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Thursday June 13th, 2002

Setting the Path

June 13, 2002- Warning: What you are about to read may be considered complete babble, and insane mumbling, but anywho leave it to your deticated Pojo staff to jabber 24 hours a day seven days a week.

So sit down, for a brief mintue of two, and read what I like to call... A good, but pointless editorial.


Nintendo has always been the trend setter in a way. Since their release of their console: Nintendo Entertainment System to their Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and now their WaveBird wireless controller. Nintendo has set many trends for companies like Sony, and other big developers racing to stay on top of the industry to follow. We can all agree that no one likes to play with cords, and Nintendo has finally cured the probablem. For an affordable price of $35.00 you can now enjoy games like Melee, Mario, Eternal Darkness, and Resident Evil wireless.

Thankfully Nintendo now has something that fans of Nintendo can brag about. Let's face it, it has been a while since Nintendo Fans have really had something that they can shove in Xbox, and PS2 fans faces. While those fans will continue to brag about Halo, or GTA3. They will continue to talk crap about Nintendo, as well, but atleast loyal Fans of the Big "N" can shove the WaveBird in their face.

Nintendo fans will all love, and enjoy having that, but thanks to a ever so growing billion dollar industry other companies will probably release wireless controllers using the same, or similar method as the WaveBird controller, just to stay competitve.. Once this happens Nintendo fans will lose that one thing that they can brag about... again. But don't fringe. Those loyal fans will still awesome games like Mario, Zelda, and others alike to enjoy wireless. Thats not including the 100's of third-party's games that have signed on with the Big "N".

Playstation 2 still holds a very strong market share and still pretty much dominates the market, as well. But the system is behind GameCube and Xbox in technology. PS2 is a year old technology wise. With graphics, and hardware that is not as fast as GCN, or Xbox the PS2 will soon show it's age and will no longer be the "big thing" as it is currently. Xbox, and GCN will then get their chance at market domination.

Hopefull it will be a while before Sony, or Microsoft release a wirless controller for their console, but the truth is it is something that will eventually happen. But like in the past Nintendo will have set a new path for others to follow. First it was catridges, and gaming itself. Nintendo was also the first to put four buttons on the right side of a controller.Then the first to develope a 3-D videogame, Mario 64 (later which will have become a standard in ANY platform, adventure, or action game.).

Nintendo also was the first to use an analog stick instead of a Directional Pad. As you can see Nintendo has set many paths in the past for other companies to follow. But once again Nintendo has set another. This time something so revolutinizing is could be considered bigger than the clicker. This amazing, extrordinary invention is there awesomlley impressive wireless WaveBird controller.

Hopefully no other companies will release a version of this. Nintendo fans deserve a little special something after putting up with delayed games, catridges, and annoying Xbox, PS2, and Sega fans. It is true than Nintendo Fans are a rare breed, but we're also a special one. We all are willing to go through gameless months so we can play some of the best games ever made. From Mario to Zelda, and Zelda to Perfect Dark, we have put up with some pretty absurd prices, and even more insane delays. But it's all good, and definetly worth it in the end.

So after reading this, you'll probably be think why in the good name of Shiggy did I write this. Well it is simple my good friends... Remeber when Sony, and Microsoft release there versions of the WaveBird, just think. We we're first. And then you can truly say: Nintendo cares.

Stay with us for more babble, and even more impressions and stories of the best controller Nintendo has ever released, or for that matter anyone has ever released.








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