronghold...he finally savedSisay after a long and bloody battle versus the dread lord himself,the warlord Greven Il-Vec...his ultimate nemesis.Finally he escapes with the others aboard the Weatherlight from Rath....unfortunately leaving the mage who made all the rescue attempt possible...Ertai..who soon gained an unbridled hatred towards Gerrard.

Gerrard also shares Urza's hatred for the Phyrexians.....as they destroyed his home of Benalia.With his honor and sword in hand,he itends to vanquish the mechanical demons for eternity.

The invasion has begun...Gerrard is ready for battle....let the blood fly.

(Gerrard's Flavor Text)"I don't need a plan,just a goal.The rest will follow on it's own." --Gerrard