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Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem FAQ

Name: Phillip Levin

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What you are about to read is for one of the best game released on Nintendo Next-Generation system: GameCube. This FAQ contains spoilers, and a strategetic Enemy Guide. Hopefully everything you need you will find in this guide. If not remember:

**If you need any help with something I did not cover please email me your question(s). My e-mail is tazedsoul@hotmail.com. All emails need to be title: "Eternal Darkness Help" if they are not they will be deleted on the spot, and you will NOT receive help from me. Eternal Darkness is a fairly simple game, but that doesn't mean you can't get lost in it. So don't be shy, email me your questions, and comments. Feel free to send me hate mail as well, but make the first few words count (chances are I wont read anything past them).

Now I hope this FAQ is helpful for all who read it.

Here is a list of the content you'll find in this FAQ:

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Enemy Boss Strategy Guide
Red Zombie
Green Zombie
Blue Zombie
Chapter 1
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Enemies/Bosses Strategy Guide:

It is no lie that Eternal Darkness is full of many terrifying creatures of the dead. Each one is armed with it's own difficulty, strategy's, and weaknesses. To help you through one of the best games on GameCube we have put together a walkthrough in the form of a FAQ. This FAQ includes the Enemies/Bosses section: which you are about to read. In this section you'll find detailed hints, and tips for trying to take out enemies, and bosses.


Red Zombie: One of the toughest zombies in the game is the red zombie. They are strong, and very smart. Even when their heads are removed they will repeatedly swing their arms at you. They can take anywhere from 4 good slashes with a sword to 5 good shots with your pistol. Your best chance it to take its head off then quickly hit it with your word until it is dead. When faced with multiple of these enemies (if you feel your too out numbered) cast a shield spell, or damage field spell to help you even the odds.

Weakness: Blue


Green Zombie: While the green zombie is not as hard as the Red Zombie it is as smart. It often times will team up and attack you from behind while you battle another one of its kind. If you can behead it with a strong enough blade they will often times die with one slash.

Weakness: Red


Blue Zombie: Be careful when fighting Blue Zombies for they can prove a difficult enemy to defeat - Especially when in numbers. If you slash at their arms, or body they will begin to activate a self-destruct attack. When one begins to do this all the other Blue Zombies in the room will be begin to self-destruct as well. If this happens to you quickly cut off their heads to stop the "detonation". But to completely avoid this experience you need to behead and then attack these creatures. One thing these enemy's are known to do is to attack and lower your magick meter. Hopefully you'll be quick enough to escape this.

Weakness: Green


Trappers: Trappers can easily become a annoying little buggers. That is if you don't know a little trick. You CAN kill them - not with a sword, though. Pull out a gun of some sort, or crossbow and shoot them once to end their lives. Remember though: they can be useful sometimes. If they do "trap" you then you will be transported to a magical realm. Inside this world are Life, Magick, and Sanity "circles". If you step on one ALL of your Sanity, Life, or Magick will recover depending on what color the circle is. All you need to escape from this realm is step on a "purple" circle.


Horror's: One of the most common "Chapter Bosses" in Eternal Darkness is the Horror. It is a: huge monster that can either be green, blue, or red magick. All you need to do is cut of all three of its heads. It sounds simple in theory, but it can be complicated, and time consuming. It often times will zap you with a powerful magick, but it is an easy enough move to dodge. Your best shot is to shoot off its heads with a gun, or crossbow.

Weakness: The opposite color of its type.


Guardians: Guardians can be difficult to defeat if one does not know a good strategy to kill them quickly. You best shot (unless you have a powerful enough gun to kill it in one shot, such as the Elephant Gun) is to cast a "damage field" spell and then cast a "dispel magick spell" if they have a damage field spell cast on themselves. Stay inside your damage field and shoot at it with a gun. When it moves to a different spot shoot it again. Keep doing this to kill them. Now if they don't get a chance to cast a spell to protect them all you need to do is repeatedly slash it in the head, or back when it is summoning an enemy.

Weakness: The opposite color of itself.


FAQ & Walkthrough

Q: What's the first thing I should do in the mansion? It seems big.
A: It's simple. If you want to go straight to the action: head to the library. There will be a turn at the end, which will lead you to a room with a clock, and a fireplace. Set the Clock to 3:33. The rest is self-explanatory.

Q: I'm in a room with a Fireplace, and a desk with lots of papers on it. I still don't see anything in this room, but I'm sure it's important. What do I do?
A: You're right - this room is important. Look on the desk in the middle of the room. You should see a book. It is called: "The Tome of Eternal Darkness". That's your ticket out of here.

