Predator, Flagship & Skyship Weatherlight
by Miguel Caron

Predator, Flagship
No other object has struck so much fear into the hearts of those who would
cross it none other the massive Predator's  awesome size and
distinguishing terrorizing appearance setting apart from even the most
fearsome beasts in the tides of Magic..truly deserving the title of

Commanded by the dreadlord Greven Il-Vec, it serves as both sentry and
assault for the Stronghold and the Evincar of's long range cannons
able to make fodder out of almost anything, be it sinew or metal. Although
it lacks the planeswalking engine of the Weatherlight, it's firepower and
speed easily make up for it.

Most notably, the Predator was used by Greven Il-Vec during the rescue of
the femme fatale Sisay to attempt to destroy the Weatherlight. However,
Greven and the evincar Volrath were ill prepared for such a feat, and the
Weatherlight escaped.but not before being hounded by Predator.which nipped
at it's heels, causing the mage Ertai to miss his leap to the Weatherlight.
Damaged by the battle, the Predator was nearly destroyed, if not for the
works of Ertai.who used his magics to slow the descent of Predator and
navigate it into the Stronghold as it lost almost all of it's flight
capabilities. After being repaired, it was sent into battle once more when
the Rath and Dominaria planes overlaid each other. However, this time it was
not as successful, and was shot down, crashing into the Stronghold.

Skyship Weatherlight
A symbol of hope and light, the skyship Weatherlight is one of the most
notable artifactual machine in the tides of Magic, sleek, powerful, and
heroic, it's presence is unmistakable, as is her crew.

Commanded by Gerrard Capashen, her crew included at one point the Urborg
nobleman Crovax, the navigator Hanna, the fair Captain Sisay, the silver
golem Karn, the annoyance known as Squee, the healer Orim and the mage
Ertai. Her gentle but powerful appearance sets her apart from most other
ships, not to mention the planeswalking engine she holds, which lets her
jump from plane to plane, like the planeswalker Urza. It lacks any
superdestructive weaponry like it's nemesis Predator, but it's speed and
planeswalking abilities make it a force to be reckoned with.

It's notable exploits occurred when Gerrard and his crew voyaged to the
artificial plane of Rath to rescue the captain Sisay. For this event, the
mage Ertai was recruited from Barrin's academy of magic in Tolaria, as he
would be needed to man the portal for the ship. After Sisay had been
successfully freed from Volrath's dungeon, the Weatherlight made it's
escape. However, the Predator and it's crew were hot on the heels of the
fleeing ship, the Weatherlight barely making it out of Rath before the
Predator caught up to her. Later on, when the planes of Dominaria and Rath
had become overlaid, the Phyrexians blew a plague bomb aboard the ship,
poisoning the navigator Hanna, after fighting the poison, she was finally
killed by it. In a later battle, the Weatherlight was critically wounded and
sent crashing into the apex of a volcano. The maro sorcerer Multani had been
present aboard the Weatherlight, fortunately, and using his gifts from Gaea,
repaired the damaged vessel.