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Warped Devotion

    One of the most interesting cards brought with Planeshift is Warped
Devotion.  Essentially, it turns every one of your spells that return
permanents into a Recoil-type card, making each player discard a card from
their hand for every permanent that they return.  With spells like Seal of
Removal, Rushing River, Repulse, and Recoil, Warped Devotion can become a
major threat to your opponent's resources. A well-timed Wash Out with a
Warped Devotion can very likely swing the game in your favor if your opponent
isn't prepared for it, and has little cards in hand.  Here's a rough draft on
what a build for a Warped Devotion deck might look like:

4 Warped Devotion
4 Wash Out
4 Unsummon
4 Repulse
4 Recoil
4 Rushing River
4 Fact or Fiction

4 Nightscape Familiar
4 Waterspout Elemental

4 Underground River
12 Island
8 Swamp

    Once Warped Devotion gets into play, it becomes very hard for any
creature-based deck to win, with many spells that can both hurt their tempo,
and get rid of threats in their hand, plus mass-bounce spells like Wash Out
and Waterspout Elemental.  Fact or Fiction either allows you to find a much
needed Warped Devotion, or to refill your hand once you have one in play and
have used all of your bounce spells.

    Nightscape Familiar is absolutely crazy in this deck.  With only 8
non-blue spells in it (4 of them being the Familiars themselves), it lowers
your curve signifigantly, allowing you to start off fast against aggressive
decks and cast more bounce in a turn.  In addition, it provides a great
answer to one of bounces biggest problems: Blastoderm.  Normally in a deck
that relies on targeted spells to control the game, Blastoderm would be an
absolute nightmare, but with Nightscape Familiar, it can hold a Blastoderm at
bay while accelerating your answers.

    A question that you might be asking yourself is "Why no Boomerang?" Well,
there are a few reasons why Repulse is better than the slot that Boomerang
would normally be in.  First is that Boomerang isn't affected by Nightscape
Familiar, still costing UU as opposed to Repulse, only costing 1U instead of
2U.  Second is that against most decks in the environment, Boomerang will be
targetting a creature anyway, so why not pay 1 extra mana for an extra card?

    Some other additions that could and might be made to this archtype are
Hoodwink, Seal of Removal, and Vampiric Tutor.  Hoodwink isn't as powerful as
all of the other bounce cards, but it is only 2 mana, only 1 with a Familiar
in play, and often can return a Saproling Burst or Chimeric Idol vs. an
aggressive deck.  Seal of Removal is just another cheap bounce spell that
would lower the curve and possibly allow you to stabalize during an early
onslaught of threats.  Last, Vampiric Tutor solves one of the deck's biggest
problems: actually getting a Warped Devotion. The worst possible thing that
can happen to you while playing with this deck is having to waste bounce
spells just to stay alive with no Warped Devotion in play, because all of
them that you cast essentially become useless, as they aren't actually
dealing with any threats that your opponent might produce, they are just
stalling them for a turn.

    Warped Devotion provides a very interesting, and perhaps viable archtype
for type 2 and the upcoming regional championships.  There are many ways that
you can go about trying to build it; and who knows, maybe it will Q a few of
those daring enough to play it for Nats.