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Wednesday May 29, 2002

E3 Shiggy Interview! | By: TazedSoul | Time: 9:00P.M. PDT
Wanna hear what Shiggy has to say about in game videogame violence? Lucky for you someone actually asked.
[Read More]

Harvest Moon GCN | By: TazedSoul | Time: 8:10P.M. PDT
Good news for fans of Harvest Moon 64 inside, and pictures too! [Read More]

Tuesday May 28, 2002

New Look, finally | By: TazedSoul | Time: 5:10 P.M. PDT
We finally have decided on a good layout. This will do (I hope).
[Read More]

E3 Week Coverage
Day One at E3 | By TazedSoul | Time: N/A PDT
Thanks to one of our viewers that attented the E3 Expo last week we got some of his intial thoughts, and what not as it all went down. [Read More]

Nintendo President Retires
It's about time, no we're just kdding. He will be missed.

E3 2002: Golden Sun 2 revealed!
Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. More inside.

E3 2002: Hands on with Zelda!
'We have all the little detail's about IGN's test drive with The Legend of Zelda.

E3 2002: New Metroid Screens
Ohh, my Metroid could be the Halo killer some have been waiting for. More inside on this beauty.

E3 2002: Zelda Footage is here!
We got it! Take a look at this beatiful footage. Didn't like the new Celshaded look? You just may change your mind.

E3 2002: Mario Sunshine Footage
Youv'e been waiting all day to see it, thanks to busy servers, but now it's here. Just for you!

E3 2002: RE0 Screens
Get your but in here, and take a look at these killer screens. Did I meantion 20? Well, there is. Look now! (Resident Evil 0) -05.20.02

To make life easier for you
We have added something called the "Quick Link navagation" to the site. If you look to yourleft you should notice that the latest reviews, news, editorials, and durring E3, E3 coverage is listed for you to quicly link to and find the latest stuff the fastest. -05.20.02

Bit's of Zelda Storyline leanred
We found out some of the storyline for The Ledgend of Zelda from NOA. -05.20.02

Matrix- to all platforms
Good news for fans of the Matrix.

Official GCN Price-Drop
Nintendo makes the Price-drop official Tuesday. -05.20.02

Sunday May 19, 2002

Leaving Nintendo?
We have for you a little article I wrote for those of us that feel like selling their GameCubes.

Microsoft Conference tomorrow
Tomorrow is the Microsoft Conference, and we will have all the goody's for you.

E3 Coverage Page
We are finally read cover E3. All the news will be found on the E3 page, but don't worry you can still find it here as well.

Shiggy's Glorious Sunshine
Just to show you how much we can't wait for Super Mario Sunshine we've added a preview of the game with tons of screens, as well as a video too.

Saturday May 18, 2002

Pojo.com want's your help
Ever wanted to write stuff for our site? This is your luck day. We need those of you attending E3 this year to help us out.

Back to normal...I think
Find out what the heck happened to us today, and what's going on inside.

Pojo get's pumped for E3
Just because we wont be there doesn't mean we aren't still hard at work.(this page is only for Nintendo coverage).

More monkey craziness
Our look at Super Monkey Ball 2. Screens, and movie inside.

Friday May 17, 2002

GameCube Price Drop
Well, not only does XBox, and PS2 get a pricedrop, but so does Nintendo' next generation console: GameCube. Find out how Pojo.com got the story first inside.

Super Mario Sunshine News
New screens makes the waiting even harder.

Resident Evil Review added
Yummy! Isn't it? The new survival horror game for the Nintendo GameCube gets a huge two page review including first impressions. Yumm, yumm eat e'm up!

Sega stock brodcast brings new titles
Wan't to hear about all Sega's big plans? Well you should because Sega has big goals, and just as big titles on the way.

Why we stick with Nintendo
My latest edotorial is ready for your viewing pleasure

Thursday May 16, 2002

Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the Cube
With the new Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones premering today we thought we would share some pictures of the up and coming video game: Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We don't have much to say about the game since we know little, but what we do know is it is coming to all three next generation systems.

-Star Wars based 3D air and ground combat
-Story begins where Episode II Attack of the Clones left off
-Lead a clone army against the enemy
-Play as Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mace Windu
-Command forces through 16 campaigns
-Battle in six immense Star Wars worlds
-Pilot ground and air vehicles and change ships in mid-battle
Single and multiplayer modes

As you can see this game looks promising.

FFXI Sells out in Japan
May 16, 2002 (today) the newly released online RPG for the Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Final Fantasy XI sold out all around the country.

The game has had barely any advertising in Japan, but luckily for Squaresoft the game sold easily. According to source FFXI was no where to be found.

Usually it is true that when a new Final Fantasy game is released you either must have pre-ordered it, or rushed in early in the day to get your copy, but this time it was probably close to impossible to get the game without pre-ordering it.

Supprisengly the game is selling this good. Since the game is a Online- RPG it was PS2's first and would take a certain addition to the PS2 inorder to play. The Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Wednesday 15 , 2002

The XBOX makes all consoles only 199$!
Today Microsoft made the oficial price drop for their XBOX console a relaity. The system was originally 299$, but is now 199$, and thats not all.

"We're not only announcing the price drop, but next Wednesday we're kicking off a major TV campaign in support of that price," says Hufford.

This makes all three next genertation consoles the same price.

But will this spell doom to the XBOX? Originaly Microsoft would have lost over 600 Million dollars over a period of 8 years, but now that the XBOX has dropped one hundered dallars Microsoft estimates losing a whopping 3 Billion Dollars in about 8 years.

No one can say for sure what this price drop will do, but we can now get a XBOX for only 200 bucks...

Bad News for Zelda
The next installment in the Zelda series which was originally supposed to be out this year in December has been delayed to early 2003.

Shigeru Miyamoto has made little comment on the delay, but we believe it is to further improve the game.

For more information on this Click Here

We will continue to keep you updated on Zelda's future as we learn more.

PS2 Price Drop
According to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), they have dropped the price of their "Sony Playstation 2" (PS2) from 299$ to 199$. This comes as good news for gamers that wan't to purchase the PS2, but it also means that Nintendo will have to react in some compettitve way to counter this move by SCE.

Microsoft also has plans to to drop their XBOX console from the current price of 299$ to 199$.

Stay with Pojo for the latest!


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