CHAPTER 2: Pious
Pious Augustus
Q: I have gotten through Pious Augustus's chapter so far pretty easily, but I am not sure what to do now. I am in a room with four different colored symbols on the walls. What are they for?
A: If you picked up the red, green, blue, and purple magick blocks on your way into this room then you're set, but if not you need to go back and get them. Put the red block under the red magick symbol, blue under blue, green under green, and the purple block under the purple magick symbol.

Q: I'm in a squared off room with three different colored artifacts before me. Does it matter which one I pick?
A: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. This is one of the most important decisions you will make in the game. If You choose green you will have a hard time keeping your sanity up, if you choose red you will have a hard time with your life meter, and if you choose blue you will have a hard time with your magick meter. Choose wisely - for this is an important decision. It also chooses what color the "bad" side will be.

CHAPTER 3: Alex - Ellia
Q: Where can I find the next chapter page?
A: By the door that you came into this room from - there is a frame with the next chapter page. Pick it up. Read it.

Q: Why are there all these different rooms with candles and pictures of the sun in this world? Do I need to do anything with the candles?
A: Yes. Look at the picture behind the candles - if the sun is in the middle then extinguish: all the candles, but the middle. In other words the candle that you leave lit represents the sun.

Q: I seem to have done everything in the beginning part of the chapter, but I don't know what's next. What do I do? Did I miss anything?
A: Yes you missed something. In one of the halls that are booby trapped (with swinging axes, flying arrows, closing walls) about half way through there is a little secluded area to the left, and the right. Depending on which way you entered the hall there will be a pedestal either to the left or the right of you. Pick up the item on the pedestal - you'll see.

Q: My sword broke, and it says there is a way to fix it, but how do I fix it?
A: There is a person being attacked by an enemy to your right. Save him from death, and he will offer to fix any broken items. Give him your broken sword, and he'll repair it for you.

Q: I got the staff from this room with this big monster with a lot of eyes, and mouths. What do I do with it?
A: Go back a few rooms to the room with the stairs around it. There is something in the middle of the room. On one of the sides of it is a place to put the staff. The rest is self-explanatory.

CHAPTER 4: Alex - Anthony
Q: Where is the next chapter page?
A: The candles in the room should light up. Solve the puzzle for the prize: A chapter page!

Q: What should I do first in the Church?
A: Head straight to the other end of the Church. There will be a coffin. Open it, and enjoy the cut-scene.

Q: I just got the circle of power, what's next?
A: Look at the middle bookcase. Pull out the book to open up a secret area beside it.

Q: I now have gotten my first spell, but I don't quite understand how to make my own. How do I make my own spell?
A: It is simple how to make your own spells, but it's something you don't need to know as of now. When the time comes you'll learn how. Besides for the time being spells that you need are automatically made for you.

Q: Okay, I put all three urns on the plate, but they're not heavy enough. What do I do?
A: Head back to the room where you saved the Monk. Then fill the empty urns with water. That will make them heavy enough to hold down the plate and open the hidden door.

Q: How do I kill the huge monster that blocks the way from leaving the room with the three bookcases?
A: In order to kill a, Horror all that you must do is behead him. That means get rid of all three of his heads. Anthony's sword is strong enough to take his heads off quickly.

CHAPTER 5: Alex - Karim
Q: How Do I get to the second floor of the house? I used the key, but it broke.
A: All you need to do is use the "enchant" spell to repair the broken key. Then you can enter the second floor.

Q: Where's the next chapter page?
A: After entering the second floor turn left, then go to the end of the hall way and go in the first door on your right. Inside this room you will find the next Chapter page behind a Napoleon picture.

Q: What do I do with the white, and black statues I found?
A: Go back one room from where you found the Black statue. You'll be in a big room with floorboards that are ruby red, and look like big circles. Place the statues on two of the floorboards. You then need to stand on the third to activate a lift.

Q: I just go the new sword in the big room with a lot of zombies, and the big zombie. What do I do next?
A: Head back to the room with the door with the symbol of a sword on it. Then enchant your new sword the color of the symbol. Use your new spiffy enchanted sword to unlock the door.

Q: I have come to a dead end. It is locked off with a steel gate, and a there is some kind of hand that is made of skeleton in front of it. It says something about a book. What do I do?
A: Put the Tome of Eternal Darkness in the hand. It will unlock the gate for you.

CHAPTER 6: Alex - Maximillain
Q: How do I unlock the door in the kitchen?
A: Use the same method you did in Karim's Chapter. Common Knowledge.

Q: Where is the next Chapter Page?
A: If you have opened up the door to the pantry in the kitchen you should have gotten a bug jar. Open the jar to find the next chapter page.

