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Sonic Noa

Sonic Noa – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Sonic Noa - #V-EB01/011EN (RC):When it boosts a rear-guard, put the top card of your deck face down as an equip gauge for the boosted unit. (VC/RC):When...
Lizard Runner, Undeux (V Series)

Lizard Runner, Undeux – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Lizard Runner, Undeux - #V-TD02/011EN :When rode upon, draw a card.   Date Reviewed: July 24, 2018   Rating: 3.50 Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 is bad. 3 is average.  5...
Deliberate Deletor, Aodaien

Deliberate Deletor, Aodaien – Cardfight Vanguard Card of the Day

Deliberate Deletor, Aodaien - #G-CB06/006EN -Stride Step- Stride this card on your (VC) from face down. (VC): If you have a heart card with...
Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom

Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom #7 – Top 11 Vanguard cards of 2018

#7- Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom - #V-EB02/003EN (VC):COST , and all of your front row units get +3000 until end of turn. (VC):When your rear-guard’s attack hits...
Chain-attack Sutherland

Chain Attack Sutherland – Vanguard Throwback Thursday (2011)

Chain Attack Sutherland - #BT02/016EN (VC/RC):During your main phase, when an opponent's rear-guard is put into the drop zone, this unit get +3000 until end of...
Nightmare Doll, Alice - #BT03/003

Nightmare Doll, Alice – Cardfight Throwback Thursday

Nightmare Doll, Alice - #BT03/003 Nightmare Doll, Alice  - #BT03/003 (RC): When this unit's attack hits, if you have a «Pale Moon» vanguard, you may pay the...
Follower, Reas (V Series)

Follower, Reas – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Follower, Reas - #V-PR/0019EN (RC):When placed, one of your other rear-guards gets +3000 until end of turn. If that unit is "Chain-attack Sutherland", it gets +5000 instead...
Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark

Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark- Cardfight Vanguard COTD

Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark - # G-EB03/001 (Released when the number of face up cards in your G zone is three or...
CEO Amaterasu

CEO Amaterasu #9 – Top 11 Vanguard cards of 2018

#9 - CEO Amaterasu - ##V-BT01/007EN (VC):COST , draw a card, look at the top card of your deck, and put it on the top or the...
Holy Disaster Dragon

Holy Disaster Dragon – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Holy Disaster Dragon - #V-PR/0016EN (VC/RC):When it attacks, COST , and this unit gets +10000 until end of that battle.   Date Reviewed: October 9, 2018   Rating: 1.50 Ratings are based on...