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Thursday August 1st, 2002

Perfect Dark, Final Fantasy -- On the Cube
Perfect Dark 0 is still a go!

Great news to Rare, Final Fantasy and Perfect Dark fans. Early yesterday, CubeNation (A French GameCube website) received four documents that were a part of a Press Kit that was given to them by Nintendo. These documents reveal that Rare and a couple others upcoming games are indeed still a go for the Nintendo GameCube. The more important games, such as, but not limited to, Perfect Dark 0 by Rareware LTD, Konami's Eclipse, and Final Fantasy for GameCube.

This is really good news and even proves in some ways that Rare will indeed be staying with Nintendo, or at least working with them.

Below are the documents:

Press Kit - Document 1
Press Kit - Document 2
Press Kit - Document 3
Press Kit - Document 4










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