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Leaving Nintendo?
By: TazedSoul

It is a known fact that many gamers all wan't the next thing. What they have is usually not good enough. I'm not saying gamers are un-appriciative people. They just are always whinning and can never be satisfied. Iv'e seen a lot of people lately talking about selling their GameCube to buy either a PS2, or XBox. You people think of this as a wake up call, or something close too it.

Why would you sell your GameCube? Lets go over a few reasons that anyone may possibly sell their GameCube because of. One of the main factors is definetly the lack of games that the GameCube is getting compared to it's two rivals: PS2, and XBox. The only other reason I could think of is that these people have simply run out of patience. And thats understandable. If you are feeling this way (or know someone feeling this way) then this is a good read for you.

Let me first say that if you are into gaming for fun (and not the image) then you have to understand that it takes time to develope great games. Thats right the games that you wan't; The ones that are taking along time to come out; the ones that have been delayed so many times that it has made you decide to sell your cube do take time to develope, and it is not just Nintendo that takes their precious time on these games. Sony too takes time to generate excellent titles. When Playstation 2 first came out it didn't have any good games. This is a reasonable statement and I think some find it true. Sure the PS2 did have a few good titles, but it took a good six months to a year before games like: Grand Turismo A-spec, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Final Fantasy X were available to you for gameplay.

Microsoft is also taking their time to generate their AAA titles. They too have released some games that are excellent, but so has Nintendo. If you decide too sell your GameCube to buy a XBox, or PS2 then you will find yourself playing a few great games for a while, but then you will be back in the same boat; waiting for games again. But this time it could be worse. Games like: Mario, Eternal Darkness, Starfox Adventures, and Zelda may be out, and the system you originally loved because of clasics like these will be in someone elses bedroom being played for hours on end. You will then probably end up buying a GameCube again. So why not save yourself time (and money) and just begin saving money right now to add to your entertainment. Keep your cube, because there WILL be games you wan't to play. Buy ANOTHER system so you will have both. I did the same thing. I bought a PLaystation 2 to add to my entertainment.

But if you are not fortunate enough to have money to buy another system this is where it gets tricky. You must remeber that there is something that made you buy a GameCube over PS2, or XBox. That something may be lost inside you. You may have just forgotten about it with all the hype. Dig for that reason because that reason was obviously great. Afterall that is the reason that probably made you buy a GameCube. I promise you... If you sell your GameCube in a year, or maybe half a year you will regret your decission. You have to be patient. Enjoy what you have. Who knows maybe you will someday find away to buy another system, but you first must truly be thankfull for the gaming you do have.

So now (hopefully) you have thought hard about what you are going to do. Follow your heart not your mind because you mind sometimes just follows the rest of the heard and in the end you won't get what you truly want. And in the end all you are really doing is leaving the company that has given you great childhood memories. Leaving all the AAA clasics that you have grown up with. And most of all, you will be leaving Nintendo.

Writtend By TazedSoul



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