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Thunder Break Dragon

Thunder Break Dragon – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Thunder Break Dragon - #V-BT05/023EN (RR) (VC):If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, when this unit would attack, it battles all your opponent's front...
Great Sage, Barron

Great Sage, Barron (V) – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Great Sage, Barron (V Series) - #V-BT05/015EN (RR) (RC)1/Turn:When your other unit attacks, you may have that unit get +5000 until end of that battle. If...
Stealth Beast, Tamahagane (V Series)

Stealth Beast, Tamahagane – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Stealth Beast, Tamahagane (V Series) - #V-BT05/012EN (RRR) (RC):When placed, COST , choose one of your opponent's rear-guards, and return it to hand. If you...
Evil-Eye Princess, Euryale

Evil-Eye Princess, Euryale – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Evil-Eye Princess, Euryale - #V-BT05/017EN (RR) (VC/RC):When you look at your deck by an effect during your turn, you may Soul Charge (1). (Activates from "look", "reveal",...
Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-Oh

Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-ou – Vanguard Throwback Thursday

Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-ou - #BT11/017EN (RR) : When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), if you have a «Narukami» vanguard, you may...
Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-Ou (V Series)

Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-ou – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-ou - # V-BT05/013 (RRR) (VC/RC):When placed, COST , choose a column, bind a rear-guard in your opponent's front row of that column, and...
Knight of Truth, Gordon

Knight of Truth, Gordon – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Knight of Truth, Gordon - #V-BT05/006 (RRR) (RC):During your turn, all of the "Blaster Blade" on your (VC) or (RC) get +5000. If your "Blaster Blade" is...
Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin

Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin (V) – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin - #V-BT05/010EN (RRR) (RC):When placed, COST , look at three cards from the top of your deck, call one card from...
Solitary Knight, Gancelot

Solitary Knight, Gancelot – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Solitary Knight, Gancelot - #V-BT05/XV01 (XVR) (VC):All of the "Blaster Blade" on your (VC) or (RC) get +10000. (VC):During your turn, if your opponent's vanguard is...
Shura Stealth Dragon, Jamyocongo

Shura Stealth Dragon, Jamyocongo – Cardfight Vanguard Review

Shura Stealth Dragon, Jamyocongo - #V-BT05/004 (VR) (VC):When placed and at the end of each turn, your opponent chooses six cards from his or her hand,...