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Name: John "Nev" Balla

    My name is John Balla, but most people that know me call me "nev",
because my nickname on IRC for the last 3-4 years or so has been nev.  I'm 15
years old, going on 16 this July, from Los Angeles, California. I've been
playing Magic for around 5 years, although didn't start playing competitively
until about 3 years ago.  I enjoy constructed Magic alot, whether it be
analyzing decks, looking at the current metagame, or just playing it, however
I'd have to say that I enjoy limited alot more.
    I am the current California state champion, although I do not have any
Pro Tour experience, due to the fact that I haven't even tried, because Pro
Tour points would make me inelligible for the Junior Super Series.  However,
now that I turn 16 this July, I guess I can actually try to do what almost
every other Magic player aspires to do: get on the tour.
    I hope Magic will continue to grow, because it gives me alot of
enjoyment, both playing it and writing about it.  


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