Energetic Attendance Calfy

Energetic Attendance, Calfy 
– #D-LT001/005EN

Date Reviewed: August 11, 2023

Rating: 2.75

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Hello! I guess this must be my first time reviewing a Cardfight Vanguard card! I started collecting Vanguard cards for over two years and a half, but I haven’t cardfighted once! As far as my collection goes, I couldn’t find many products in my local hobby shop, but I did find some products that involves the Bermuda Triangle clan (EB15 Twinkle Melody) and, later on, the Lyrical Monasterio nation (bought 5 Astesice trial deck and 30 Lyrical Melody packs from the sneak peek box). Eventually, I had to find related cards from the internet (like all of the Astesice support and other generic and effect trigger cards) since they were no longer selling Vanguard products. Still, that was enough for me to work with. Seems like based on the products that I’ve purchased the past year or two, I’d be destined to stay and use the Lyrical Monasterio nation, and my favorite ride line is Astesice! (That’s the only ride line I can use at the moment.)

Anyhow, I decided to find something easier to review, and I would probably look through my physical card collection to see what else I can put my thoughts to. Energetic Attendance, Calfy has only one simple effect, but that can be useful under the right circumstances. When she is placed onto rear-guard, she gets +10000 power, making her a 20000 power unit on the turn she is played. But you can make Calfy get even more power. One of AstesicexLive, Kairi’s effect states that all of your rear-guards placed this turn gets +5000 power. Coupled with Kairi’s bouncing effect of returning two rear-guards to your hand and to place two cards from your hand to rear circle, you can place two Calfy to reach 25000 power (due to Kairi’s +5000 and her own +10000 boost) (before factoring being boosted by Grade 0/1 units, which could even exceed 30000 power) and attack two more times, which could make your opponent use even more cards to guard!

For a unit that came from a trial deck, she somewhat exceeded my expectations. There’s no involvement regarding Soulblast or Counterblast, and as a generic card, she could be splashed into any deck…if it has room for her. It would probably be too much to ask for more effects for a card that’s part of a trial deck, so I’ll just say, “Thank you for making her find some use.”


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