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Harvest Moon GCN

'Fans of Harvest Moon 64, great news lies in here, and images too!'

Source: IGN

April 29, 2002- We got word from IGN about the quietly announced game: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. The title was announced at E3 last week quietly, and almost secretly by it's developer Natsume.

Nothing was playable of the game neither behind closed doors, or on the show floor. No matter, this comes as excitting news for fans of the game that we're lured into the farming experience by Harvest Moon 64.

Here is what IGN had to say:

:"It happened quietly at last week's E3 trade show. Natsume announced Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. While it wasn't playable on the show floor, or even behind closed doors, Natsume did have a few things to say about the GameCube title. Most notably, the series' creator is pouring his heart into A Wonderful Life in an effort to make it the absolute best Harvest Moon ever.

A Wonderful Life will contain elements of all the past Harvest Moons all wrapped into one. Staying true to the series' tradition, it will of course feature completely non-linear gameplay, letting gamers create a unique life of their own. It's just you, a farm, and the rest of your life. You'll have to successfully manage your farm,


  • Harvest Moon at its best, live life how you want to and enjoy a completely non-linear gameplay experience
  • Get married and raise a family
  • Farm your crops and create all-new hybrid vegetables
  • Brand new farmyard animals to raise
  • A Wonderful Life draws on the best qualities of the series and promises to add more
  • Planned Q2 2003 release"

Next year, fans of the RPG/Simulation will once agin be able to return to their harvesting of crops, love, and addicting gameplay of Harvest Moon.

For now take a look at this concept art, including Boxart:

Thanks to IGN for the art.






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