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Why we stick with Nintendo
May 17, 2002

05.17.02- I have for you my latest editorial. This one is basically just a short one on the reasons why seem to love Nintendo so much. I also cover why we put up with all the crap we go through, and what not, but so does everybody right?


Nintendo has been around for along time. The up's and downs of the company have been watched by thousand and with each delay, each mistake, and each time Nintendo decided to go with something different than the rest of the Gaming Industry still millions of true fans stayed with Nintendo.

Even Nintendo was top dog in the begening. They had no other real competition other than Sega. Now they find themselve in a completely different sittuation this generation. Their latest console: Nintendo GameCube was losing in sales to new comer Mixrosoft with their huge hyped machine the XBox. Even though now Nintendo still is a little behind total. Nintendo begins to outsell XBox every week now. This is giving hope to some of the Nintendo Fans who were starting to worry about their favorite game developer.

One thing that is often overlooked about console sales is the entirer company sells. You can't just look at part of the company's sales if you wan't the whole picture. You have to look at all of what a company sales. I bring this up because if you do this then you will truly see how good Nintendo really is doing in sales. Sure this theory doesn't work when comparing a company toal sales not just in gaming, but since in this case I am only talking about gaming all I really mean to do is compare sales in systems only.

The last sales numbers that stick out in my mind are these: Playstation2- 70,000, GameBoy Advance- 50,000, GameCube- 30,000, and Xbox- 15,000 (keep in mind these are not completely accurate sales numbers, just what I remeber). If you look at Nintendo here is what you should see. A company that is working hard day and night to feed not one, but two systems. Now combine both of Nintendo's systems sales. You should find that Nintendo has sold more product that Sony, and Microsoft. Keep in mind, though, that this is only true in this case, but this case is simialr too what each weeks numbers have looked like.

So next time someone tells you how Sony PS2 is selling, and is better than Nintendo GameCube you can tell them this story.

The GameCube has been out now for more than six whole months. The system is full of great titels. Each one inovative in it's own way, but even though that is true it is overlooked by the XBox's hyped games that are aimed at the older audiance which some think that it is something Nintendo lacks.. Each week we go by with little direct gaming from Nintendo, but something keeps us fans. It is the fact that every Nintendo titles has all shocked us with the best, and addictive gameplay... These games that keep us hooked are considered AAA games. Last generation games like Mario 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Majora's Mask, and tons more. As you can see those titles were some of the best games we have ever played. These type of games are what keep fans awaiting the next games by Nintendo. They are what we tell ourselfes when Nintendo announces a game is delayed. We tell ourselfs that it will only make the game better.

Just imagine... Nintendo is doing great things with the GameBoy Advance. They have lots of third-party support, and have new releases every week. The GBA is a lot like the PS2 in some senses. If Nintendo has the potential to supply a handheld with so much support, and AAA games then there is hope for the GameCube. Not that I am doubting the GameCube. I know the GameCube will have great games. It all ready does. I am just saying this because some people lose hope easily and forget little details like I have spoken about.

Next time you feel dissapointed with Nintendo, or look at them and say that Nintendo can do better think about these things. Nintendo is great. we don't just stick with them because we love the name it is really the games that we love, and that is easily forgoten. Sure Nintendo can do better. It is human nature to wan't things better, but don't get carried away and over look some of the cool things Nintendo has done that makes them what they are today.

So through all the tough times Nintendo puts us through keep in mind that there is something that makes us love Nintendo. Don't just concentrate on the bad because you can find bad in everything. Look at the good. And as you can in Nintendo's case the good is some of the best we have ever seen.


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