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Super Mario Sunshine News
May 17, 2002

05.17.02- Pojo.com has learned even more about this summer's long awaited sequal to Mario 64: Super Mario Sunshine. Earlier we had no information about the stroyline of the game, but luckily today we have learned some of it.

The following was found at nintendo.com earlier today: "Super Mario Sunshine is much different than what you might expect. This time, things are much more complicated than simply rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. The adventure starts when Mario and Peach decide to take a well-deserved vacation to a beautiful island in a remote location. Since the island is perpetually sunny and inhabited by friendly locals, it seemed like the perfect choice at first.

In typical fashion, poor Mario never gets a chance to relax. When he arrives on the island, he notices ugly scribble marks covering the walls throughout the community. What's worse, the person responsible for the scribbling has disguised himself to look just like Mario!

Mario is falsely accused by the locals, so he decides to get to the bottom of things. Armed with a new water-pumping backpack, Mario sets out to clean up the scribbling and reveal the identity of the true villain. This is the latest news from Japan, and we can't wait to learn more."

As you can see things are a lot like the rumors originally stated. It is appearently true that Mario is on a vacation and is in a sense 'framed' by a look a like who marking up the town with grafiti.

From the looks of things Super Mario Sunshine has similar gameplay to Mario 64. Even the graphics appear close to the same, but luckily some of the visuals are improved and will help show off the Nintendo GameCube's power. But with the latest rumors from the net, "these graphics are the same textures used in MArio 64 and are there just until the game is completely finished" gives some a sense of relief that these may not be permanent. This has not beeen confirmed, but it does not seem likely. None the less no one will judge Mario by appearance because the true greatness of Mario is Gameplay. Speaking of Gameplay here is what we know of it:

In Mario Sunshine, Mario, travels through a suburban-like town washing off grafiti that is painted all around the town by a look- a like Mario. Mario uses the water gun (backpack) to clean up the grafiti. Sounds like something completely new for a Mario game, eh?

Thats not all that is new. In Super Mario Sunshine you no longer find yourself in a magical place that has a huge castle, and grass all around you like in the previous game: Mario 64. This time you find yourself in a town. The town is surburban and is something completely new in the Mario series. But don't fear. You will also ventur into other areas in the game. These other areas look a lot more like the Mario 64 world that we all love.

From the spaceworld video we saw last year it also appears that Mario jumps around a lot more than he previously does. He almost appears to be like Sonic, quickly running around huge buildings, and jumping roof to roof on top of the houses in the town. The game looks fast paced and a lot different than any other Mario game does, but it definetly looks fun.

We hear at Pojo.com are definetly excitted about Super Mario Sunshine. We are just as excitted about it as you are.

This game is all at the top of our most wanted list and we are all waiting to play it.

Stay with Pojo.com for all the sunshine news!


Note: Please forgive me for my lack of info, but I am sick as I write this. =\

Here are the newest images we have just recieved today:

Well there you have it! The game looks great, and I can't wait!

Thanks to IGN for the images!




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