Dr. Maximillian Roivas
Q: How do I get into the Servants Quarters?
A: You don't. You're jumping WAY ahead of yourself. Slow Down!

Q: Ok, I have searched the whole mansion; I don't know what to do now. I've looked in every room available. Where is the Tome of Eternal Darkness?
A: Go in the Dining room and look at the fireplace. There will be a quick puzzle for you to solve. Solve it.

Q: How do I get the right color magick to reveal the invisible door in the right side of the mansion?
A: Head back up to the second floor. By the colored glass there is something hidden to the left of it. Pick it up, and then read it. After you head back to the main floor you will see what to do.

Q: What do I do in the basement?
A: Use the pump handle that you found in the kitchen pantry on the well. It will reveal a ladder.

Q: How do I beat this guardian like monster at the hidden city entrance?
A: The best way to do this is to cast the "damage field". Then stay within the spell boundaries, and attack the creature with your guns. You should take it out with around 10 good shots.

CHAPTER 7: Alex - Lindsey
Q: I found a dresser key by the clock downstairs, but where is the dresser?
A: Go to the second floor, take a right, and go to the bedroom at the end of the hallway. There is a dresser in there that has something you need.

Q: I found the dresser, but there is no place to put the key. What do I do?
A: Use your "reveal invisible" spell to reveal a keyhole.

Q: I looked everywhere in the beginning of this chapter, but still haven't found the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Where is it?
A: Where you start out as Lindsey, there is some dust covering a "Bronze Bracelet". In order to find this item use your brush in the center of the room. Once you have obtained the bracelet and placed it on the first Goddess Statue - you'll find the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

Q: There are several spider webs that I have some across are these important or significant in anyway?

A: Yes, they are important. When you come across one of these spider webs use Lindsey's brush to uncover hidden items.

Q: There is a "Horror" that is surrounded by some kind of magick spell. How do I fight this enemy?
A: Come back to it once you have obtained the "dispel magick" spell.

Q: What seems to be a: silver bracelet is being protected by a: statue that shoots arrows at me when I pick up the item. How do I get the bracelet without being attacked by the statue?
A: If you have found the "metal" bracelet then you can retrieve the "silver" bracelet by picking up the bracelet then quickly replacing it with the metal bracelet. This will fool the statue into thinking that the silver bracelet is still under its protection.

Q: I have found a "Necklace" that is not gold, silver, nor bronze. There are no, goddess statues that require a plain necklace. What do I do with this necklace?
A: In the final room with the "protective magick spell" there is a fountain. Put the necklace in the fountain to clean it and reveal that it is really the "Golden Necklace".

Q: What is the hole that is small enough for a dog for?
A: You can't do this now, but when you have obtained the "summon trapper spell" come back to this hole (***IMPORTANT DO NOT MISS***). Use your spell to find something very important inside the hidden area. Most people miss this ***IMPORTANT*** "item". Make sure you do not.

Q: In the room with the goddess that has the "gold" bracelet there is another statue that seems to be guarding the goddess, and her bracelet. How do I get the bracelet?
A: There is a platform in the corner of the room (the same kind as in Karim's Chapter) go stand on it to get the guard's attention. Then quickly run to pick up the bracelet before the guard sees you.

Q: I can't find the Gold goddess statue. Where is it?
A: In one of the halls near the "Dog Hole" you will find it. It is hidden towards the side of the hall.

CHAPTER 8: Alex - Paul
Q: Where do I find Mantarocks heart?
A: In the library there is a fake book hiding it. It is fairly easy to find.

Q: Where is the next chapter page?
A: Go to the second floor. When you enter turn left, and then go all the way to the end of the hall until you come to the colored glass. It is guarded by a magick spell so you need to use the "dispel magick" spell - make sure you use the opposite color of the spell that guards the glass.

Paul Luther
Q: I went to the bell tower to meat the custodian like he said to, but he isn't anywhere to be found. What did I do wrong?
A: You didn't do anything wrong - you're in the right place. All you need to do is ring the bell and he will appear.

Q: How do I use the 5-point circle of power?
A: Once you have obtained the power rune you'll be able to power up spells. A quick tutorial will teach you this function when the time comes.

Q: What do I do in the room with the barrels?
A: Look at each barrel. Find the one that is empty. You'll be able to pull the cork to reveal a secret door once you pull the cork of the empty barrel.

Q: What do I do with the statue of the custodian lying down? It says I must sacrifice something, but I don't have a sword that fits in the groove. What Do I do?
A: Head back to the bell tower to meat the custodian again. He'll give you a "sacrifice" knife - which you place in the statue.

