PTQ - Barcelona
Costa Mesa Women's Club, Costa Mesa, CA
Feb 17, 2001
by Joey Ruiz

It was early when I woke up for the day of my second PTQ.  Me and one of my
drafting partners got there at 9:30 giving us enough time to register and meet the people.  At a little after 10:00 we got our starters and boosters and I open some decent packs and mark down the cards.  Then the judge announces the people who keep their decks and my name is called and I
rejoice in the revel of the doomsday specter.  Well anyways here are thec ards i got:

1 Global Ruin
1 Restock
1 Juntu Stakes
1 Kavu Runner
1 Cauldron Dance
1 Rainbow Crow
1 Wax\Wane
1 Elfhame Palace
1 Pulse of Llanowar
1 Addle
1 Spirit Weaver
6 Island
6 Swamp
6 Plains
1 Foil Plains
6 Mountains
5 Forests
1 Vodalian Merchant
1 Metheran Zombie
1 Stormscape Apprentice
1 Cursed Flesh
1 Urborg Skeleton
1 Dream Thrush
1 Freinzed Tilling
1 Yavimaya Barbarian
1 Slimy Kavu
1 Crown of Flames
1 Stun
1 Protective Sphere
1 Rampant Elephant
1 Razorfoot Griffin
1 Crimson Acolyte
1 Obsidian Acolyte
1 Prison Barricade
1 Reviving Dose
1 Tainted Well
1 Serpentine Kavu
1 Llanowar Vangaurd
1 Whip Silk
1 Fertile Ground
1 Aniceint Spring
1 Geothermal Crevice
1 Pheyrixian Battleflies
1 Plague Spores
1 Soul Burn
1 Nightscape Apprentice
1 Ruham Djinn
1 Pouncing Kavu
1 Scorching Lava
1 Tidal Visionary
1 Benalish Emissary
1 Doomsday Specter
1 Planeswalkers' Fury
1 Treva's Ruins
1 Darigaaz's Cladera
1 Implode
1 Mogg Jailer
1 Multani's Harmony
1 Rith's Charm
1 Rushing River
1 Magma Burst
1 Bog Down
1 Maggot Carrier
1 Lava Zombie
1 Arctic Merefolk
1 Confound
2 Nightscape Familiar
1 Pheyrixian Bloodstock
1 Insolence
1 Mire Kavu
1 Sinister Strength
1 Root Greevil
1 Pygmy Kavu
1 Amphibious Kavu
1 Aurora Griffin
1 Sunscape Familiar
1 Slingshot Goblin
1 Sisay's Ingineuity
1 Steel-leaf Paladin
1 Daring Leap

And here was the deck I built:
1 Pheyrixian Battleflies
1 Maggot Carrier (did about 12 damage all day)
1 Nightscape Apprentice
1 Tidal Visionary
2 Nightscape Familiar (mvp with pure speed)
1 Sinister Strength
1 Scorching Lava
1 Arctic Merefolk
1 Confound
1 Planeswalkers' Fury
1 Soul Burn
1 Lava Zombie
1 Rushing River
1 Insolence (i truly overrated this card)
1 Slingshot Goblin
1 Doomsday Specter
1 Magma Burst
1 Mire Kavu
1 Rainbow Crow
1 Pouncing Kavu(always kick it)
1 Pheyrixian Bloodstock
1 Plague Spores
1 Cauldron Dance
7 Swamp
6 Mountain
5 Island

The deck sorta built itself but I had to go with 42 cards.

Round 1 vs. mirror
most of this match i cant remeber because I was sick but game 1 went pretty
fast with me playing a few ealy creatures and the fury only to be stopped by
larger creatures which i died because i didnt want to take my chances with
the fury

game 2 was a little more one sided as i am stuck with off color mana and
dont get a creature 2 turns before I die

Matches 0-1 games 0-2

Round 2 vs. b\r\g
game 1 was awesome for me playing carrier followed by familiar and then the
carrier came back in and the zombie became sinister

this game was a little worse as i had him down to about 8 before he played
tsabo's assassin.  soon enough he took control and consistently attacked for
the win

the last game involved me using my familiars to stop his halam djinn and
others until he dropped plague spitter.  After that he played the Assassin
which survived due to a plague block.  Then thunderscape apprentice came out
and drained until 9 before i got to burst.  he got a few land draws and i
played beef for the win. he drops

Matches 1-1 games 2-3

Round 3 vs. ??????????
I can't remember but i made the guy drop after winning

Round 4 vs. b\r\u
this guy plays early urborg phantom against my early drops until he draws
enough removal to where he has enough fliers to beat me

game 2 is once again one sided with me parising down to five with one land
and i am overrun (bad shuffle or cut)

Round 5 vs. Brandon with r\g\b
saw his deck playing kicked rage earler so its pretty devastating so i
decide if he has lots of mana keep my life above twenty.  A long stalemate
is followed by a flurry of removal on both sides until i get enough
creatures to overrun his for a game win

game 2
goes into us exchanging early damage with sinister strength until at 11 I
plague spores his key creature an only mountain and in response he rages. 
he has 2 evasion creatures and attacks for kill at which last turn i played
a kill card and he syas show me removal and you win.  I drop a river and

Round 6 vs. a guy named Ali(he doens't like cocky players) 4 colorsithink
well i couldnt tell what he was playing but game one saw him paris and me
drawwing consistent creatures and him taking awhile to get any so i win and
boast as most do

he is pissed and plays evasion creatures removes my blockers as i put up
a good defense but it is not enough and i hit 0 like a sack of bricks

he draws a god hand with a creature every turn and removal and i am screwed
over in mana color he laughs in my face and i end up watching gerhardt make
some good plays next to me

Round 7 vs. Anthony with u\w\g
well game was one sided again with a solid creature base and me
consistentley attacking to win the game

game two he parises and ups killing me with fliers and acolytes in the next
2 games

So that was my short but informative first report i hope u enjoy it cause i
sure did enjoy writing it

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