Phyrexian Infiltrator Blues

Glad to see me again, I hope so! Insane decks is one of the things that the team I belong to, Team False Prophet, pride our self on building. Eric here sent me a deck that resembles strongly our favorite deck I affectionately call Phyrexian Infiltrator Blues. I am going to give him a version that he will be able to construct and be happy with, lets see what he has to say:

> Hey! I'm Erik. The deck started out as a precontructed 
>Dismissal Deck. I changed it a little but now i feel i need 
>more changes and I don't know what. The combo in the deck is 
>Vodalian Serpent and Dream Thrush. 
>* means all i have 
>Land 21 
>2 Salt Marsh 
>1 Underground River * 
>9 Island 
>9 Swamp 
>Creatures 26 
>2 Ravenous Rats 
>3 Stalking Assassin * 
>2 Phyrexian Infiltrator * 
>4 Vodalian Serpent 
>2 Tidal Visionary 
>1 Spiketail Drake * 
>2 Vodalian Zombie 
>3 Urborg Drake * 
>4 DReam Thrush 
>3 Vodalian Hypnotist 
>Spells 14 
>1 Daze 
>2 Exclude 
>4 Counterspell 
>1 Undermine * 
>3 Recoil 
>1 Spite/ Malice 
>2 Rhystic Syphon 
>Make this fix MAsques and up. I use this deck at local >standard tournies. 

Well, I like what is going on here. It shows this deck has seen the rigors of many tournaments and playtests. Also, from double checking the numbers, I see 61 cards. That is ok, I wouldnt be scared to go over a card or two, as long as your land to spell ratio stays the same. It gives you a little more time against millstone decks as well. Anyways, let us start with land. 

Given the combo of most magic decks, being spells plus land equals win*, land is important. I like the mana in this deck, I am sure it has served you well. So, on to creatures.

I like this part. Ravenous rats are good, I personally would make it 4. Stalking Assassin is fun, but I think 2 is sufficent enough. Phyrexian Infiltrator is great. Keep it at the 2 you have, but if you have any others you can get a hold of, feel free to add them. Vodalian Serpent is a great card, and waiting for the kicker is well worth it. This kicker is the best in the set in giving counters. But, the kicker is hard to afford and harder to attack with. So even though it is part of your combo, I would take 1 out. Save the super secret combo for a little later in the game when you can afford it. Also I will be taking out the 2 Tidal Visionary and the Spiketail Drake. Now, Vodalian Zombie is an amazing creature, simply because of the protection from green. The Zombie gives green/fires decks fits, it even survives the mighty Blastoderm. Otherwise, it is still a cost effiecent 2/2 creature. Add two more to the deck, it is "tech". The Urborg Drakes are good, 3 is just right for some offense. Also, take out a Dream Thrush and all three Vodalian Hypnotist, just to add room for a couple more spells. Speaking of, on to spells!!

This is where things get a little up to your personal preference, but I will tell you what I will do. Take out the Daze, one is not enough and it slows down the deck. Also remove the 2 Exclude, you want to steal their good creatures if possable with the Phyrexian Infiltrator. Keep the Counterspells. 
Undermine, great choice, add more if possable. Make it 4 Recoil, it is a great card. Forget about Spite/Malice, just too costly. Also dont use Rhystic Syphon, by the time you can cast it, they will have the mana available to stop it. You should add 3 Lobotomy and 2 Wash Out. Both cards get some threats out of the way. Finally, add 4 Brainstorm and 2 Fact or Fiction. Use Brainstorms to help you organize the top of your deck better and to find the land early. Use Fact or Ficton to get the game-winning spells late game. Here is the list:

Land 21
2 Salt Marsh
1 Underground River
9 Island
9 Swamp

Creatures 21
4 Ravenous Rats
2 Stalking Assassin
2 Phyrexian Infiltrator
3 Vodalian Serpent
4 Vodalian Zombie
3 Urborg Drake
3 Dream Thrush

Spells 20
4 Counterspell
1 Undermine
4 Recoil
3 Lobotomy
2 Washout
4 Brainstorm
2 Fact or Fiction

Congrads, a 62 card deck. Everyone feel free to send your comments to Good luck!
Sam "RogueRift" Leavitt