CHAPTER 9: Alex - Roberto
Q: I read the note by Edward - he says that in order to continue my journey into the past I'll need to find "88 keys". What does he mean by this? I have looked everywhere for "88 keys", but have failed. What Do I do?
A: Well what Edward meant by this riddle is you would need to find 88 keys, but not the kind you're looking for. He meant the 88 keys on the piano. Head to the Dinning room and play the piano to find the next chapter page.

Roberto Bianchi
Q: How do I survey an area?
A: If you are in an area that 'needs' to be surveyed then an option will appear asking if you would like to "survey area". Make sure you press the "B" button in each room to find areas that need to be surveyed. Rooms are often times filled with two or more people - if they need to be surveyed.

Q: How do I get the key that is on top of a pedestal with a symbol of a rune on it that is on a small brick island surrounded by lava?
A: You need to cast your 5 Point "reveal invisible" spell. Make sure you cast the opposite color of the rune on the pedestal, though.

Q: In the room with the bridge that is hanging in the air what do I do?
A: By the bridge there is a rope. Target the rope by holding down the "R" button and then slash it with your sword. By doing this you will make the bridge drop and it will allow you to cross the bridge?
Q: In the room where the zombie walks under a trap and it gets squashed what do I do to get the locked door to open?
A: Summon a zombie and lead him under the death trap. It will then squish the zombie and re-open up the locked door.

CHAPTER 10: Alex - Peter
Q: Where do I find the next chapter page?
A: In the room you start in after reading chapter pages there is a painting that is in the north right hand side of the room. Go up to it and it will ask you to survey the room. Do so to retrieve the next chapter page.

Q: I found a sealed envelope and I opened it up. It has orders for a guard to leave his position and to go help out in the battle outside the cathedral. Which guard to I give these orders to?
A: Near where you start the chapter is a double door. Go in it and you'll fine a "bored" guard. Give him the orders and he'll happily leave his post allowing you to enter a previously blocked off room.

Q: What do I do with the lucky penny?
A: You will find a room with a furnace-like machine; turn on the "furnace" and you will give power to a machine in the room across the room you are in. Go in the room, and insert the lucky penny into a power box. Then by the power box pull down the lever on the machine that "gives power to the organ". This will restore power to the Organ.

Q: Where do I get the 7-point power Circle of Power?
A: In the room with the furnace there is a small hole in the wall. Summon a Trapper and lead it in there. There is a dead man blocking the door from opening. Target him with "R" and then trap him with "A". This way you'll be able to enter the room and retrieve the 7-point Circle of Power.

Q: I found the Music Page, but it is a little torn up. What should I play on the Piano?
A: The Music Page should read: A, B, Y, X, B, Y, A.

Q: I have entered a huge room with a "checkered" floor. There is a huge monster in the room. How do you defeat this enemy?
A: Congratulations you are almost done with Peter's chapter all you must do is this: in between the monsters attacks, or summoning it will start to glow. In order to kill it quickly: use a 7-point "magick attack" of the opposite color of the beast. You should be able to kill it with in 3 turns.

CHAPTER 11: Alex - Edward
Q: What do I do with the lucky penny?
A: Once you obtain the "basement key" you will have access to the basement. Within the basement you will find a power box. Open up the Power box and insert the lucky penny. This will restore power to a previously powerless room on the second floor. There you will find your next Chapter Page.

Edward Roivas
Q: Where do you find the two hands for the clock?
A: You find both the hour, and minute hand in two different books: The Roivas History Books. One book is located above the fireplace in the library; the other is in Max's Study Room on the second floor.

Q: How do I defeat the monster that keeps attacking the servants?
A: Keep attacking it when it attacks a servant. Do this two, or three times and he'll stay down in the basement. The last time it attacks a servant and you attack it, it will drop a key to the basement. Head down to the basement and destroy the tablet with the rune symbol on it. Do this by targeting it with "R".

Q: I have made it down into the Hidden City, and into a big round room with what appears to have something like a 7-Point Circle of Power engraved into the floor. What is this room for?
A: This is not the first time you'll see this room - so remember it. What this room basically is: in simple words is a big 7-Point Circle of Power. If you examined it you may have figured out that you need to make "dispel magick" curse. That's all you need to do! The hardest part is figuring out which color magick the spell needs to be. Your best bet is to make the spell then try each color. So to make sure you understand what to do I'll go over it one more time. Just like when you make a spell on your select/spell screen you will in this room. Each little beacon (as I call them) needs to be set to a certain rune. If you don't know how to make a "dispel magick" spell then you need to go to the select screen, go to the spell screen, go to "dispel magick" and choose "examine" to learn which two runes you need to make the spell. Good Luck.

