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U/W Nether Go
Jason Imperiale
Seldon, NY
JSS qualifier

  Hi my name is Jason Imperiale i started playing magic about when masques
cam out but because of friends i was able to get pretty good pretty fast. So
about a month ago i went to play in a jss in brooklyn . I played my favorite
kinda deck...control although i can play any deck kinda deck pretty good. So
i played u/w angel control and wound up going 1-2-1, yeah. So i knew i liked
the deck but it had to do better against obliterate and white mana screw lol.
So after reading an article on the sb entitled u/w nether go. I think u/b
nether go lost to a kavu chameleon i mean when that hits play and they have
mana open and cards in there hand ...your dead., but u/w has wrath of god. So
after doing really heavy testing with it i decided it was worth
the risk to play it. heres the deck.
3x nether spirit

4x countetspell
4x absorb
4x fact or fiction
4x ackumulated knowledge
2x probe
1x recall
2x millstone
4x wrath of god
3x dismantling blow
2x storycircle
1x dominate
1x teferis moat
1x tsabos web
1x misdirecion

4x coastal tower
4x adakar watses
7x plains ( so many due to sideboard )
8x island

3x bliding angel
2x mageeta the lion
2x rout
2x cursed totum
1x teferis moat
2x millstone
2x disenchant
1x tsabos web

ok so thats the deck it did pretty good and seemed to work well. OK well
heres the report.

Round 1: kai buddes rebel deck... i think

game1:  Well i usually dont expect to beat rebels first game... and i didnt.
i get out the nether and hold him off for a little while but then comes night
wind glider and i didnt see a wtrath till turn 20 hmm.

i sb in 10 cards: 3 angel 2 mageeta 2 totum 1 web 2 rout. take out 3 nethers
2 probe 1 recall and 4 other cards

game 2: well thisnext game goes pretty well. i have a mageeta with lots of
food in my hand and it wasnt long till i won.

game 3: he plays a land and sergant I play a land and say go. he plays land
 and plays  falcoln. I play a land and play totum... The chain stops there.
It wasnt long after a rout to see my angel come down and 10 turns later the
game was mine.
1-0 2-1

round 2: fires

First game: was going good i had a stroy circle  red and a teferis moat green
but havent really see any way i can win and his 2 headed dragon and shivan
wurm were sttin there liked tamed dogs. Finally i draw...dominate. The 2
headed dragon is mine and five or six turns later i won.

sbin: 3x blinding angel 2x rout 1x web 1x moat 2x disenchant
sbout: 3 nethers 2 probe 1 recall 3 other cards

secong game: Not to sure bout this gamw but i no he only had 2 land and like
4 mana guys amd after i wrathed he was kinda mana screwed and after
disenchanting his chimeric idol i came with an angel for the kill.
2-0 4-1

3rd round: fires
Note before round kid was making fun of my deck and last name i prob out
wieghed him by about 50 and coulda killed him but i decided i would resort to
detrooying him in magic.
1st game: i sat there with nether spirit chumping and and coming back finally
i killed him with a millstone. He played lots of shivan wurms.
sb in: check last round
sb out: chech last round

2nd game: a story circle green clicnched the game but i couldnt find an angel
so i had to win with a millstone...long and boring
3-0 6-1

note: i am very hungry and all my matches have taken the full 50 minutes im
almost happy about this next macth

3rd round suicide black
1st game: i get totally whire mana screwed and can wrath his scuta and cant
dismantlig blow his idol.
sb in: 2 rout 2 mill  2disenchant
2nd game: he plays like 3 idols and i get totlly desttroyed. o well cant win
em all.
3-1 6-3

note: this match took about 6 mnis and so did my friends and i got to eat for
the 1st time that day

5th round: cowardice
Tha was a good metagaming choice but t was horrible against my deck

1st game: i wrath away 2 sand squids and an air elemental and my spirits just
sit there because of rstic deluge. I eventually win with the mill stone

sb in: 2 routs 2 mill 1 moat
sb out: 3 nethers and 2 probe

2nd game: im running a creatureless deck which means half his spells are
worth less . I get out a double millstone and hes dead soon enough. This was
probably my easiest mathup of the day.
4-1 8-3

6th round: fires
Intentional draw to get into top 8

Top 8:
1st seat: counter rebel
2nd seat: mono brown almost wildfire thing
3rd seat: fires
4th seat: fires
5th seat: rebels
6th seat: suicide black
7th seat: u/w nether go :-)
8th seat: u/w millstone howling mine thing

quater finals: verse mon brown wildfire thing
I'll explain this deck first It as 4 skizik 4 idol lots of burn and 4 fire
diamonds + earth quake
game1: He seemed to get mana flooded and everytime he burnd my nether to stay
alive, he came back.
Sb in: 2 disenchant 2 millstone
sb out:?
game 2 he tried out a different startagey... he threw every burn spell he
drew at me and thatt combined with boil and flash fires is some good
game 3 is crazy: hes returning a hammer every turn and im milling him twice
every turn...its a big race i have counetrs and misdirecions though and
countering a hamer with an absorb is like counetring 2. Well it ends up like
this on his turn he taps out to hammer me and i go to 1. hes tapped out and
at the end of his turn i mill all his cards off the top of his deck. now its
his turn he untaps and has 1 card in his hand if its any insatnt burn spell i
lose...Its a hammer :-) wow what a game.

Well its not good cause the suicide black deck won and that was my only loss
semi fianls: suicide black deck
game 1: I get a much better hand and am able to play story circle balck and
counter the idol + get the nether spirit in the graveyard. Well the nether
spririt is the answer and wins me the game pretty quick.
Sb in: 2 rout 2 disenchant 2 mill
game2: This game i lost to stupidity I keep milling him and chuming his scuta
with my nether but 1 turn when i was at 8 i forgot to bring back the nther
and he sinister strenghed and beat me. I seriously wanted to puch myself.
game 3: i was mad and i must admit i played " perfect magic" lol> he goes all
out on second turn and gets out a idol wirth a tangle wire luckly i had the
disenchant and tyapped the lanmd for maan instead of to the tangler wire and
disenchanted he was handless and we sat there fore a couple of turns but
after playing a mill backed up by LOTS of counters i won it took a
while...but i did.

Note after deck check in the other semis match someone wrote 4 idols twice
and got a game loss and counter rebel beat him.

Finals: counter rebel
Game1 i got slaughtered the rebel chain was big and i was whitemana screwed
stuck at 1 and couldnt even wrath with counter back up. O well what  can yado.
Sb in: 2 mageeta 3 angel 2 rout 2 totum

game 2: i discovered that he played aura blast over disenchant or seal fo
cleansing so my second turn totum was prett much game it took a while but
mageeta finally sealed it for me

Now i was nevous going onto the 3rd game playing for 2 boxes and a 1000$
scholarship but all went well.
game 3: This game was really good i got out 2 cursed totum 1 story circle
white 2 blinding angel and a mageeta and a millstone playing heavy on defense
i just milled and never attcked... It wored and i own the whole thing.

Even better my grand parents that live in florida said i could take theplane
down by myself and thy would met me there and take me to the big jss
hopefully i could win the 20,000. It would be nice. Thanks for reading and
any help  would be appreciated . By the way is apocalypse 7th edition because i read in a
magazine apocalypseis legal jun 1st the day of the jss and that would be
wierd because there would be no true meta game when no lone knows or has any
of cards of the new set. Thanks for reading.

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