Draft Report
Ryan Carey
Rama Llama Comics, Plano, TX
Feb 22, 2001

Hey, Pojo this is my first Tournament report for you guys. It was sanctioned
planeshift-planeshift-planeshift draft(the store was out of invasion). I
drafted a Black/Red with a little green deck(who doesnt in this format?).
Anyway I have only been playing for 5 months and I finished 3rd:). Here's
the deck I played:


2 morgue toad
2 Nightscape Familiar
1 kuva Recluse
2 lava Zombie
1 Caldera Kuva
1 Flametounge Kuva
1 Volcano Imp
1 Kuva Recluse


4 singe
3 sinister strength
3 Terminate:):):)
2 Bog Down
2 darigaaz's Charm(theses are really good in draft)
1 Death bomb

6 mountians
7 swamps
2 Darigaaz's Caldera

Round 1 opponet: Robert

Roberts a pretty nice guy in his mid thirties(from the looks). He is playing
a Blue/Black/Red deck. With familiars to ease the mana.

Game one:

I play first and lay a swap. He draws and lays swap plays a 1/1 black
creature that makes everyone pay one life(Scott help me with the name) said
go. I draw lay a mountain play night scape familiar. He draws plays an
island plays a 2/2 flyer says go. I draw singe the 1/1 blacky. Attack for
one. The next few turns we take turns drawling laying creatures and
attacking. He played a Lava zombie sinister strength it and attacked. I
blocked with my lava zombie they both die but I get the better end of the
deal do to a 1 card attavange. Anyway I got him down to 4 while I was at 11.
He then proceeds to kill my creatures with removal and my stupid
mistakes(IE: Attacking with a Night scape Familiar being tapped out). HE
wins this one by three life.

Game two:

Basically I OWN HIM THIS GAME. I draw I believe 1 singe 1 Nights cape
familiar 2 mountains 2 swaps and kuva recluse  the next draws are as
followed: terminate morgue toad Lava Zombie

I go first lay swap say go. He lays swap says go. I draw play mountain play
familiar say go. next he plays stormscape familiar and says go. I lay a
mountain singe the familiar(this was the only creature he got out) get the
recluse. attack for one. he draws lays land says go. I draw lay land attack
for three play the toad. He draws lays land says go. I draw get the zombie
play it return the familiar to my hand play that and attack. Next he must
have gotten mana flood he laid land said go. I draw and attack with all my
creatures. He draws and concedes.

Game 3

Don't remember this very well but I basically pounded him down to one life
but at a cost of getting all my creatures killed except for one familiar(
this is important). Anyways with him about to kill me I terminate his cavern
happy(him not wanting to lose 1 life and the game lets me kill it). Next he
plays a Stormscape familiar and I think its over with my one Familiar
staring down his flyers and fatties (he had a lava zombie and 2-3 2/2 out).
What do I draw? You guessed  DEATH BOMB!!!. I play the cost sac the familiar
use it on his familiar(i couldn't use it on any thing else as it was black
or multicolored with black in it). He loses to life and the round.

Round 2 opponent: Chad

Chad pretty cool to looks like he is in his mid 20s guess what he's playing?
R/B/U anyways.

Game 1

Not much to say about this game accept I got mountain flooded and only did
two damage to him the whole game.

Game 2

Basically. He got his beatsicks out and some removal. It was pretty funny
when I played bog down with the kicker and made him discard the B/R/U land a
singe and a Terminate. But it made no differences as I could not hold off
his army of flyers.

Well I ended up getting 3rd. I also met a friend up there who I had not seen
in 2-3 years. See who says magic is evil it brings people together:).

Prop: Everyone and Rama Llama for holding the draft and nobody being mean or
Prop: Me for making third and drafting a Orims chant and melding mage:):)
Slop: My dad for bugging me when we were drafting a second time(this time it
was Weatherlight block which I know nothing about and did poorly due to
facing Brent Kaskel and not know the good cards)

Overall it was a pretty good time thanks for reading.


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