Q: Is there any tips to get past the many enemies in this chapter?
A: Yes -- you have three choices. You could sneak past them using the Purple Reveal Invisible Spell; if you don't have that then you can always resort to running, but, your best bet is you're going to have to fight. Just remember, the Elephant Gun is a monster and can kill the guardians in four shots while in double-barrel mode.

CHAPTER 12: Alex
Q: Where do I find the stethoscope to open up the safe?
A: IN the basement there are two barrels sitting right next to each other, in between them is a pickaxe. Use the pickaxe on the lightly colored wallpaper on the second floor to reveal a secret room. Inside the room you'll find the stethoscope, and a few other items.

Michael Edwards
Q: How do I defeat all of these enemies in the beginning?
A: The Assault Rifle is unquestionably the best weapon in the game. You get well over 400 rounds and it has five modes of fire. Just set it to fire three shots and you should be able to take out most of the zombies pretty easily.

Q: What do I do in the room with the miniature city?
A: Make sure you've picked up the staff and its top from the other two rooms. Use it to reflect the light into the two domes and then the tower.

Q: There is a big block in front of what looks like a ladder. How do I get past this shelf like block?
A: Summon a trapper, target the shelf with the "R" button then trap it to make it disappear and allow you to enter the tunnel by ladder.

Q: What do I do in the room with pictures of warriors? I put the statues in their right colors but it just summons a horror.
A: The pictures look triumphant, but the statues look defeated. Put the statue under the color picture that beats the statue's color. After you put all of the statues in the right place, make sure to go and pick up the Enchanted Gladius (Note in order to do this you must have all three effigy's).

Q: Where do I find the Bridge that I need to blow up?
A: Go back up to the room where you found the shelf. There is lightly colored wallpaper that hides a big door. Use your "reveal invisible" spell on the door (different colors depending on which path you chose). Make sure you pick up the "C-4" that is besides a dead body lying by the magickly guarder floor. Use your "shield" spell to cross the magic floor; you will soon find the bridge.

Q: How do I activate the bomb?
A: Mix the "C-4" with the bomb, then enchant it with the 7-Point "enchant" spell. Walk over to the middle of the bridge and use the bomb. You have 3 minutes to escape.

Q: What do I do in the observatory room?
A: Just Like in Michael Edward's chapter you must line up the reflections on the little bulbs. When done correctly a secret passage will be opened in the basement leaving you a path to the Hidden City's ruins.

Q: How do I travel on the floor with the green magick protecting it?
A: You'll be in this area a lot with Alex; the best way to do this is keep your "shield" spell set on 7-Point power on quick spell.

Q: What do I do in the room that I had to make the big "dispel magick" spell with Edward?
A: In simple turns: this time you need to make a "summon creature" spell. You need to use both the "Summon" rune, and "Creature" rune to do this properly.

Q: What do I do in the room with the five magic stones? Every time I destroy one, it comes back and a Horror appears!
A: You must use a Magical Attack to destroy all three magic stones at once.

Q: There's a big hole in the room where this snake comes out. The snake appears when ever I try to pass through the room. There's a big hole in the room where this snake comes out.
A: This is the "Insanity Snake"; you need to sneak past it with the X Button.

Q: How do I beat Pious Augustus?
A: Put simply you need too attack Pious and his Essence with an Enchanted Gladius. Even if you didn't get it in Michael's chapter, you can still enchant your normal Gladius (you should know what color by now). Attack Pious to make his essence appear, then run to the Essence and attack it. Eventually you will be able to attack as some of the old character's spirits. Attack the artifact as the spirit and when you're in control of Alex again attack Pious. Do this multiple times, and you will eventually destroy the Essence. After this, just attack Pious. If you need to heal, just run to an opposite side of the battlefield and cast a 3-Point Spell. Eventually, you will wear him down.

Q: Oh no! Edward says I have to bind the creature I summoned! Which Rune do I pick?
A: This is actually a tricky question. Pick the Protect Rune.

Give yourself a pat of the back - You have just completed Eternal Darkness. But the Darkness is not over, yet -- to experience the complete game you need to beat it two more times but with the other two colored artifacts.

**If you need any help with something I did not cover please email me your questions. My e-mail is tazedsoul@hotmail.com. All emails need to be title: "Eternal Darkness Help" if they are not they will be deleted on the spot, and you will NOT receive help from me. Eternal Darkness is a fairly simple game, but that doesn't mean you can't get lost in it. So don't be shy, email me your questions, and comments. Feel free to send me hate mail as well, but make the first few words count (chances are I wont read anything past them).