Karn & Hanna
by Miguel Caron

Here are the next two characters I've decided to do bios on. . . . Hanna and Karn.

Karn, Silver Golem

In the tireless work of the Planeswalker Urza. . . in his fruitless attempts to pass objects through a small portal, he discovered that simple silver was able to pass through it unharmed. He soon set to work constructing a golem made out of the material. . . who became known as Karn. 

Karn is unlike most characters in the Magic world, he is ever so silent and thoughtful of his duties aboard the Skyship Weatherlight, and he disapproves of war, being a natural born pacifist. . . refusing the lay a fist upon any other living creature. Karn's innate ability to transmute inanimate machines into life secured him place upon the Weatherlight and in the projects for the Legacy orchestrated by Urza. 

At one point, the golem was captured by a raid of Moggs under the command of Greven Il-Vec, being hauled over and into the caverns of the massive Predator, Flagship. Taken to Volrath's dungeons, he was tormented by the sinister Evincar.  Volrath was trying to break down Karn's mind to nothing but that of clouded with rage. . . however. . his attempts were quite vain, as Karn still refused to strike back or show any sign of rage. Later on, Karn was rescued in an escape plan from Rath to rejoin the crew of the Weatherlight. 

During the battle plight to save the plane of Dominaria, Karn thinks deeply within himself. At the very end of the Planeshift events. . . words that could change the face of battle field forever tumble from his mouth. . . 

"That's it!  I know how we can save Dominaria!"


Hanna, Weatherlight Navigator

The reluctant daughter of the wizard Barrin, Hanna is quite unlike her father, finding machines work quite better than magic. She became a crewman aboard the Skyship Weatherlight, navigator to Gerrard Capashen. Her dedication to the ship was amazing, doing everything in her power to protect, be it even at the cost of her own life. 

At the return of the Legacy artifacts, she and Karn became constant companions, their love for machines always keeping them near to the Legacy like loving parents to a child. 

However, this was not to last for long. During the initial invasion of Dominaria by Phyrexia, a Phyrexian plague bomb was detonated before Hanna, infecting her with the dreaded Phyrexian poison. To the dismay of the healer Orim, even her best potions and spells were not enough to save the maiden, and the fair Hanna of the Weatherlight died. 

During Gerrard and Urza's capture in the overlay and in Phyrexia, Crovax evilly smirked and showed that Yawgmoth contained Hanna's soul. . . he demonstrated by bringing back the angel Selenia. She was no illusion as she touched the face of Gerrard.  He made a sacrificial choice to revive Hanna from the dead. Gerrard Capashen joined the foul Phyrexians he hated so much in the fight to claim Dominaria as the Dark One's own. . . hoping they would keep their word. 


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