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    In less than two weeks, one of the biggest events for players everywhere
takes place: Regionals.  Every year, players test and prepare for the eight
spot qualifier for Nationals, then pack into a room with over a hundred
others that have tested and prepared, and hope they have better luck than the
others.  This year, the main criteria for every single deck that is being
built for the event is if it beats Fires or not.  Fires is undoubtedly the
biggest force to be reckoned with, because when it gets "the draw", it is
hard for any deck to beat it, even with a good draw of their own.  When
making your deck choice, it is very simple, if it can't beat fires, you're
not going to do well.  So, that brings up the question, do you play Fires and
hope to get lucky, or do you play a deck specifically made to beat Fires and
hope to not play anything else?
    Different people have different opinions as to what should be played in
an environment like the current T2.  Some people would say that the best
choice would be to play the deck that everyone is trying to beat, and maybe
tune your sieboard to do well in the mirror matchup, while others would say
that the best choice would be to play a rogue deck that does well against the
dominant deck and has a chance against the rest of the field.  Either option
has the potential to do well, but I think that the players that will do well
are the ones that had strong testing partners or teams that came up with the
deck that does well vs. Fires and can take on every other deck in the event
and have a fighting chance.  In most cases, it would have to be an aggressive
deck due to the fact that your answers might not always be able to hold off
the threats that your opponent might play if you are unprepared for them.

    No matter which one of the ways you choose to go, matchups and draws will
of course be a huge determining factor if you do well or not, which is why it
is very important to play a deck that you have tested alot and feel
comfortable with, not something that you switched to at 1AM the morning of. 
Good luck, I know I'll certainly need it.