Chaos Angel
Chaos Angel

Chaos Angel – #CYAC-EN044

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner LIGHT or DARK monsters
For this card’s Synchro Summon, you can treat 1 LIGHT or DARK monster you control as a Tuner. If this card is Special Summoned: You can target 1 card on the field; banish it. This card gains these effects based on the original Attributes of materials used for its Synchro Summon.
● LIGHT: Synchro Monsters you control are unaffected by monster effects activated by your opponent.
● DARK: Monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle.

Date Reviewed: December 25, 2023

Rating: 4.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Another Top 10 entry, another one I missed on mine, though I did look at it and give it some thought: Chaos Angel. Synchro Level 10 that revolves around LIGHT and DARK monsters, Chaos Angel can be easily made as long as you have one of those two Attributes involved in the non-Tuners. To make it easier to summon, Chaos Angel allows you to treat a LIGHT or DARK monster as a Tuner, almost eliminating the need for Tuners in the deck (though we know there’s some pretty good LIGHT and DARK Tuner monsters). Spot removal banish-style when Special Summoned, so feel free to keep bringing Chaos Angel back after summoning it normally.

Taking a page out of the Sky Scourge book, Chaos Angel gains effects depending on which Attribute you used for the Synchro Summon (original Attributes, so don’t use imitators). Protection against opponent monster effects is pretty good protection nowadays. We live in a format with 3 Raigeki, 3 Dark Hole, 2 Lightning Storm and it means nothing, because spot removal through monster effects is the preferred means of getting rid of stuff.

DARK Attribute monsters will imbue Chaos Angel with battle protection, and if you use a combo of both you’ll get the best of both worlds. With 3500ATK I don’t think it’s going to need battle protection, but it doesn’t hurt, and you are likely involving a DARK non-Tuner in the mix to Synchro Summon this. The monster effect protection is far better though. Worth noting, if Special Summoned back, Chaos Angel won’t have any of these protections, making it a 3500 vanilla, but with that attack power I wouldn’t complain, and you’ll still get the spot removal upon Special Summon.

Kicking myself for passing on this one. While I haven’t seen it played in the meta reports I should probably check more diligently. Chaos Angel is easy to make for a high-level Synchro monster, has a great Special Summon effect, and can help protect itself. A really good Synchro and one to consider if you are running a DARK or LIGHT-based deck (Tuners or no Tuners).

Advanced- 4/5    Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Merry Christmas to everyone out there reading this, as today we continue on our Top 10 best cards of 2023 by entering the Top 5, starting at #5 from Cyberstorm Access, we got Chaos Angel.

Chaos Angel is a Level 10 DARK Fiend Synchro with 3500 ATK and 2800 DEF, which honestly there isn’t much not to like there between the great stats and great Type/Attribute combo. Materials are any Tuner and any non-Tuner LIGHT or DARK monster(s), which is fairly easy to do, either in a LIGHT/DARK Deck, or any Synchro strategy that might use generic LIGHT/DARK Synchros to climb. For this card’s Synchro Summon, you can treat a LIGHT or DARK monster you control as a Tuner, meaning you don’t even have to be dedicated to Synchro Summoning in your Chaos-ish strategies to run this, since any combination of LIGHT/DARK monsters whose Levels add to 10 makes this, the best example right now probably being Labrynth being able to pull this off, which being a Fiend does synergize with the archetype. Upon being Special Summoned, you can target and banish a card on the field, which is always solid removal. Not requiring a Synchro Summon does mean you could revive this off something like Muckraker from the Underworld to get more than one banish off a single copy of this. Finally, this card gains the following effects based off the Attributes of monsters used for this card’s Synchro Summon with LIGHT making all your Synchros unaffected by the activated effects of the opponent’s monsters, and DARK making all your monsters unable to be destroyed in battle. The LIGHT effect is more powerful in theory, hence why it is limited to Synchro Monsters only. It doesn’t make them impossible to out, but it sure gets more difficult. Using a DARK monster to give your entire board protection from destruction is battle is also nothing to scoff at, since it makes the opponent have to rely on effects to get rid of any specific monster. Everything about Chaos Angel is good enough to warrant a guaranteed slot in any LIGHT/DARK strategy, just as long as they can get the Levels to be able to Synchro Summon it, which I’m sure most could. The banish is great and the protection effects are both strong, all on a monster that doesn’t always need a Tuner, just monsters of specific Attributes, those being two of the best in the game. Great start to the week and the Top 5.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 She must do a lot to balance the LIGHT and the DARK.

My #5: Diabellstar the Black Witch

Mighty Vee

“Every time a bell rings, an angel gain its wings!” Happy holidays, Pojo, and fittingly, Chaos Angel flies into number 5 on our countdown. A level 10 DARK Fiend Synchro monster, Chaos Angel needs any Tuner and any number of LIGHT or DARK non-Tuners, though thanks to its effect, you can use any LIGHT or DARK monster as the Tuner, making it notoriously splashable in many decks. As I mentioned in my earlier review, Chaos Angel’s stats are very strong for its level, boasting 3500 attack and 2800 defense, something I underestimated in my first impression. 

Compared to when I first reviewed it, my impression of Chaos Angel has changed a lot; while making it your main gameplan is ill-advised, Chaos Angel’s presence actually applies a lot of pressure against monster-heavy decks. Though it’s still weak to usual Towers removal and backrow removal, Chaos Angel is extremely easy to summon in many modern LIGHT and DARK decks, and even decks like Labrynth are running monsters like Wannabee! just to summon it. Having easy access to a Towers monster can cheese many matchups, and even if Chaos Angel’s protection is useless, it still has a banishing effect to help break boards. As long as your deck can make Chaos Angel, it doesn’t hurt to include it. Its impressive usage statistics only cement its position at number 5.

+Extremely easy to make in appropriate decks
+Protection lets it cheese matchups
-Vulnerable to common removal
-No innate disruption on its own

Advanced: 4.25/5
Art: 3.75/5 Reminds me of Parshath! Maybe that’s the idea.

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