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Forbidoll Surrogate

Forbidoll Surrogate – #D-SS05/003EN

Date Reviewed: December 24, 2023

Rating: 4.75

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If there’s an equivalent of the Pokemon TCG ACE SPEC Computer Search for Cardfight Vanguard, this would be it.
Forbidoll Surrogate – from D Special Series 5: Festival Booster 2023 – is pretty busted! There are literally no drawbacks to using this card other than the fact that you can only have one Regalis Piece in your deck and that you can only resolve this effect once per game (trying to resolve a Regalis Piece the second time or onwards will cause it to do nothing). But the effect is extremely powerful that it is worth the restrictions put into place. You can search your deck or your drop zone for up to two Grade 3 or Grade 4 units with different card names and you must call all revealed Grade 3s to rear-guards and put all revealed Grade 4s in your hand. There are many applications to using this card for any deck such as bringing reinforcements or to help increase the chance of riding a Grade 4 by searching for it if said Grade 4 isn’t in your hand by turn 7/8.
Just like Pokemon ACE SPEC cards from a bygone era – though I’ve heard it might return – being a Regalis Piece does prevent you from considering other Regalis Pieces such as Gratias Gradale, Evergreen Transphere, and Bracing Angel Ladder, but I don’t think their effects would surpass what Forbidoll Surrogate has to offer. This is one of those cards in which would be the first thing to consider when deckbuilding. As far as availability goes, multiple sellers still have them, but prices will continue to rise given the demand of getting this card. It used to cost around $15 when it came out around July 2023; now you’re looking at around $60. I don’t think the price of this card would drop soon, so try to get your hands on this card.
Rating: 4.75

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