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Friday June14th, 2002

Nintendo WaveBird
Console: GameCube
Genre: Wireless Controller
Rated: None
Players: 4

Not only is Nintendo the ONLY company to release a first-party wireless controller... But they are also the first to release one that kicks ass. Their also the first to make a wireless controller that uses different frequency's, and not uses crappy lined up signals like Sony has in the past, and other third-party controllers. The controller has a few things changed. A new color. Who says gray isn't sexy? The color does great things for the controller. It goes GREAT with the shape of the controller. Not only does the WaveBird get a paintjob it also gets a little size adjustment. Everything about the controller is the same size except for the bottom of the controller which sticks out. This conpartment is for batteries. What originally worried people seems to be take ncare of, as well... There is a little led light in this new part of the controller. According to the dirrections when the batteries are low this light will dim down. So no worries there. We haven't played with one long enough to see if it is true, but according to Nintendo it should work that way.

Like the original controller, there is a Big "A" button which serves as your home button where your right thumb rests most of the time very comfortably. The "B" button is located just south left of it, and remains identical to the original. The "Y" button is just above the "A" button. The "X" is just to the right of the "A" button. The "L", and "R" shoulder buttons remain the same and are just as comfortable, and accesible. The "C" stick is the same, and so is the left analog stick. The D-Pad is just as small as the original, but with the new part of the controller (batteries conpartment) the D-Pad can be used a little bit easier. Since there is a lot more surrounding space around it, it doesn't seem quite as small, although in reality it still is. The "Z" button also is in the same possition: Right above the "R" shoulder button.

The controller thankfully feels just as comortable as the original, if not more. It may have to do with the extended lower half, but whatever it is... It feels great. The controller feels about the same weight (even with the batteries in) as the original. The controller feels a lot more more firmer, and has a better build quality. If you felt that the orginal controller was too small and made it feel like it would brake then you should find the WaveBird controller pretty much fixes that probablem. Thats if you even have the probablem. Since the controller is a little bigger, as said before the gap that is between the Left Analog, and "C" stick is being taken up with with what we are calling the batteries compartment. This makes a really great addition, really. For those who have big hands and long fingers you'll find this much more comfotable that the original controller. You don't have your fingers just sticking out kind of obvious which happened sometimes with the original. Even though that is something rare that only a very few amount of people experienced. Anyway we are just trying to explain how awesome this controller is. But you wont know until you try it yourself. Just another reason that you need to buy this controller.

As you can see the controller is just as comfortable as the orginal, and just as great, but thats not what Nintendo made this controller for, really. The best part is a little something that will get rid of your fear of people tripping on the cord and pulling you GameCube off the shelf and sending it into tons of broken pieces. You can now enjoy you Nintendo games wireless.

How's it really work
When you pick up the controller, turn on you GameCube, pop in a game, and sit down on you bed which is too far away from the T.V. to play with the orginal you will know the feeling that we try and describe to you. There is NOTHING like it. You will forget you are playing with a wireless controller, and you will feel like you are playing with a regular old controller with a cord. You honestly cannot tell that the controller is wireless. It has as quick responses as the original. This is the best controller ever made, and it is worth ever penny you spend on it.

It as just as easy to use as well. You plug in the reciever which is used to recieve signal's sent to it by the WaveBird. Don't worry about lining up to controller with the reciever, though. Even though Nintendo suggests to play within 20 Feet of the controller we tested this puppy out by playing with it at 60 FEET. It worked without a flaw. Most people will play under 20 Feet like Nintendo suggests to, though, anyway. Who wants to play so far back you can't even see the T.V.? But it's nice to know if you need take the garbage out you can still play your GameCube at the same time. We don't find that as a draw back in a controller. Do you?

When turning on the controller be carefull. You first need to turn on your GameCube. Then turn on you controller by hitting the switch on the controller. Then plug in the reciever. Make sure you do not hit ANY buttons when booting up the console. If you do it will affect the gameplay controls and you controller may not work, or function properly. In order to get the controller to work you need to match up the frequencys on the controller with the reciever. You have a choice between 1-16 for setting your frequency. At first we had some trouble getting the controller to work properly because we were plugging it in, in the wrong order. So make sure you plug everything in correctly, and do everything in the right order.

When playing a game if the frequency is changed the controller will become inactive. So that spoils any cheating that you may have planned in a game of Melee, or anything like that. Speaking of changing frequencys... The little dial on the controller, and Reciever could have been done a lot better. The numbers a very small and are hard to read even in a well lighted room, but when in the dark it is impossible.
That and two little things are a downside about the controller. The fact that the controller does not have a rumble feature, and that it may be hard to tell if your controller may be low on batteries. We suggest you keep an extra pair of AA batteries (that's what it runs on) around the house. It would suck really bad to run out of batteries in a boss fight, or an important part of a game. But you won't have to worry about replacing batteries often. Nintendo claims that two AA batteries will give the controller 100 hours of play.

It is quite possible Nintendo is responisble for the best controller ever. With it's comfortablility and no cords the WaveBird gives gamers a new experience, and the best part of all is... It's only available for GameCube. Thats right only owners of GameCube can play wireless. If you need an extra controller, even if you don't need one you should definetly buy a WaveBird controller. We promise you there is no experience like playing from the foot of your bed, or the couch and not having to worry about someone tripping on a cord and then damaging you precious cube. Even, though you give up rumble it is worth it. The current price of 35$ is also worth it as well.

Go get one!


TazedSoul's Impressions:

Iv'e only played with the WaveBird a little bit, but that small amount time is convencing enough. Being able to play from anywhere in my bedroom, or living room is a very rewarding extra in a controller. Some people are complaing about not having a rumble feature in the controller, but I never really cared for it, and often times turned off the controllers rumble due to its annoying unnecessary rumble when it is not really needed. I'll keep my regular controller around for games that need rumble, though. I suggest you do too.

If you don't have a WaveBird, and want another controller there is NO excuse to not buy a WaveBird. Even if you have four controllers there is no excuse worthy enough. You can trade in your regular controller at Electronic Botique (EB) to help pay for a WaveBird, too. So not having a lot of spare cash is no longer an excuse; Unless your like me and don't live by an EB.

Too make sure that Nintendo's wireless controller really was amazing. I played a wireless game of Melee at around 60 Feet. Sure I couldn't make out the characters, but it was freakin' impressive. Later we plan to do somemore tests with the controller. I'll fill you in on those later, but for now... I think you should be assured this is the BEST contoller ever.

After I played with the controller I found it hard to go back to playing any other system like my Xbox, or Playstation 2 with their outdated cords. ^_~ I honestly cannot explain this feeling. You just need to you and get one, and give it a test run. Then you'll see.

So now you know... You need to get off your butt stop reading this and go get one! ^_^



Ratings (1-10)

Build Quality
It's a first party controller made by Nitnendo so of course it has great build quality. It feels great too.


Just as comfy as the original, but the D-pad is still to small for most people to use.


For 10 dollars more than the original, and you no longer have to play with cords, but instead you play wireless. Of course it is a great value.


We have not had one problem playing with it in a game. It works at 60 Feet. This is the best controller you can buy.


It's wireless, which is the best part. The only downside is that it's frequency dials are a little hard to read, but for $35.00 it is well worth it.


Total (not an average)
The best controller in history, in my opinion. Nintendo has definetly pleased me with their new controller, and nothing should stop you from purchasing one.









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