Frenzied Tilling
by Paul Reinhardt

    Frenzied Tilling, just another combo of old cards card, huh? Nope, not
even close. This card can help you win very easily.
    First, here it is:

Frenzied Tilling
Destroy target land. Search your deck for a basic land card and put that card
into play tapped. Shuffle your library afterward.

    Many say "that's a combo of the mighty Stone Rain and the weak 1G thingie
in Starter that fetches a tapped land." Well, it is. But why is it suddenly
    Well, it's a combo in itself. This card gives you mega mana advantage. By
your fifth turn, you'll have 5 lands and your opponent will have between 3
and 5. After this, you'll have 6 and your opponent will be at least 2 lands
behind. Also, if you're the one behind (mainly going against Trix or
Control), it keeps you up to pace. But what else does it do?
    I use a few in my G/R deck that focuses on Chimeric Idol and creatures
that pump up when tapped (Vintara Snapper, Scoria Cat, Keldon Berserker,
Branded Brawlers, etc.). It has only lost twice and I use it almost every
day. This card makes up for high mana costs while putting you ahead of your
opponent: the main goals in the mid game. It also lets Chimeric Idol not need
to tap all of my lands every turn to avoid Citadel of Pain
    So, you get mana advantage and a way of getting more creatures in play.
What's the bad news? Its 5 mana. Thats about it, because that cost will knock
it out of aggresive decks for sure. Otherwise, use it, or wait until I or
snother brilliant tourney player does.