Sword of the Nation, Bastion Accord

Sword of the Nation, Bastion Accord
– #D-BT12/010EN

Date Reviewed: December 25, 2023

Rating: 4.00

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One evening, after Tohya Ebata was sparring with members of Anchor Bolt, he stumbles across another card game specialty store called Karst Cave of Decks. The various posters from outside that store – including Bastion Accord, Bastion Prime, and Lianorn – has caught his attention as he sprints inside the store and quickly bought card singles instead of booster cases. With his newfound cards, he lets out a war/battle cry with the thrill on taking on even more cardfighters!
-Cardfight Vanguard Will+Dress season 3 episode 6: DressUp
Without a doubt, Bastion Accord single-handedly replaced the OG Bastion since Bastion Accord is also treated as Apex Ruler Bastion, which also means that Rooks can still activate his effect when rode upon. Front-row Grade 3 or greater units can’t be chosen by your opponent’s card effects and they also get +5000 power. Not only that, after Bastion Accord attacks, you can stand one of your Grade 3 or less rear guards, consistently granting you an extra attack, something that the OG Bastion and Bastion Prime won’t do if your drive check didn’t reveal a Grade 3. Additionally, if your opponent’s vanguard is Grade 3 or higher, the rear-guard you just stood gets this effect: for the cost of one Counterblast and discarding a card with “Bastion” in its name from your hand, that unit can perform drive checks, giving you more opportunity to reveal triggers!
There are a handful of Grade 3s that can deliver a heavy pounding, but I think some of the best members that would benefit from Bastion Accord would be Alden and Grandeur Edge. Alden doubles down of being good draw power and superior calling units while also being a respectable juggernaut (23000 when it attacks before being boosted). Grandeur Edge triples down of being considered to be revealed as two cards, being an even powerful juggernaut than Alden (28000 power due to the boosts from its own effect and Bastion’s Accord. +10000 and +5000), and can be used to guard with +10000 shield. Since Bastion Accord’s effect doesn’t rely on having too many Grade 3s in your deck (something that the OG Bastion and Bastion Prime demands), other lower grades can be used a bit more freely, especially since Sapient Owl can be useful for Countercharging (the need to spend lots of Counterblast is just as bad as Yuyu Kondo’s Nirvana deck) and that Rooks can also get +5000 and “Boost” if there’s 3 or more Grade 3s on your side. But at this point, with lots of Bastion related support and other generic Cloud Knight members trying to clog up your deck, there’s only so much you can do to optimize. Bastion Prime can be included in your deck for being discard fodder so that Bastion Accord’s additional effect can be used; or you could use it to ride over it despite re-introducing older problems that kept the others Bastions from being reliable.
Bastion Accord should always be in your Ride Deck when playing Bastion.
Rating: 4.00

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