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GameCube Price Drop
May 17, 2002

For the first time Pojo.com breaks the news. Thanks to a, let's call it, a leak from within the retail industry mainly from the following stores: EB, Funcoland, Software etc., and Gamestop. We had a chat with one of the workers at one of those shops and learned some details about the pricedrop.

Accroding to one of the workers his shop recieved promotion materials for the Nintendo GameCube pricedrop. The promotion material was mostly posters according to him and the best part is what the posters said. According to him the posters led him to believe that the Nintendo GameCube will be dopping in price from 200$ to 149$.

This price-drop is obvioulsy Nintendo's competitve reaction to the Playstation 2, and XBOX price-drops earlier this week. The price drop will be in afect Tuesday this week which is right in the middle of the Electronics Entertainment Expo.(E3) being held in L.A. which is also being held this week.

Our sources say they recieved the posters about four days ago. About Four days ago is when XBox, and PS2 dropped in price. So if this is true then Nintendo has been planning this for a while and this is not just a quick competive reaction from the company.

We will know more this Tuesday. One of our sources has some of the detail, and all the stuff you want to know so check back then.

Stay with Pojo.com for the latest on the pricedrop.







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